This is the first episode of The Adventures of Super Mario World 3.


The episode begins in Bowser's Castle, were Kooky has allinged up watches with the rest of the Koopas watching. Koopa says what are they Kooky says they are Power watches and could give all of them Power Ups like the Bros and they don't explode. Koopa tries it and Kooky says it also comes with a communicator and beam that destroys the Power Up and others. Cheatsy says they should lead the Bros to the Real World since they can't get Power Ups from their but Koopa declines because he tried that before but Junior tells him they sould kidnap Toad since he gives the Bros. their Powers and they all get on the Doomship.

In Grass Land the gang are taking a stroll until they notice the Doomship. Mario and Luigi find Super Leaves and gain Racoon Power but are quickly shot down by Mecha Koopas. Koopa thens grabs Toad and hits a block containing 8 Warp Pipes leading to Earth and the Koopalings hump as Bowser goes through the eigth and the 7 pipes disapear. Mario wants to follow Koopa but Princess Toadstool and Yoshi hold him back saying they need o gather Power Ups since Toad ahs the oringanal and soon the gather loads of them and goes through the pipe.

Koopa is talking through his commnicator as he tells his Koopalings he taken over the Bahamas as cheks to see what they are doing.

  • Bully has used his wand to brainwash the Asia milatary into fighting China.
  • Kooky in Africa used his wand to turn the animals to figth against each other.
  • Cheatsy in Australia used his wand to make the crocodiles see the humans as meat and chase after them.
  • Kootie Pie in Europe used her wand to make the clothes alive and they chase after the humans.
  • Big Mouth in Anarctica used his wand to make it hot melting the ice fro the penguins.
  • Hip and Hop ued their wands to make North America citizens turn against each other.
  • Junior turns South Amecrica mayor into an icicle.

Koopa is poud of his children and Toad is helpless but knows Koopa will be foiled.

The gang then goes to Bully and he uses his watch to gain Fire Power. Bully shoots the Bros but misses and the Princess and yoshi hands a Fire Flower and Super Leaf and Mario gains Racoon Power with Luigi gaining Fire. Luigi shoots Bully but he gains his power with his watch and shoots him Mario quickly gets some water an a bucket and splashes Bully with it stunning him allowing Mario to steal his wand and stop the war, with his power wearing off. Kooky gains Racoon Power and flies high while the Bros (whi gain fire power) shoots him butkeeps on using his watch but stops when Mario hits a tree and it falls on Kooky and uses his wand to make the animals stop fighting. Cheatsy uses his star power of invincibility and the Bros don't what to do but Yoshi grabs his wand and zaps Cheatsy to make his power wear off and the alligators chase him after getting zapped by Yoshi. Kootie Pie uses the clothes to chase the Bros until they Luigi uses the a star to repel some of them while Mario grabs Kootie Pie who mistakes him for a Hammer Bro since he is wearing the suit. In his frog Suit Big Mouth is swimming away from Mthw bros until Luigi pushes a ice birge itno Big Mouth making him lose his power Luigi then takes his wand and tunrs Anarctica back to normal and the pemnguins chase after Big Mouth. Hip and hop laugh in sucess until the Bros (In their Tanooki Suits) ambush them as they go into a goomba Shoe and chase after them but they go into statue form and attacks and theyr get ambush, those their shoe, and get their wands stolen and the citizens chase the twins. Junior turns into Cape Junior and flies after the Bros and strikes them down but before he can know it Yoshi uses hios tongue to steal his wand and zaps him also thosing his fireballs and is chased out of America by the Mayor guards.

Koopa is surprised his kids were defeated that easily and then challenges the Bros to a Power Ups fight who ever wins keeps Toad. Koopa tunrs into Fire/Racoon Koopa and Mario gains Racooon Power while Luigi gains Fire Power and shoot Koopa only for him to shoot back again. The Bros know gain invincibility and jump and grabs Koopa making lose his powers only to get a Goomba Shoe and rides in it and regains his power. The Bros are handed Hamer Suits and on hits Koopa but too late as he gains invincibility and the hammer is reflected back at the bros.. They sport Tanooki Suits and Koopas Fire Power is unaffective and they strike him but he gains a Cape and flies and stikes the Bros with his Cape. they are know handed Frog Suits as they jump up and hits koopa knocking him down but he simplys gets another Cape and knocks Luigi. Mario then gets a Shoe and Koopa gets a Shoe and they start knocking each other but koopa gets too tired and gets knocked out of his shoe back to his castle. They relieved that Toad was unharmed and he sais that they deserve a gift and Yoshi asks what is it and Toad reveals it is a P- Wing and they all faint with Toad wondering.

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