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Power Star
A Power Star in Super Mario Exploit.
Item Type Other
Kind of Item Star
First Appearance Super Mario 64
Latest Appearance Super Mario Star Journey
It is used to open different locations that are shut. It is also used as a source for power.
Related Items
Super Star
Shine Sprite

Power Stars are items in the 3D Super Mario games, mainly Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy one and two. Mario must travel though levels (or galaxies) to find them. When Mario receives enough Power Stars, he will unlock new levels and will be able to battle Bowser.

Super Mario Sunshine's equivalents are the Shine Sprites. Super Mario Maker Phi introduced time-infused Power Stars called Horostars. If Mario gets help from the Cosmic Spirit, Starlow or Robud, he will only get a Bronze Star and must collect the Power Star without any help the next time.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Power Stars play an important role in the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2.5. Like the first two games, Mario and Luigi must travel though unique galaxies and retrieve Power Stars.

Super Mario Radiance

Power Stars return in Super Mario Radiance, where the sun was split up into many of them. Every Power Star that the player collects flies into space, and begins merging with the other Stars the player has collected to form a new sun.

Super Mario Star Journey

Power Stars do the same as in Super Mario Star Journey: Act as goals and open gates (in this game's case, Warp Pipes) to new courses. They were stolen by Bowser and scattered around.


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