Power Rangers Xenology (Shin Samuel: The Story of Origins in Japanese version) is the upcoming 2016 crossover released in December 28, 2016. This game wiill celebrates the penultimate 99th Anniversary of Power Rangers and Sentai series. The features returning back to Fire Emblem elements. This game take place after both Aglis and Duel Academy because Ai Nakaoka Joo appears during event of Juggler Arc.


New Gameplay

  • The marriage system evolved into Marriage Generation System which they can married and have a child to use generation to further generation.
    • Also now permanently marry human-like/kaijins.
  • Add Mentor-and-Student.
    • Learn Special Attacks by defeating the certain characters.
    • Obtains exclusive weapons by learning the special attacks.
    • Assist Mentors in battle.

Old Gameplay

  • Fire Emblem elements returned.
  • Kingdom hearts-style gameplay returns.
  • Fighting-style gameplay returns


Xenology: Samuel Nakaoka

Prologue: The Past's Life

Chapter One: The Battle For Worlds (Singular Rider Dark Arc)

Chapter Two: Upon the Others (Pretty Cure Arc)

Chapter Three:

Chapter Nine: The Final Battle

Xenology: Ai Nakaoka

Chapter Ten: The Chaos Threat

After battling against Mira, Towa repairs damage of histories when they were rewritten.

Second Generation Xenology


Major Playable

  • Avatar (Xenology) - The create-character player which he/she was recruited by Gai Kurenai after Juggler's destruction along with S-Aglis the Devil Sun. He/she aided with the present
  • Ai Nakaoka Joo - She is young-adult daughter of Kitsukasa Nakaoka and Kazane Fujimiya from the present-future due to the original timeline was split into two. She assists her family to fight the true mastermind, the Councils of the Darkness.

Ally/Mentor Playables

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second
  • Misumi Nagisa
  • Tsukasa Kadoya
  • Kouta Kazuraba
  • Sarah
  • Traximus
  • Aversa
  • Chrom
  • Kitsukasa Nakaoka Joo
  • Kazane Fujimiya
  • Lord Slug
  • Turles
  • Towa
  • Arfoire
  • Broly
  • Neptune
  • Nepgear
  • Blanc
  • Rom
  • Ram
  • Noire
  • Uni
  • Vert
  • Alexs

Xeno-Generation Playables

Main article: Xeno-Generation Child


  • Gai Kurenai
  • Double Dee
  • Alas
  • Queen Mikoto Spirit


Councils of the Darkness

  • Master Aglis - The true mastermind and the founder along with her old foe Samuel Nakaoka the Second. She create her two beings by using Yin-Yang Creation just like Samuel Nakaoka (Reizuya, the darkness and S-Aglis, the light).
  • Hades
  • Goku Black
  • Dark Neptune - The Dark CPU who revives the villains from the past timelines.

Dark-Fected Victims

  • Chaos-K Baron - Previously Lord Baron before being infected by Dark Neptune and evolve into Dark CPU by molting his Lord Baron's body. He along with K'nuckles were destroyed by Avatar with his/her Mentor and Ai Nakaoka Joo.
  • Golden K'nuckles - Revived and gain a new form by evolve into Golden Form like Frieza. He along with Kumon were destroyed by Avatar with his/her Mentor and Ai Nakaoka Joo.
  • Gaim Chaos Arms - Kouta's dark clone


  • Towa (Reformed)
  • Samuel Nakaoka Frenzied State


Gai Office Time Lab

The main location where Gai Kurenai lives here.


Decade's Broken World


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