Power Rangers Kart SNES (サムエルカートスーパーファミコン Samueru Kāto Sūpāfamikon?) (also known as Original Power Rangers Kart) is the first Power Rangers racing game released in November 6, 1996. Samuel and his friends challenges the last boss Memoriao The Master Of Rainbow Road. This Showa and only series was chibi, early and anime version.


Each karts has 9 playables of Samuel and his friends.

  • Samuel Joo (Turbo Red, Early)
  • Eureka (Early)
  • Peter Griffin (Early)
  • Pete (Early)
  • Sam Puckett (Early)
  • Freddy Benson (Early)
  • Carly Shay (Mid-Early)
  • Spencer Shay (Late-Early)
  • Moldling Grunt

Unlockable Playables

After beating the Cups, it unlocks the new kart characters. However, one of them is not playable because Memoriao was not in the story mode (only Match Race and Battle Race).

  • Sharkjawer (in Fire Cup)
  • Boja-Boja (in Grassland Cup)
  • Mime Boy (in Spiral Cup)
  • Tool Gear (in Starfall Cup)
  • Memoraio (in Final Cup)


Each Cups has a three courses and boss courses. This courses are named by characters. The Final Cup has a six courses.

Fire Cup: Samuel Ground, Freddy Landfall, Eureka Grassysea, Boss: Sharkjawer Lair.

Grassland Cup: Pete Castle, Sam Cloudstalk, Carly Ribbonland, Boss: Jungle Bojaland.

Spiral Cup: Peter Waterslide, Eureka Grass Desert, Spencer Statue World, Boss: Psychonic World.

Starfall Cup: Freddy Valley, Spencer Sculpture World, Sam Rally Tour, Boss: Gear Machineland

Final Cup: Carly Roundhouse, Pete Castle 2nd, Moldling Cave, Eureka Coralialand, Freddy Love World, Samuel Spaceland, Boss: Rainbow Road, Final Boss: Memoraio Homeworld.


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