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Power Rangers Kart 64 (サムエルカート64?, Samueru Kāto 64) is the sequel of Power Rangers Kart SNES released in October 2, 1997 in North American. 



There are fourteen playables.

  • Samuel Joo (Middle)
  • Eureka (Top)
  • Peter Griffin (Powerful)
  • Sam Puckett (Top)
  • Freddy Benson (Middle)
  • Carly Shay (Middle)
  • Spencer Shay (Top)
  • Pete (Poweful)
  • Mario
  • Baed (Middle)
  • Edd (Middle)
  • Bowser (Powerful)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Eddy

Boss Playables

  • Skork
  • Roaria
  • Greenk
  • Fujuju
  • Serpven
  • Cyberix


  • Memoriao
  • Gaian Memoriao


Each courses has four of them by the character's name. The cups has six of them by only unlock the last cup of Rainbow Road Cup.

Flame Cup: Samuel Racing Circuit, Eddy Scam Stadium, Baed Brocovile, Eureka Speedway High, Boss: Skork Cavern.

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