Power Rangers Hyper Samurai is the third season of the Power Rangers Samurai.


  1. Hyper Samurai
  2. The Eagle Quest
  3. The Wolf Origin, Part 1
  4. Lauren Has Returned
  5. The Wolf Origin, Part 2
  6. Cody's Back
  7. Mammoth Trunk
  8. Cody As A Star Samurai Ranger
  9. Megaforce Hedgehog - The Movie
  10. More Megaforce
  11. Black, Blue and Robo
  12. Deker Fights Lauren
  13. Whale Speed
  14. Falcon Hyper
  15. Hyper Solstice
  16. Samurai Hyper, Goodbye
  17. Trickster Hyper*
  18. Antonio's First Hyper Christmas*

Note:* means a episode before Samurai Hyper, Goodbye.


  1. Power Rangers Hyper Samurai: The Hyper Movie
  2. Power Rangers Hyper Samurai: Riders Come



  • Jayden Shiba
  • Kevin
  • Mia Watanbe
  • Mike
  • Emily
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Lauren Shiba
  • Cody



Legend: ◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ★ battlezord

  • Hyper Samurai Gigazord 

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