Power Rangers: The Winds Awakening (Samueru: Rito no Kaze サムエル:リトの風?) is the first Samuel: Change Awakening series and the crossover of Power Rangers and Legend of Zelda where been released on March 20, 2001 in Gamecube. This extremely important gameplay where Samuel Nakaoka the Second can change into Rito girl form named Rito Samuel who insults the Rito boy named Prince Komali for bringing back the Din's Pearl, causing him to force transform into an female Rito by using Rito Pendant and can do Double-Tag to assist and merge with Support Allies.


  • Cross-Change - The important gameplay that because of Komali change Samuel Nakaoka the Second into female Rito named Rito Samuel. This only a limits to stay in normal form while outside the location and due to Rito Pendant's effects, he transformed into female Rito form while stays inside the next location before his normal form was restored by the Vessel Spirits by The Four Gods.
  • Monster Capture -
  • Double-Tag - Double Tag can assist Support Allies to merge into stronger forms rather than Form-Tag from Zelda of Time series.


Arc 1

Prologue Part 1: Samuel Nakaoka and Zelda World

Prologue Part 2: Battle From the Sunken Island

Prologue Part 3: Rito Samuel

Chapter 1: The Lava Temple



Support Allies

  • Ed/Cul-Ed-Sac Burster
  • Crash Bandicoot/Crash-N-Basher


  • Prince Komali

Main Bosses

First Arc

  1. Scorpiogohma
  2. Bavenflitrap
  3. Glavatula
  4. TronTiki
  5. King Bouhoubird

Second Arc

  1. Imperfect Fire Beast: Shieak



Weapon Items

Key Items

  • Baton Ocarina - A ocarina-like baton using the C-stick to play the songs. Create any new combination to play the new songs by play at 3-ways middle, 4-ways left and 6-ways right.
  • Eon Sword - The sword who originally the old Master Sword after event of Majora Mask before the nine Spirit Vessels merges with it and become the Eon Sword itself.

Land Locations

Offset Island



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