Power Rangers: Super Tenkaichi (Sentai 2015: Shin Tenkaichi 戦隊2015:新天下一?) is the 2015 action-fighting/adventure-monster taming hybrid which is released on Augest 10, 2015. This game was mostly based on Shurijuger and it's counterpart Goes Extinct G. This game was the story of Singular Rider S's major event is disasterously disorted who was created by Caraos, the malignant will of Samuel Nakaoka the Second who killed Reginald Shark Kastle and Kizaki with the power of the Will Tree from Jade Cocoon World after defeating Lilith.


Main Gameplay

Assist Riders

Gourmet Monsters

The new recently feature that the Riders possesses the Will Tree's powers which is able to create monsters' will inside them.


Prologue 1: Destruction Path of Decade

Prologue 2: New Path of Singular Rider S

Stage 1: Bujin Gaim

Interlude: Meeting Kamen Rider Ryuga

Chapter 1: Beast vs. Baron

Stage 1: Rider in No Exist


Original Playable Character

  • Create-A-Rider

Playable Characters

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Singular Rider S and other forms

Major Bosses


  • Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion (Destruction Path of Decade)

Chapter 1

  • Kamen Rider DesBaron Shijitsu Arms (Original Rider Form)
    • Lord Baron (Lost due to Evil Kumon showing Samuel Nakaoka the Second to his true power)
  • Daluna
  • Roger Dragon (Original Character)



  • Elementary Inves




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