Power Rangers: Spectrobes (モンスターバトラー:スペクトロブス Monsutā Batorā: Supekutorobusu?) is the 3D action-adventure monster-taming game hybrid. It was released in January 20, 2004 on both Japan and North America.

It was succeeded by PR Spectrobes: Beyond of the PortalsPR Spectrobes: Origins of SpectrobesPR: Spectrobes Generations and PR Spectrobes: Krawl Uprisng (while focusing on Krawls).


They gameplay was the similar of Spectrobes. Unlike most of the Power Rangers games, this is become a Spectrobes game and semi-Power Rangers.




  • This game was after event of Ninja Storm/Tornadoger.
  • This game has based on the Power Rangers/Super Sentai and anime hybrid called PR: Spectrobes, a sequel of Ninja Storm/Tornadoger. It takes placed in the different scenes where PR: Spectrobes and it's sequel.

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