Power Ranger Fates: BlazingFates and DarknessFates (Pawā Renjā: Hātsu Sōru/Dāku Sōru パワーレンジャー: HEARTS SOUL/DARKSOUL?) is the upcoming 2016 action-adventure role-playing game released only on 3DS in March 31, 2016. This game take place set between of Cardfight G arc episode 30 and 31. This story was revealed that Samuel Nakaoka the Second has a terribly secret due to his behavior and it was also set from the future as the future Rider was kidnapped.


New Gameplay

  • The player can get special form-change conversation, as result Cross Form.
  • Cross Form was the new mechanic by using both main and powered up forms.

Returning Gameplay

  • Capturing Enemy Units.
  • Marriage system reused.


Prologue Part 1: The Project

Samuel Nakaoka the Second's Part

In the timeline when Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Kumon fighting, Kumon became shocked at Samuel Nakaoka the Second's roll call and angrily tries to attack him. Though he make the good fight, Samuel Nakaoka the Second explodes in anger, transforming into Type BEAST Style Formustar and manages to destroys him.

Kumon's Part

After waking up in the Inferno, Kumon mumbles about his defeats, he breaks the prison and makes away to escape for his freedom only he finds himself the destroyed future and look the incidents. Kumon finding the secrets of the mysterious project and takes interesting about his master plan... to steals the worlds' projects and finally kill Samuel Nakaoka the Second and call his project, PROJECT: ULTIMATE BEING.

Prologue Part 2: (Avatar's name)

Kumon II's Part

Avatar's Part

Chapter 1: Fate of the Two Kingdoms


Main Characters Playable

  • Player Avatar
  • Kitsukasa Nakaoka Joo
  • Azura

Story Playables

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second (All Ranger/Rider forms used)
    • Pre-ZEXAL Saga
      • Flame BEAST Style
      • Flame BEAST Dragon Style
      • BEAST Type Style HeatBlaze
    • Post-ZEXAL Saga
      • Flame BEAST Style
      • Flame BEAST Dragon Style
      • BEAST Type Style HeatBlaze
      • BEAST Type Style Formustar
      • BEAST Type Style OVERDRIVE
    • Singular Rider Fruits
      • Ringo Arms
  • Samuel Roidmude
  • Kumon II
    • Banana Arms
    • Jimber Lemon Arms
  • Kumon Kai
    • Banana Arms
    • Mango Arms
    • Lemon Energy Arms
    • Forbidden Ringo Arms

Returning Playables



  • Stag Overlord Inves (Kumon) (Prologue Part 1)
  • Kamen Rider Baron (Prologue Part 2)


  • This the first series was used only in English Dub while the Japanese dub was used for the North America due to Cardfight G arc.
  • The early screenshot that Stag OverLord Inves used by Kumon Kai as a form-change as Lord Baron final form, but it was turns out that was actually used Forbidden Ringo Arms as his true final form; which considered that Lord Baron was not a final form.
    • Because of Stag Overlord Inves was the seperate character, Lord Baron became alternate costume of Stag Overlord Inves.
  • Some of the Riders were exclusive appeared in two seperate games.

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