Power Ranger Chronicles (Sentai: Kuronikuru za Fu~yūchā 戦隊:クロニクルザフューチャー?, lit. Sentai: Chronicle the Future) is the upcoming action adventure role-playing/monster-taming hybrid game released from March 30, 2016 on both Nintendo Wii U, Gamecube S and 3DS in both Japan and North America while South Korea who released from Feburary 31, 2016 is the shortest. This game set following event of Singular Rider SOUL x Vanguard The Time Shift Movie War and before the gang goes to Vanguard World. This will be open world and returning character creation and some elements of the Sentai/Power Rangers X games.


New Gameplay

  • The advanced open world system used.
  • Capture and Assist Kaijin was ported from both old gameplay.

Old Gameplay

  • Character creation returns.
  • Marriage system was reused.
  • Capture Kaijin system was reused, but ported by Assist Kaijin system; making the new gameplay.


Prologue 1: The Awakening of (Avatar's name)

As the event of the Time Shift Movie War, Vrak, Double Dee and Phoezi survives and narrowly escapes from 108's devastated attack by using Arwing Portship then Vrak awakes the player, but he/she exhausted while the devastation attack of 108 and he come along with the player to see the outer space. However, because of the Time Shift disortion caused by Roidmude 108, the Arwing Portship crashed down into the unknown planet called MIRAI; but the alternate future timeline. Vrak sense that the human populations was nearby and see a strange location called New Los Palace before the woman see them and named Alexis then travels along with them. She explains about Earth was been destroyed by the unknown enemy and most of the human populations were killed off much as the player and the others' shocked.

Prologue 2: Training of the Wildlife

Chapter 1: Something Bad Essence


Main Characters

  • The Avatar
  • Vrak/Brajira of the Messiah
  • Phoezi
  • Double Dee

Bachelor (if you are Female)

  • Etom
  • Athono
  • Sir Auron
  • Sage

Bachelorette (if you are Male)

  • Lilly
  • Sarah
  • Christo
  • Saki
  • Magami
  • Witch Amy

Supporting Characters

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second


World Chapter Bosses

Main Bosses

Minor Bosses



  • The returning characters and bosses from the previous series reused, but some of the models were modified and few of them unchanged slightly.

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