Power Productions is a game company founded in 2012, though the idea of starting a game company was with Powerstars since early 2010. Their first game is Super Mario Step for the Wii U. They have expressed interest in making games for the 3DS.

Power Production's logo


Beginnings (2010-Early 2012)

One day in early 2010 (The date was not documented), Powerstars came up with some game ideas, one of which being Super Mario Step. The thought of starting a video game company was toyed with throughout the week, eventually culminating in him dismissing it as "a silly idea" and laughing it off. The idea sat around in the depths of his mind for a while, but nothing was done throughout the rest of 2010. Then, in mid-2011, he once again toyed around with the idea and came up with game ideas. He, again dismissed it as silly, but the urge kept growing stronger until Early-Mid 2012, where he gathered a group of friends with programming knowledge. But, because of their lack of money, the "game company" was located in Powerstars' basement, selling only small indie games. But, as he was determined, Powerstars took a loan from his local bank...$1,000,000,000, a debt which the company is STILL paying off to this day! At first, his friends thought he was crazy, but then they warmed up to the idea. Construction of the new HQ was to start in mere months. But, "what were we gonna name this thing?"

Finding An Idenity/Selling Out? (Summer 2012)

A few names were tossed around, until "Power Productions" came up. It stuck. And so, they hired more programmers, along with composers and graphics designers. Now they just had to find a way to get their way into the mainstream without being bland. They tried to come up with ideas, but none really worked out. It was a sad time. They decided they were going to have to sink even more into the company, just so they could get the rights to a copyrighted character to use for a game. The original team, founded in Powerstars' basement went to Nintendo, pitching the idea for Super Mario Step, as it was deemed the easiest to design without being a bad game. Nintendo allowed them to create the game for a lot less than expected, although this was only because they needed another Second-Party developer. Powerstars read the contract over, and realized what was going to happen should he sign it...

Remaining Idependent/Gaining an Identity (Fall 2012 - Present)

He refused the offer, ultimitely. Nintendo were still going to allow them to make the game, but for nearly twice as much. They could afford to pay the money, but if the sales of the game were too low, they would have to close, and all the employees would be in debt. They took a chance, and it payed off, with Super Mario Step selling over 500,000 copies within one month. They were finally living their dream! So, now what? Create a new game? Nope! They took a look at all the cancelled games out there. Games with promise. They eventually settled on reviving a game called Pokemon TCG: 3D Edition. It was harder than they imagined. The game went through development hell, and was ultimitely put back on hold in favor of porting Super Mario Step to the Nintendo VR. They needed something easy to get back into development. Then they created two original games: Step! and PAWNCH!



On Hold

Given to Other Companies



This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.

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