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Power Pack
Four kids, four powers, one big alien army. Normal day for New York's youngest heroes.
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) TBA
Genre(s) Action, Beat-em-Up
Age Rating(s)
Power Pack, scheduled for a 2019 multiplatform release, is a game developed by the Phazonworks Engineering Division, telling the story of New York's youngest and probably the most inexperienced-but-dangerous superhumans yet.

The children of S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists James Power and Margaret Craig, the Power siblings (Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie) grew up in Harlem, New York City, leading the traditional normal life, until their father's research attracted the attention of the Kymellian Race, who wanted their father's research to assist them in beating their mortal enemies, the Snarks; unfortunately the Snarks got wind of the plan and attacked their messenger Aelfyre Whitemane as he traveled to Earth; telling the kids his plight, Aelfyre granted his powers to each of the children as part of his dying wish: that they'd use their powers to fight the Snarks and other threats to galactic security.

Adopting names, the Power kids became the Power Pack:

  • Alex became Zero-G, with the power to manipulate gravity.
  • Julie became Lightspeed, able to fly at blinding speeds.
  • Jack became Mass Master, a skilled matter alterator, changing his body density and molecular structure at will.
  • and Katie became Energizer, able to take energy from simple objects and project them as a powerful energy blast.

As the Power Pack, they are now the only things standing between the diabolical Snarks and galactic conquest.


Based primarily on the comics, the Power Pack's adventures are a primarily mixed story: they fight their own archenemies, the Snarks, as well as other relatively well-known Marvel villains.


Hero Powers Description
130px-Alex Power (by Gurihiru)

  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Weight Manipulation
Julie Power (Earth-5631) 003

  • Flight
  • Superspeed
Jack Power (Earth-5631)

Mass Master
  • Self-Molecular Manipulation
  • Self-Mass Manipulation
Katherine Power (Earth-5631)

  • Matter Destruction
  • Absorbed Energy Projection

Main Story



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