Power Balls are small little balls of energy that exist in the Super Mario universe. They first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land 2 for Nintendo 3DS.


Since Power Balls are rare little creatures, and they are living, they can chose to run or hide from you. 44 percent of Power Balls don't move when Mario nears them. However, 7 percent jump towards Mario. 19 percent will spit anti-matter energy balls at Mario, and the rest will run away.


Super Mario 3D Land 2

Power Balls are found starting at world 2-2. Unlike their evil counterparts, Rage Balls (Who start appearing at World 5-8) they will help Mario. They upgrade Mario's current power-up, but Super Mario, Small Mario, Cape Mario, Boo Mario, and Frog Mario don't have upgrades.


  • In development, Power Balls have been called Goody Spheres, Round-Ups, and Power Spheres.
  • Frog Mario was rumored to have an upgrade until Nintendo closed it by saying Frog Mario has no planned upgrades.

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