Pow Pow
Pow Pow
Pow Pow using his Fire Pipe-Cannons
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Current Status Alive
Class Mid-Boss/Boss
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Bowser (Boss), Bowser Jr. (Co-Boss) Boom Boom (Workmate/Unofficial Father), Pom Pom (Sister [Main Games]/Unofficial Mother [Boom Boom Triogoly]
Main Weapon(s) Pipe-Cannons
Ability/ies Jumps high, bounces while inside shell, using weapons
Vulnerable To Stomp
First Appearance Super Mario Madness
Pow Pow is one of Bowser's henchman introduced in Super Mario Madness. He is Pom Pom's elder brother (son in Boom Boom Triology) and Boom Boom's recent partner. He uses the Pipe-Cannon and most of the times, it fires fireballs. Unlike the other two, he seems to be more arrogent, constantly saying his enemies "Losers" or "Cheaters", similair fashion of Wario and Waluigi.


He is more arrogant than Boom Boom and Pom Pom but also more witty. He also tends to be "cooler" than others, sometimes resulting in being outmatched.

He is also persistent and will stop at nothing to defeat Mario and friends. When threatened, he will retaliate , even though he could be injured.

When things aren't right from a betrayal, he will not whine about teaming up with anyone in hopes of defeating the traitor.

He is also much more obediant than others, and doesn't like to be the victim of an exceeding tyrant. When things gets more dangerous or begin to fail, he tends to go further, and usually ends up being defeated or caught.


  • It is sometimes rumored to have grudge against Bowser does to his incompetances and unnessesary evil acts or comments. He warned the heroes that one day, he'll "show him how much Bowser is stereotypical".
  • Pow Pow is the unofficial son of Boom Boom and Pom Pom in Boom Boom Triology