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Porteus (FE: BoU)
Concept Art of Porteus.
Full Name Porteus
Current Age 17
Date of Birth October 26th
Gender Female
Species Elf
Location Entgrove
Class Warden (S) (1st-tier)
Main Weapon(s) Nature Tomes, Beaststones
Family and Relations
Husband (Choose in-game*), Malon (Daughter)
Protector of Entgrove

Porteus is an Elf of Entgrove. She has a special class- Warden (S), a.k.a Druid or Nature Mage. On her Level-C support with Darlann, it is learned that they grew up together in Entgrove. She can turn into a bear using the Beaststone.

Stat Blocks

Stat Numerical
HP 19
Strength 0
Magic 11
Speed 10
Movement 7
Skill 6
Defense 3


Charisma 7
Items Beaststone (50), Absorb (25), Vulnerary (3)
Weapon Level
Tomes (Nature) B
Even Rhythm


Fight Voices

Aid Another

  • "I'm right here!"
  • "Don't worry..."
  • "Got your back!"

Followup Attack

  • "I can help!"
  • "Here I am!"
  • "Want some help?"

Critical Hit\Skill Use

  • "Nature will punish you!"
  • "Hmm..."

Beat Enemy

  • "And... Done."
  • "That was... Nice..."
  • "I... Did it?"

Other Voices


  • "Nature gives me power."
  • "That's good."


  • "I think I'll take that."
  • "How about this?"
  • "Auav, are we poor?..."


  • "Hmm, nice!"
  • "I like books!"
  • "I haven't known that."


  • "I can still protect!"
  • "But... Why?..."


Porteus was a Greek sea-god who was able to change his form at-will, similiar to Porteus being able to transform into a bear.


*Porteus must be at least 18-years-old, either by real-world years or by game-story, in order to marry.

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