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Portalguru is a corporation involved with the the task of creating interdimensional portals. As of right now, the corporation has found and confirmed 50 dimensions. It is unknown who the CEO is.


Name Info
Earth 1 The first Earth found. By default, all portals lead to Earth 1.
Earth 2 The second Earth found. World War 2 never happened, and fungal growth has been off the charts for a long time.
Earth 3 The third Earth found. A stone-cold representation of Earth 3's leader Cog. There is no life here except the ones the leader allowed to live.
Limbo A mere accident to get here, but if one dies within the Dream World they go into Limbo, a universe inhabited by mechanical creatures named the Techcubes. Is surrounded by a asteroid belt, which is the only way out.
Mathverse In this universe, every inch is a math problem and people speak in mathematical terms. In the schools, literature takes the place of math.
The Shoehorn Universe Most of the Alchemical creatures known as the Shoehorns thrive here.
The Space Bridge While not really a universe, the space bridge is the hub of the company. The bridge is made of unbreakable glass and can be used to get to dimensions without the use of portal devices.
Amberth The place where the Time Keeper resides. It is a rather small universe, consisting of only one planet.
Netherlands A fiery dimension full of ghostly and zombified creatures. Used for quick travel across the Earths.
Hell A true representation of the namesake. Several souls are tortured here. Portalguru does not usually sell the portal for this.
Angel Realm A cloud-consistent dimension that is linked to the Earths. Many angels reside here.
Parodyverse Bella Petals and the parody characters reside here. A satire universe where nearly everything is laughable.
Cobalt A universe that has blue fog and has swamp based planets. Demongrass reside here. Cobalt is found in large quantities here.
Iron A dreary universe where everything is flat and is always raining. Grey fog surrounds the area and iron is found in large quantities.
Hayther A farm-based universe. Almost all jobs rely on plants and animals here.
Sunken Depths A underwater universe with large and abandoned cities. Large fish can also be found here.
Mirkwood A deep swamp universe filled to the brim with swamp animals. Cities usually consist of wooden shacks.
Dream World The dream universe. It is accessible through sleep in each universe. Has a one way shortcut to Nightmare Hallow.
Nightmare Hallow By sleeping when the moon is full, this universe encompasses the Dream World. Is home to the Grimms and the flaming horses named Solarius.
Clockwarx's Patchwork Universe Open during the end of the Golden Age, there is no escape from this universe. Most information about it is classified.
Frameverse The Frameworth species reside here, as well as the Lens of Fabrication.
Cycolpuverse Cycloptic creatures live here, and is home to the mineral Cytopinum.

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