Porean Kingdom
North Porean Flag
Capital City Maris
Largest City Luigipolis
Language(s) Japanese,French,English,Italian
Leader(s) Jack "Manta" McGold
National Anthem
No one will stop us
Original States of Porea (in Osiris)
Porean Kingdom is First Nation Who conquered the Planet Globox. His National Color is Dark Green


  • Porean New Year (16 January)
  • Jelly Day (29 February)
  • Money Day (10 April)
  • Larry's Day (18 July)
  • Dark Day (1 September)
  • Falloween (30 October)
  • Ritchmas (25 December)

Colonized Planets and City Names:


  • in Planet Globox. Humans are Animals

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