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#??? Popplio
Popplio's artwork for Pokémon Sun and Moon.
Category Sea Lion Pokémon
Original Region Alola
National Dex Nr. #???
Alola Dex Nr. #???
Generation 7
Pokémon Color  ???
Type(s) Water
Ability/ies Torrent
Average Height 1'04"
Average Weight 16.5 lbs.
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into Brionne
Popplio, known in Japan as アシマリ (Ashimari), is a Water-type Pokémon. Along with Rowlet and Litten, Popplio is one of the Starter Pokémon of Alola.


Popplio is a navy blue pinniped with white fin markings on its front flippers, and a cyan ruff resembling a Pierrot collar. Its head consists of two large eyes on each side, two canine-like ears and a white, conical muzzle, tipped with a big, round nose in pink and decorated with two whiskers on each side.

Popplio can create balloons made out of water from its nose, which it spins around skillfully as if it were in a circus act. It is both frivolous and hardworking, and can easily get carried away and turn a Pokémon battle in a spectacle.

Popplio can swim at 25 mph, and is generally better at swimming than at moving on land. However, it is a skilled acrobat and makes use of the elasticity of its water balloons to perform acrobatic jumps. Popplio is fueled on determination and is usually found practicing hard on its balloon skills.





Popplio is based on a sea lion, especially one trained for circus acts.

Name Origin

Popplio may be a combination of pop and lio from Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua, the Hawaiian name for the Hawaiian monk seal, meaning "dog that runs in rough water". lio also sounds like leo, Latin for lion.

Ashimari is a combination of 海驢 ashika (sea lion) and 鞠 mari (ball)

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
From 海驢 ashika and 鞠 mari.
FrenchOtaquinFrom otarie and taquin.
GermanRobballFrom Robbe and Ball.

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