Agent Carter Funko Pop2

Pop!Agent Carter is the sixth character in Battle Theater and a default character, playing the role of a hard-to-hit miniature character. She was revealed on February, 13th.


Up Side Down Standard Best Action Best Drama Best Comeback

Pop Up

A random Pop appears and throws Agent Carter into the air. It takes a while but it does get decent air. It can't be used in mid-air.

Knock-Out Lipstick

Agent Carter dashes forward with lipstick on. If she lands the move, she'll kiss the opponent, knocking them out for a few seconds.

Smoke Bomb

Agent Carter tosses a Smoke Bomb onto the ground, creating a cloud of smoke near her. Anyone who approaches it will be knocked back.

Tea Toss

Agent Carter tosses a Tea Kettle at the opponent. It's slow and has low range but does high damage and will burn the opponent.

Nitramene Bomb

Agent Carter drops a Nitramene Bomb, causing a gigantic explosion that will do a lot of damage to the opponent screen-wide.

Memory Wipe

Agent Carter uses a gadget on the opponent to make them forget the last 20 seconds, causing them to lose all ratings they earned in that time.

Getaway Car

Jarvis drives by and Agent Carter hops in, getting stitched up. When she comes back, she'll be fully healed from any ratings lost.


Pop!Agent Carter has high attack power and is rather hard-to-hit due to her size. However, she can't take many hits and isn't very maneuverable.

Alternate Costumes

  • Sharon Carter
  • Dottie Underwood
  • First Avenger Outfit
  • Whitney Frost
  • Angie Martinelli
  • Daisy Johnson
  • Black Widow

Trophy Description

"Peggy Carter is an agent of the SSR and...wait, this isn't Peggy Carter. It's a Funko Pop of her! This means that she keeps her live action self's powers but also has Pop themed attacks and is pretty hard to hit due to her size. She can't take too many hits though, and being a toy, isn't the most agile.

??? - Agent Carter Pop Series"


  • Series: Marvelogo
  • Entrance: Agent Carter hops out of her packaging.
  • Victory: Agent Carter sips her tea.
  • Theme Song: Who's that Man?
  • Taunts:
    • Agent Carter falls over and gets back up.
    • Agent Carter holds up Captain America's shield.
    • Agent Carter puts on a random diguise and takes it off.

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