Developer(s) waddle doink
Publisher(s) nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo ds, Nintendo 3ds
Release Date(s)
june 11, 2014
1 player
Age Rating(s)
10 and up
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included ds game cartridge, Eshop
 Ash wants pokemon, but many things stop him. This game is more, frusterating then fun. help ash find hi way to victory! And not endless cliffs or anything. This game was made by a game making noob, so it really sucks.
File:Poooookemon logo.png


Ash Ketchum, a trainer ubsessed with his name and modo, is trying to be the best! But he comes across, well, some stuff, like endless pits, and Pokemon that kill the TRAINER, not the pokemon, so, please, just help him! Careful though, don't get all worked up when you catch a cool pokemon, or find a master ball.In fact, you really will never have a pokemon for more then 20 hours.


In this game, you move left to go right, and right  to go left. But its easiest to use the touch screen to move, but that ussually compleatly freezes the game. The A button is used to talk to people, the B button makes you run if you hold it down, the X and Y buttons through your pokemon, making them run away forever, and you can never see it again.

In this game, you can talk to many people, and most of the time, they have stupid stuff to say, for example, the  ther fisherman are always talking about little Moe, a magikarp that didn't know splash. The thing is though, Ash is always bragging.

Many pokemon are avalible in this game, including Piplup, Oshawott, and Tepig, and Kikachu (actually, thats about all the pokemon in it) but however, youre starter pokemon are Pikachu, pikachu egg, and Pichu. it doesnt matter who you pick for your adventure however, you have a 20% chance of getting goldeen as your starter pokemon, who ends up only knowing splash. in the wild, you may encounter hundreds of pokemon, all in witch are 1 in about 10 different Pokemon, but about half the time there rabid, meaning you need to find a vaccine and stuff so that it's not rabbid. You may also find your starter, pikachu in the wild, 1/3 of the time he's a new species called kikachu, he is a phyco, random pokemon. he looks exacly like raichu at first, but if you dont run away in 5 seconds, he reviels himself and the game crashes, but you dont know its a kikachu untell The the 4rth second, leaving 1 second to leave. Rarely, pokemon will push you down endless cliffs, leaving eather the game crashing, or all your pokemon getting lost. Also, you may find legendary and mythical pokemon, but they are impossoble to catch, even with a master ball. They taunt you and prevent you from turning off the game.

Battle Proccess

When you battle in this game, again, Ash introduces himself, and the battle begins! You half to pretty much avoid pokemon in the beginning though, becouse your pikachu only knows harden, sunny day, and the very commen move nothing, witch does, well, nothing. But you can wait untell the first pokeshop is open that holds pokeballs. when the battle starts, a 2 minute cutscene is shown where the wild pokemon comes in battle. also, theres a 25% chance of the your pokemon attacking you and not the enamy. Also, a rare pokemon, Newspaper Dedede and Waddle Doink may be seen, having only one attack that steals all your pokemon. 


There are a totel of 15 Pokemon in this game. Being that there aren't many, It is safe to list them all.





Waddle Doink


this is the gallery.

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