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Pooky's official artwork.
Full Name Pooky
(Sky Guardian)
Location Cloud Kingdom
Main Weapon(s) Himself, and his fast attacks

Pooky is one of the protectors/guardians of the Cloud Kingdom and is created by Princess Lumi. His first appearance is in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree. His job is to protect the Cloud Kingdom from other people or other characters. Sometimes they have their own isles, which they protect too. They are pretty fast and they can just bump you away so you'll fall down. The way up to Cloud Kingdom will be full of Pookies and Pookettes.

Game AppearancesEdit

Super Mario and the Ludu TreeEdit

Pooky's first game appearance is in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree. He will always try protect the kindom, like what's said above in the text. His game description: The little cloud looks really cute, but he isn’t! He will attack you if you come too close to his isles or to himself. Pooky is a creation of Princess Lumi (Princess of the Skies).


Under this text you'll see some original and other made pictures of Pooky. The first pictures will show you his appearance in Super Mario and the Ludu Tree.