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Polyvestal Moderr
Rarity Rare anywhere outside of Euphorika
Habitat(s) Euphorika
Notable Members

The Polyvestals are a ancient and powerful race of extra-terrestrial cosmic beings. They are found in the seventh dimension, although they have physical appearances that be comprehended in the third dimension. They are the sworn foe of Horrensia. They have no regard for Popopo or Dark Matter affiliated life, attacking both sides of the conflict.


The Polyvestals are standard looking humanoid figures that appear to be armored heavily. They usually have unusual-looking, alien heads. Nothing is under a Polyvestal's "armor" except for blinding rainbow colored cosmic lights. Most are more than two thousand feet (600 meters) in height and some are even larger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vast Cosmic Powers with no known upper limit. Armor able to withstand planet shattering impacts with ease. A single host has the power to threaten all the pantheons of gods in a planet.



Having her entire galaxy destroyed by these cosmic beings, Horrensia hates them with a burning passion. She constantly fights them but the Polyvestals do not seem to notice her attempting to attack, likely because her power level is so low that the Polyvestals don't even feel her attacks.