Geo, a Polynoid with the basic RedYellowBlue Polynoid look.
Species Origin Polyhedra
First Appearance The Polyhedral Adventures of Geo
Notable Members

Helen (Polynoid)

Geo IX

Helen VIII


Evil Polynoid

A Polynoid is a species of Polyhedral Humanoid being. A Polynoid's head is the only one that diversifies the race of the Polynoid. Female's heads are lighter in color. They don't seem to have ears and nose (Although they can smell things and hear).


A Polynoid endures Decapitation. In fact, it isn't harmed by it! (It has no neck). It can take off its parts with ease and NOT BE HURT.


  • Somehow, Polynoids look like ROBLOXians, but with a Snub-Dodecahedral Head or a Rhombicosidodecahedral one.

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