Pollyanna Winifred
Full Name Pollyanna Winifred
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Legitopian Human
Location Small Town Near Austinburge
Main Weapon(s) Skills, Flips
Pollyanna Winifred is a character created by Legend. She is a 5’5 Dark Marylish girl who lives in the cotton fields near Austinburge Marysland. She loves exploring and journeying to the edge of the forest were she can see mysterious things. She owns a fairy she named Corduroy.

Powers and Abilities

She has a phenomenal jumping ability as well as great speed and flight. She is also quite flexible. In Legend Heroes, she can use a leaf attack similar to the one she uses in her game.


Pollyanna is a pacifist. She does not like eating meat because she thinks of the animals that died, so she is strictly vegetarian. She does like High up places, and climbs to the top of trees to get a good view. She likes to think of herself as an artist, whenever she sees a good place to paint, she always stops the car so that she can take a picture of it and paint at her house.

She is extremely giving and likes to spoil people so that she knows that she is doing a good job. She always likes to bake, when not painting, you will find her baking a cake and Marylish pastries. 

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