Police Acadamy: Training
Developer(s) Vined Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of AustraliaApril 30, 2007
25px-Flag of EuropeApril 25, 2007
25px-Flag of JapanApril 25, 2007
25px-Flag of USAApril 25, 2007
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure

Police Acadamy: Training is a Nintendo DS game and the the first game in the Police Acadamy Series which quickly became a flagship franchise for Vined Inc. and spawned three spin offs with the racing series, Nursing School series and Pewter Police series. The mispelling of Academy in the title was intentional to seperate it from the real life world.


You use the directional pad to move. Press A to jump and X to summon your pokemon, B to get Growlithe's super sniff and draw a symbol on the touch screen to use moves. Use Y to hot foes with Jenny's Baton.

B with Squirtle gets him to use surf and B with Pidgeot gets him to fly higher. While X with Pidgeot gets him to land.

You have a health bar in the top right hand corner which is used to keep a track of how much health you have, if it depletes you get a game over, you start with 5 health but then you upgrade when you finish a mission.


The game takes place through the eyes of Jenny a recruit in the Kanto police acadamy. You play as Jenny as you train to follow criminals, use your pokemon partners and defeat villains.

The game starts off in an apartment in Vermillion City where two young girls Jenny and Joy are meeting each other for the first time the introduce each other, Jenny is a police acadamy recruit and Joy is a nurse in Training.

The next part is the tutorial and it's at the Police Acadamy where Jenny meets and becomes fast friends with fellow recruit Marble. They are both given their Growlithe partners. The two hang out and Jenny introduces Marble to Joy. They hang out a milk bar where they meet a lonely boy Reggie who Jenny immediatly becomes infactuated with, they find out that he's a Pokemon Breeder.

The game progresses when the four leave the bar and see some strange activities with the citizens they are attacking each other for no reason and they are acting like zombies. Jenny goes around and snaps them out of this confusion by hitting them with her Baton.

The four friends then follow the clues and find out that the city's citizens are being hyptonitised by Psychic Pokemon from across the ocean. Jenny meets a squirtle who has been causing a lot of trouble but she befriends him and he takes her across to the small island where she finds out that Team Rocket have been the ones behind the Psychic pokemon.

Jenny steals a rocket hat for proof and surfs back to shore and finds her friends, they then find a friend Pidgeot who flies them all over. They enter the base and take down Team Rocket who are being lead by Jenny and Marble's teacher Sargeant Malone.

Once they have defeated Team Rocket they all return to their regular lives.



Every recruit gets their own Growlithe, with Growlithe he can use a variety of fire moves to burn through things and use his sensitive nose to sniff out objects.


In one mission you get to use a squirtle, you can cross over water and use his water moves to douse out flames. He wears a pair of sunglasses.


In a few missions you use Pidgeot to fly around the skies, he uses wind attacks and pecks sky foes, however he is mainly a transport method.



Joy assists you in most missions she is your best friend and she is training to be a nurse at the Poke Centres. She has a Happiny which can heal your health by giving you her eggs.


A sometimes clumsy but well hearted young recruit training to be an officer just like Jenny. She also has a growlithe which is a female, at the end of the game Marble evolves her growlithe with a fire stone.


Reggie is the main love intrest for the game, he is kind and relaxed. He very rarely fights but he has the strongest pokemon of all the friends, his Elekid.


Team Rocket

Team Rocket are an evil organisation trying to take over Kanto by hyptonitsing the citizens of Vermillion City with Psychic Pokemon.

Sargeant Malone

Sargean Malone is a well respected Police Officer and an administrator in Team Rocket. He teaches the girls at the police acadamy but he also works for the evil team rocket.


Most of the battling is not pokemon battles but rather battles with People. It is usually Jenny hitting foes with her baton to reduce their health.