Police Acadamy: Search is a Nintendo DS and is the fourth game in the Police Acadamy series and it is the last one that is contractually obligated, whether the series will continue is unknown at this point.


The Directional pad is used to move and the X button is used to summon a pokemon or swap between pokemon and get Pidgeot to land. Y gets Growlie to use his super sniff, gets Squirtle to use surf, gets Pidgeot to go hgher and gets Ghastly to phase through objects. A is used as an allpurpose button for jumping, speaking to people and checking out objects. B gets Jenny to use her weapons and R and L gets Jenny to swap between weapons. Drawing on the touch screen gets a pokemon to use their moves.


Fighting is the same as it is Police Acadamy: Relocation with all the weapons the Baton, the Baseball bat, the Pepper spray, the tasor and the stun gun returning as well as one new item the net gun which shoots nets. There is a new stat added as well, Longevity which is how long the damage goes for, for example if it paralyse or captures s a foe for a long time than the meter for this is higher, if it does not paralyse or capture at all than there is none.


Power: ****

Speed: *****

Effect: *


Baseball Bat

Power: *****

Speed: ***

Effect: **


Pepper Spray


Speed: ****

Effect: ***** Longevity: *


Power: *

Speed: **

Effect: *****

Longevity: **

Stun Gun


Speed: *

Effect: *****

Longevity: **

Net Gun


Speed: **

Effect: ****

Longevity: ****


The game takes off where the last one left off in Goldenrod city. Jenny, Marble, Joy and Reggie are telling Captain Liam what happened as they process the paperwork for Daniella. Daniella won't tell the group where Renald has fled to so they must figure it out themselves.

Jenny begins the game by giving Spinarak away to a young girl who thinks that it looks pretty. Jenny and Marble then proceed to head to the radio tower which has also reported a crime spree one of the reasons they came to Johto in the first place, thinking it's so obvious. Squirtle follows Jenny.

Joy takes Reggie to the hospital, she does not go with Jenny and Marble at this stage. However Happy trips over an oval stone which has been put into the ground as a regular cobblestone and evolves into a Chansey.

The two officers proceed through when they see Rocket grunts immediatly they know that this must be where Renald is as they proceed through they reach another Administrator Cassandra who has held DJ Mary hostage after Cassandra is defeated DJ Mary tells them that Renald has allready left and caught the train back to Kanto.

Jenny and Marble find Joy and Reggie and tell them where they are headed and Jeny, Marble and Reggie head back home. Joy must wait at the supercentre until her replacement can come in.

At Saffron they hear reports that Renald has gone to the Kanto Radio Tower in Lavender Town and is holding DJ Lily hostage. They three head there immediatly as they progress through the long tower they battle Renald again, however he once again Renald escapes and can't be arested.

They leave the Radio Tower and head back to the Police Department in Vermillion city to tell the cheif inspector what has just happened however he informs them that there are bigger problems, the Kanto Prison has had a gaol break and dozens of rockets are free again. Intel has told them that Eustace a former advisor to Giovanni has been seen in Celadon.

The group leaves to Celadon when the are stopped by Joy who comes along with them when the get to Celadon they find that Eustace is an old man, still not discouraged they find him at the top of Pokemon Mansion which is again full of rockets they find and battle Eustace, however instead of being arrested Eustace jumps off a building and seemingly kills himself only to have a Fearow sweep him up and he takes off and flies away.

Jenny calls for Pidgeot and she chases down Eustace, Pidgeot catches up to Fearow quickly and a battle between bird pokemon pursues in the air, once he loses Eustace is arrested again however he claims he has no idea who Renald is.




Jenny is once again the main protagnist who is hunting down Renald and team rocket. This time she uses more weapons and has all of the pokemon allies from the first two games, Squirtle is still not captured by her.

Jenny's previous Five weapons the Baton, The Baseball Bat, The Pepper Spray, The Tasor and the Stun Gun all return along with a single new weapon the Net Gun which captures foes, doing no damage.


Joy has to stay behind in Johto for some of this game so she has a smaller role in the middle of the game however at the end of the game she returns as a healer. Her Happiny Happy evolves into a Chansey. During the Celadon city level Joy goes to the gaming corner with Reggie.


Marble is once again the partner of Jenny and she stays with her for most of the time except in Celadon City when they all split up Marble goes to the Gym where she sees Erica again, her Paras learns a new move Poisonpowder which was not used in the game.


At the start of the game Reggie stays with Joy at the Super Centre during the rest of the game he is with Marble and Jenny, his Elekid evolves into Electabuzz and his electric moves become more powerful. In the Celadon missions he goes with Joy to the gaming corner.


He has battled as the second major boss, however he once again escapes from the clutches of arrest and gets away to hide again. It is thought that he was behind the gaol break at Kanto as his calling card was left behind.

Captain Liam

He is seen breifly at the start dismissing Marble and Jenny and telling them that his squad will keep a lookout for Renald.

Doctor Adam

He is seen at the start telling Joy that she can't leave yet because she is still needed at the super centre.


DJ Mary

She is rescued from the Johto Radio Tower.

DJ Lily

She is rescued from the Kanto Radio Tower.


Another Team Rocket Administrator who is holding up the Johto Radio Tower. She is arrested but she still refuses to tell where Renald is hiding.


The main villain and final boss of the game. He was an advisor to Giovanni when he ran Team Rocket and escapes from prison when there is a break out. He is tracked down by Jenny and Marble and caught almost and then the final battle a sky battle pursues and he is finally caught for good.

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