Chapter One - The Murder of Mayor Church

Part A - Collecting Evidence

Walking around the city you must take photgraphs of the crime scene and write down any stories that the witnesses tell you, you have to dust for prints and other small tasks rotating through your inventory to find the correct items. The only battling here is very basic, just fighting against stray pokemon which try to take evidence such as Ratatas, these can be fought with items or with Growlie or Gastly.

Part B - Analysing the Crystal

You take control of Amber for a bit here as you do various scientific experiments to conduct results on the sample found at the scene, these are basic mini-games. However you return to controlling Jenny and she is practicing in the gym, this is the real tutorial where you are taught how to use your weapons and such.

Part C - The Sting

This part of the game is mostly mini games where you have to wash and shampoo and condition hear and stylise different pokemon. There is very little stuff here and your inventory includes hair products as well as your badge, if you pull out the badge then the mission is failed. You also have a chance to slip a tracking device on him, if you do this then the next mission will be much easier.

Part D - The Chase

You have to run down around the city and chase down the mysterious man. You can't run out of stamina but he can't get off your radar. Your only weapon is the net gun which you have to shoot at any thugs that get in your way or any wild pokemon that get in your way, after you catch a thug you have to use Gastly's Psychic move to contact the station, everytime you catch a pokemon you have to use Growlie's ember to burn away the net.

Chapter Boss - Flint

Flint the mysterious man first introduced in Police Acadamy: Racer X he attacks with a Graveller and Golem, Gastly and Growlie can be used in rotation here as well as the net gun, most of the weapons are useless against them because they are rock pokemon.

Chapter Two - The Hunt for Flint

Part A - Famer Jenny

In this part you have to round up all of the Tauros and Miltank in the city, most of them can be taken care of by using a net gun however some must be attacked by Growlie or Gastly and weakened first.

Part B - Juvenile Round Up

Jenny and Marble have to go around and get all of the kids by arresting them properly and then sending them off, they have to be battled to be defeated usually however some will surrender. The Net Gun can not be used on people here.

Part C - Collecting the Evidence

Jenny and Marble have to go around Vermillion to ask people if they have seen Flint there is still the occasional teenager or cattle pokemon which must be defeated here. The most useful items are the notepad and tape recorder as well as the net gun.

Part D - The Building comes falling down

Jenny must use her Growlithe to quickly grab a hold of all the people, she is running around and grabbing onto people which she passes to Growlithe and sends them downstairs, her net gun now has an update which includes a rope so they can be dragged towards her. Any structral damage will cause a failure.

Chapter Boss - Crystal Steelix

Crystal Steelix is very strong and you have just got squirtle who turns out to be useless. Growlie is the most powerful pokemon here, the fire moves are very good but pay attention to the PP gauge, Gastly can be used as well the levitation will take away focus from the Crystal Steelix. You have to jump over it's tail when it tries to wipe you out.

Chapter Three - The Election

Part A - The Streets of Saffron

Jenny and Timothy must escort Sabrina through the streets of Saffron, there are many gang members that try to attack her, you must keep them away by using your pokemon and your weapons to keep them at bay. Timothy will arrest them once they are attacked and subdued.

Part B - The Assassin's chase

Jenny and Timothy chase through the streets of Saffron after the attemped assassin. Jenny must fight off many criminals and subdue their pokemon along the way to find the assassin.

Part C - Liv and Eli

Jenny has to keep her cover as Liv while she is going through the seedy underbelly. She wears risque and revealing clothes throughout the cherade. During this part of the game she must fight off the gang members, mostly this is hand to hand fighting and just as self defence. She does not actually use her weapons or do any real fighting here. She makes copies of files and takes photos.

Part D - Election Night

Jenny and Timothy finally break their cover the night of the election, they lead a sting operation in the gang and have them arrested. They must fight off the various gang members and reach their leader Winston.

Chapter Boss - Winston

Jenny finds Winston, here they have no pokemon on either side and it becomes a hand to hand fight between Jenny and Winston. She also has several items such as pepper spray in her purse however she has no guns or anything.

Chapter Four - The Hidden Village

Part A - The Hidden Entrance

Jenny and Timothy have to fight through groves to get in however it is protected not only by the vines and the forest but the pokemon too. There are many strong Tangrowths, Ivysaurs and Bayleef here which can easily be taken care of by Growlie, do not use Squirtle here.

Part B - The Hidden Battle

Jenny and Timothy arrive in the village and are attacked this time by smaller pokemon like Oddish and Seedot. These are not real threats and are easily taken care of. The main part here is the mini-boss Flint who uses a Steel-Type Graveller to attack them. Steel is weak to fire and Growlie is a fire type.

Part C - The Hidden Fury

Jenny and Timothy this time have to bring back Flint in handcuffs and the pokemon now are even stronger it's Shiftrys, Naetles, Sceptiles and Lombres attacking them as well. Going through this time is harder because Flint must be detained as well, which means that Growlie can't always be used so Gastly and Squirtle must be used to attack as well.

Part D - The Hidden Children

Jenny and Timothy are attacked by children this time who all have pokemon as well and are trying to free Flint. However they can mostly be taken care of by the Net Gun or Tasor. Make sure they stay away from Flint because they will try and pick his locks. They mostly have bug pokemon.

Chapter Boss - Cindy

One of the more unlikely bosses, the peacful Cindy attacks the two police officers for arresting Flint. She has three very strong pokemon Venasaur, Victreebell and Vileplume however Growlie is also very strong against them, Timothy uses his Swalot to help you outas well.

Chapter Five - Lina's Life and subsequent Death

Part A - The Crime Scene

This level is similar to level 1-A which is mostly collecting evidence and questioning witnesses however you must also run after and catch a rocket grunt that was near the scene which results in a mini-boss.

Part B - Survaliance

The girls must sneak around outside of the support group without being found out, and occasionaly cohort with Timothy, they are under disguise with wigs and so the only weapon they have on them is pepper spray. You also can't use any of your pokemon here. There are a few people you can arrest and fight, but it is completly optional.

Part C - The Sting

Here you have a choice to play as either Timothy or Joy, Timothy has a Tasor while Joy has Pepper Spray. Here you must talk to many different people at the party and try to get them to spill information about their organisation, the main goal is to lure Dean's date Leslie into the toilets so she can be stunned and have the contents of her purse stolen.

Part D - Protecting the Mayor

Jenny stays behind and must go through the mansion and find all of the Cinab grunts and defeat them whilst protecting the door to Sabrina's bedroom where she has locked herself, for bonus points prevent the grunts from destroying any statues.

Chapter Boss - Dean

Dean and Jenny battle mano e mano, he uses a Crobat, Slowbro and Dewgong to battle against her, she can also use any of her weapons to hit him directly.

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