Police Acadamy: SCPD is the sixth game in the Police Acadamy Series and is the first game in the main series to be on the Nintendo Wii. It is a direct sequal to the previous game in the series and Jenny and Marble are now detectives in the Saffron City Police Department.


The game is played with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck together. The Analog stick is used to move Jenny around, the A button is her common use button, the B button uses weapons, A and B together swaps between pokemon, C makes her run, 1 and 2 make her go through her weapons, Z swaps between first person view and third person view. + and - move through the inventory and the motion sensitity gets the pokemon to use their moves.


Main Article Police Acadamy: SCPD Plot Jenny and Marble are set on cracking down the reformed Team Rocket as they go through and solve various murders, track down their enemies and they make new friends, and destroy old relationships.


Main Article Police Acadamy: SCPD Levels There are a total of 20 levels with 5 bosses.


Fighting is the same as it is Police Acadamy: Answers with all the weapons the Baton, the Baseball bat, the Pepper spray, the tasor, the stun gun and the net gun returning.



Power: ****

Speed: *****

Effect: *


Baseball Bat

Power: *****

Speed: ***

Effect: **


Pepper Spray


Speed: ****

Effect: ***** Longevity: *


Power: *

Speed: **

Effect: *****

Longevity: **

Stun Gun


Speed: *

Effect: *****

Longevity: **

Net Gun


Speed: **

Effect: ****

Longevity: ****



Jenny returns as a detective in this game she is cracking down on Team Rocket and battles various new foes and kindles a new relationship, while dousing out an old one in the way.


Marble returns as a dective and a partner to Jenny. She gets a new partner, a Shinx which she names Shinxo. She takes a back seat to Jenny and her new friend Timothy.


Reggie comes back as Jenny's boyfriend and he is as usual mild mannered. He know owns the salon.


Joy returns allthough she remains in Viridian city and she runs into Flint beofre assisting Timothy and Jenny in a sting operation because of her Sevii heritage.


Sabrina returns after having taken a break around the world, she runs for and wins the seat as mayor of Saffron City and is the target of two assissination attempts.


Timothy is a detective from Pewter City who is used in the operation to capture Flint, he then remains in Saffron as Jenny's temporary partner and then eventually becomes her boyfriend.

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