Police Acadamy: Relocation is the third game in the Police Acadamy and is the first to take place in a different country.


The Directional pad is used to move and the X button is used to summon a pokemon or swap between pokemon. Y gets Growlie to use his super sniff, gets Squirtle to use surf, gets Ghastly to phase through objects and gets Spinarak to make nets and ladders. A is used as an allpurpose button for jumping, speaking to people and checking out objects. B gets Jenny to use her weapons and R gets her to swap between weapons. Drawing on the touch screen gets a pokemon to use their moves.


Fighting is more like Police Acadamy: Graduation with more emphasis on Pokemon battles however it is still primarly Jenny using her weapons to attack foes and reduce their health. There is again two new weapons with the Tasor and the stun gun. The three stats remain the same with Power for Strength, Speed for how fast you can use it and Effect for how fast it can be used.


Power: ****

Speed: *****

Effect: *

Baseball Bat

Power: *****

Speed: ***

Effect: **

Pepper Spray


Speed: ****

Effect: *****


Power: ***

Speed: **

Effect: *****

Stun Gun


Speed: **

Effect: *****


The game starts off with Officer Jenny and Officer Marble who have been placed as partners on the force in Vermillion City being told that they need to be dispatched in Goldenrod City in Johto as their has been a slew of crimes there and the Johto police need some help.

Jenny and Marble are excited and tell their friends about it Nurse Joy is also told that she is needed in the new super centre in Goldenrod so the three girls go over, leaving Reggie behind in Kanto.

When the girls are packing a certain Squirtle follows them on the train. When they arrive in Goldenrod Marble and Jenny are greeted by Captain Liam of the Goldenrod police and Joy is greeted by Doctor Adam of the Goldenrod Super Centre.

Marble and Jenny find out that the Radio Station has been robbed and the bike shop has been burnt down. They go towards the bike shop first to find the arsonist. They find the calling card of Renald a hat with an orange R.

In the mean time Joy is having trouble updating the system and running the front desk, it's a large centre in the largest city in the country with only two nurses and a doctor. However Happy thrives in it.

The three girls meet up and the decide to track down Renald when the are suprised by Squirtle who jumps on Jenny's lap. The girls greet the Squirtle but he needs to tell them something, he starts walking away and the girls follow him, they find the hideout of the team, they are about to turn back and tell the chief what they found but Togi uses metronome and the three girls plus their pokemon and squirtle teleport inside.

When they see what's being done with the abuse of the pokemon they don't hesitate and the attack immediatly. A spinarak runs up to Jenny seeking solace, Jenny keeps the Spinarak but does not catch it which becomes helpful later on in here.

They battle through their new base, crossing streams and rivers with Squirtle, burning through wood bases and making temporary string shot ropes with spinarak when finally they reach the end and they don't find Renald they find Reggie tied up to a chair.

He tells them that Renald has allready fled, when they turn around though they find out that there is still an admin left Daniella. They battle and arrest her and then they leave and inform Liam what has happened.

The game ends on a cliff hanger.




Jenny again returns as the main character this time she is relocated to a new city and a new country. She is a fully fledged police officer now and is regarded highly amongst her co-workers.

Jenny's three weapons from the previous game the Baton, The Baseball Bat and the Pepper Spray all return along with two new items the tasor and the Stun gun which are stronger and they have paralyising effects. The stats of the previous weapons have been alterted as well.

All of Jenny's pokemon return from the previous game with Growlie, Ghastly and of course Squirtle as well as her new pokemon Spinarak. They all serve a purpose.


Marble serves a larger role in this game as she is Jenny's partner on the force. She is a fully fledged officer and has her Arcanine and her Paras from the previous game. She is still clumsy but less so than the other games, she tells Jenny that she's taking a coordination course.


Joy has a smaller but still important role in this game she travels to Johto with the girls to assist at the super centre in Goldenrod. Her Happy and Togi appear with her once again. Togi teleports the players into the base stopping them from being able to tell the cheif.


Reggie has only a small role at the start wishing the girls farewell and at the end when it is seen that he was kidnapped by Renald. His pokemon are not shown here.


Renald is again the head of team rocket. He is not actually seen in the game but his calling card is left behind at the scene of the crime in Goldenrod city and Reggie tells the girls that he kidnapped him.


Captain Liam

Liam is the captain of the Goldenrod police who asks for the help of Marble and Jenny when Goldenrod is under attack by Team Rocket.

Doctor Adam

Doctor Adam is the only doctor in the Goldenrod super centre and asks for a temporary nurse from Kanto while he is waiting for some new nurses from Johto. He is the only doctor seen.


Daniella is an admin under Renald she challanges Jenny and her friends. She is arrested at the end.

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