Police Acadamy: Graduation is a Nintendo DS game and the sequal to Police Acadamy: Training. It uses a similar format to the first game in the series however it is more in depth and there are more features to the game.


The Directional pad is used to move and the X button is used to summon a pokemon or swap between pokemon. Y gets Growlie to use his super sniff, gets Squirtle to use surf and gets Ghastly to phase through objects. A is used as an allpurpose button for jumping, speaking to people and checking out objects. B gets Jenny to use her weapons and R gets her to swap between weapons. Drawing on the touch screen gets a pokemon to use their moves.


Like the original Police Acadamy most of the fighting is Jenny using her weapons against bad guys however there is also a greater emphasis placed on Pokemon fights in this one too with a basic Elemental advantage/disadvantage system put into effect. There are two new weapons for Jenny as well meaning that there are now weapon statistics. Shown below. Power is how strong the weapon is, Speed is how fast you can swing and reuse the weapon and Stun is the chance that it will stun a foe. They are all out of Five


Power: ***

Speed: ****

Effect: *

Baseball Bat

Power: *****

Speed: **

Effect: *

Pepper Spray


Speed: ***

Effect: *****


As Graduation approaches for Jenny and Marble at the Police Acadamy and Joy at the Nurse's school trouble arises again however this time it's in the next town over, Saffron City.

The girls are visiting Reggie who just got a job as a groomer on Beauty street when they hear a report on the radio that the dojo has been ransacked. The four leave the shop ot investigate the matter further.

When the get there they find out that a swarm of fighting pokemon have been stolen. They get the eye witness accounts and follow some clues and find a group of Rocket grunts. They manage to beat three of them however when the fourth attacks with a stolen Hariyama they lose the fight.

The return to Saffron city to speak with Sabrina. Sabrina is retired as a Gym leader but she now works as a cleric, she tells Jenny that she must go to the graveyard in Lavender town where she will find her new friend. She then tells Joy that she must leave to Cerulon City and the daycare to find hers, she tells Marble that she must travel to Celadon City and speak with a wise old woman where she will find her new friend and she tells Reggie to return to work and all will become clear.

The four friends split up and the player follows Jenny to Lavender town. In Lavender town she finds the locals being harrased by a bike gang. Jenny defeats the gang and is then pointed towards the Mr. Fuji graveyard however she finds no new friends here, a woman then tells Jenny that she should try the Radio tower that's where the Graveyard used to be.

Jenny hurries across town to the radio tower where they are being haunted by an annoying ghost pokemon. Jenny tracks down the lonely Ghastly, after a short battle with Growlie Ghastly becomes attached to Jenny, she throws a pokeball at Ghastly who allows himself to be caught, she then has her "new friend" she returns to Saffron City to find the others. However she takes the longer way and returns to Vermillion City to see if the fighting pokemon from the construction site are still safe.

When Jenny reaches Vermillion she sees the construction site being attacked however the workers are fighting Team Rocket off, she joins in the fight with her new friend Ghastly, just as Ghastly is about to finish off the second last Rocket a spray of water comes from the side and it's Jenny's old friend Squirtle. Squirtle joins up with Jenny again and they defeat Team Rocket. Squirtle is not caught by Jenny but he stays with her until the end.

Jenny then returns to Saffron to find that Joy has an egg, she says that the daycare man just gave it to her, he believed her to be a wise person. Marble has a Paras which was given to her by Erica the Celdon gym leader for being a strong indapendant woman and Reggie has a Gulpin that was ditched by it's owner because it was too ugly.

The four travel off to the Rocket base just outside of Saffron once again. This time they are well prepared. With some help from the mysterious Sabrina they defeat the rockets and find their true leader a man named Renald. They return the fighting pokemon to the dojo and they return home and Jenny and Marble become Officer Jenny and Officer Marble and Joy becomes Nurse Joy. Reggie returns back to his work as a groomer. At their graduation ceramony Joy's egg hatches into a Togepi.




Jenny the main character returns as the playable character. Three years have passed but she is just as curious and inquisitive as she was before. She returns with Growlie to find the missing fighting pokemon from the Saffron Fighting Dojo. She graduates from the Police Acadamy to become Officer Jenny.

As well as her Baton Jenny has two new weapons a Pepper spray which stops enemies and a Baseball Bat which is stronger but slower than her Baton, she needs the three weapons for some obstacles that Growlie, Squirtle and Ghastly can't do.

Jenny also gets a new pokemon, Ghastly who is the first pokemon aside from Growlie that she keeps. Ghastly levitates and phases through things he is often used to find secret items. Squirtle also reappears to help out Jenny, once again he is not captured he just helps her out.


Joy returns as the best friend and roommate to Jenny. She is still kind and caring and non-violent. Her and Happy help out the others as the healers. Joy like all the other main characters has her own sub-plot where she recieves a Pokemon Egg which turns out to be a Togepi. Joy graduates from Nursing school to become Nurse Joy.


Marble returns as the clumsy but well meaning friend and school mate of Jenny. Her and her Arcanine return and help out Jenny, even though her Arcanine is very powerful after being weakened it could not defeat a Hariyama. Marble like all the other main characters has her own sub-plot where she recieves a Paras from the Celadon gym leader Erica who believes her to be a strong indapendant woman. She graduates from the Police Acadamy to become Officer Marble.


Reggie returns as the friend and love intrest for Jenny he and his Elekid return in non-violent roles. Reggie has since moved from Vermillion City to Saffron City where he is pursuing his career and has a job as a Pokemon Groomer on beauty street. Reggie like all the other main characters has his own sub-plot where he recieves a Gulpin from a trainer who ditched it because it was ugly.



Sabrina used to be the leader of the Saffron Gym however she retired and became a cleric who gives people's fortunes. She however is a real psychic. She tells the four friends to split up and tells them where to find their new Pokemon. Sabrina then reappers in the final battle against Renald with her Kadabra.


Renald is the leader of Team Rocket, he is not seen until the very end of the game where it is revealed who he is. He tells Jenny and her friends how he corrupted Sargeant Malone (the villain from the first Police Acadamy game) and how he will take over all of Kanto and eventually the world. He loses to Jenny and her friends at the end of the game however he gets away before they can catch him.

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