Police Acadamy: Answers is a Nintendo DS and it is the sixth game in the Police Acadamy Series but the fifth platforming game. It includes the most changes.



The Directional pad is used to move and the X button is used to summon a Pokémon or swap between pokémon. Y gets Growlie to use his super sniff and gets Ghastly to phase through objects. A is used as an allpurpose button for jumping, speaking to people and checking out objects. B gets Jenny to use her weapons and R and L gets Jenny to swap between weapons. Drawing on the touch screen gets a Pokémon to use their moves.


The Directional pad is used to move and the X button is used to summon or swap between pokémon. Y gets Happy to make an egg, gets Togi to use metronome and gets Maggie to scratch through things. B gets Joy to use her weapons and R and L let her swap between them. Drawing on the touch screen gets the Pokémon to use their moves.


Fighting is the same as it is Police Acadamy: Search with all the weapons the Baton, the Baseball bat, the Pepper spray, the tasor, the stun gun and the net gun returning. This time however Joy also has her own weapons the Scalpel and the Needle. Joy's weapons are weaker than Jenny's as they are less used.



Power: ****

Speed: *****

Effect: *


Baseball Bat

Power: *****

Speed: ***

Effect: **


Pepper Spray


Speed: ****

Effect: ***** Longevity: *


Power: *

Speed: **

Effect: *****

Longevity: **

Stun Gun


Speed: *

Effect: *****

Longevity: **

Net Gun


Speed: **

Effect: ****

Longevity: ****



Power: ***

Speed: **






Effect: ***

Longevity: **


The game starts off with Jenny and Marble in their captain's office in Vermillion City where they are told that they will be taken off the Renald and Eustace cases. Much to the protest of the girls however they are told to find Leonardo who was a rocket administrator in the original take over.

The game starts of slowly with a few mini games which involve shooting practice and organisational things when they find a clue to their friend Sabrina in Saffron city, and so the game moves on and they head off to find Sabrina.

Once Sabrina is found she tells them her story, she once dated Leonardo it was after Team Rocket had broken up the second time and he broke heart by trying to reform them, it was after this incident that she retired from being a Gym leader. Sabrina tells the girls that Leonardo is in Saffron but she can't see where. She then tells the girls that she has to leave town for a while but she is sure that their paths will cross once more.

The girls instead of turning towards the local police for a guide of the city find Reggie who after living here for a year knows all the back routes. They enter the salon where he works to see none other than Leonardo asking Reggie if he can groom his Vulpix. The girls confront Leonardo immediately however he puts up a fight, throwing a fire stone at his Vulpix getting her to evolve and attack. Marble's Paras using Poison powder to begin goes after Ninetales while Jenny runs after Leonardo.

Leonardo and Jenny battle of in the first boss battle of the game. He uses Tropius as his Pokémon as well as a variety of weapons including a hairdrier, hairspray and curling iron. For the second time in the series just as Jenny is losing Sabrina comes and defeats the boss for you. Sabrina tells the girls that she has to go away to be in peace for a while, Sabrina says that though they have found many answers soon there shall be many more questions she wishes the girls the best of luck but says she can no longer help them. After Jenny and Marble apprehend him they take him to the police station, when they are about to return to Vermillion they hear a report that Eustace's protege is in town somewhere. They call their captain to tell him about their lead.

Their captain says that the protege has been identified as his grandson Grant who has had training as a Pokémon nurse. The girls leave back to Vermillion to find Joy who tells them that all of the Nurse recruits receive a Happiny so they should expect that he'll have that at least. She also informs them that he will have access to many other Pokémon from the centres. Joy instists that she come along, Jenny and Marble are hesitant because Joy has no fighting experience however Joy tells her that Togi has evolved into Togetic and knows some strong moves. Reluctantly they allow her to join them.

The first place the girls check is the Saffron PokeCentre. Here they find out that Grant has just left saying he was headed towards Cerulean City. The three girls head off towards Joy's hometown of Cerulean City. Before they track down Grant they see that the daycare centre is being attacked, they fight off the thugs, here the Day Care man thanks the girls and gives Joy what they were after in the first place, a recently hatched Magby which had been ditched there. Joy names her Maggie and they run after Grant.

Grant is found in the Gym, the leader Daisy is nowhere to be found instead Grant is there with his Blissey and his Glalie. This is the second battle and this is the first time in the main games that Jenny has not the playable character. Instead Joy battled here which was also the first time that Joy showed any anger or fury. This is the first time she has battled. After the battle Grant breaks down crying saying I'm not a sissy grandpa. He tells the girls that Grandpa went home. He is taken to a Psych Ward.

Joy returns to the Poke Centre and apologises to the doctor, she also hands him the Pokémon which once belonged to Grant. She refuses to accept them herself and the doctor sends them to Professor Gary Oak to be released into the wild. Jenny and Marble plead their captain to be put back on the Eustace case, he reluctantly agrees. They do some more research and find that Eustace is a native of Vermillion City, growing up right where the construction site is. The girls climb to the top of the currently abandoned construction where they as they expected find Eustace.

Eustace does not try to stop the girls, he instead tells the girls all about the old Rocket and how Renald played a part in its destruction, he tells the girls where Renald is, he then calls upon his Fearow and flies off. Confused the girls go towards where Eustace said Renald was, Lavender Town.

The girls go towards Lavender Town and head towards the northern caves where Rocket Grunts are everywhere. Inside the cave they find Renald just as expected and he is once again battled and defeated for the final time. He is kidnapped and taken away by the girls. They tell their captain that they couldn't find Eustace but they have arrested Renald. For this they are promoted to Detectives and transferred to Saffron City, the SCPD.

The game finishes with the girls being promoted, they have a worried look on their face in the final ceramonny. After the ceremony Jenny and Reggie are finally seen kissing.




Jenny is once again the main protagonist with her hunger to find Eustace and Renald as strong as ever. She uses all the weapons from the previous game with no new ones however this time she uses only two Pokémon Growlithe and Gastly, this is the only time that Squirtle has not appeared. She is promoted to Detective at the end of the game and she begins a relationship with Reggie.


Joy is more important in this game than ever before. She is shown as strong and determined this time not just sweet and innocent. She is playable in a boss battle instead of Jenny. She has two weapons a scalpel and a needle. She has three Pokémon this time Happy her Chansey, Togi her newly evlolved Togetic and Maggie her new Magby.


Marble follows Jenny everywhere as her partner once again, she is shown as less of Jenny's shadow however, she takes lead in the battle against Grant where she takes on his newly evolved Ninetales by herself. her Pokémon are once again Arcanine and Paras.


Reggie is only seen in one chapter where he seems to have been promoted in the Salon, he appears to be a manager or something similar to that. He is helping Leonardo before he finds out that he is evil. At the end of the game he confirms his feelings for Jenny and he kisses her.


Renald is the final boss, a lot of answers about him are answered, they find that Renald was one of the lead inspectors who took down the original Team Rocket before becoming defunct and becoming the head of the new Rocket changing his name from Ryane to Renald.


Eustace is seen and almost battled. More aspects of his personality are revealed by his grandson and his cold betrayal of Renald who he did in fact have ties with. He escapes to fight another day, the girls never tell their captain that they found him.


Sabrina is once again seen as a saviour and a strange cleric. A lot of her past is revealed and she leaves once again, possibly for good leaving Saffron City.



The captain of the Vermillion City Police Department or VCPD. He is seen throughout assigning the girls various jobs, this could be consitituted as a return as his voice is heard in Police Acadamy: Training.


He is Eustace's gradson and protege he was a fully registered Nurse in the Police Centres. He appears to be tormented by his grandfather. He is fought by Joy and is placed into a Mental asslyum apposed to a prison.


A former administrator for Team Rocket and ex-boyfriend of Sabrina. He shows many characteristics common of a rocket evolving his Vulpix just so it would be stronger, however it loses to a Paras.

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