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Title ss
Police&Terrorist Survival Instinct Walpaller
Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Ubisoft,Konami
Platform(s) XBOX ONE

PS4 PS VITA Nintendo 3DS Wii U

Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Survival
Series The Walking Dead

Left 4 Dead Metal Gear Solid NCIS Resident Evil Grand theft Auto

Police&Terrorist Survival instinct is an Survival game developed by -BaptIce@29- ... and publised by Ubisoft and Konami for the

Nintendo 3DS

 Nintendo Wii U


 Playstation 4

 Playstation Vita 


Police&Terrorist Survival instinct is a Survival Game featuring several series such as the walking dead or Resident Evil through our television series NCIS for a struggle against the stalker You play as a character from among one of ten of a different series to be your hero and you must recruit another go itself to survive while paying attention to your provision and your essence

Playable Characters


One morning, you wake up in a small hut you controler Daryl Dixon and you see your brother that says
Zumbi the walking dead render by twdmeuvicio-d6jypgx


"hurry up wimp! we must steer" Both brother and fell out on the Zombie Merle executed a knife in the head and spin finish to leave this place its the beginning of a great adventure or you survive against the zombie fiercer than other

the hideout

The Prison

The Prison

at a time in the fasting you will find a hideout in a deserted serves to relax, feed you you can manage your weapon with the convoys is in block A 'you can also manage your vehicle and your unit with you Take affected looking for the island of dream.


Picture name type size consumption description
Crisis Core - Helicopter Crisis Helicopter Large fast enough This helicopter will be a little one your aerial vehicle and one that will serve you more


  •  highway
  •  NCIS HG
  •  Atlanta city
  •  farm greene
  •  Deserted Prison
  •  CDC Laboratory
  • Dead Beach 


  •  NOISE:more there to * plus prowler will come to you 
Name picture type of weapons noise Default charger
Small Knife Knife-GTA5-ingame cold steel * -
Pistol Pistol-GTA4 firearm * * * 32/8 
MicroSMG MicroSMG-GTAV firearm * * *  120/30
Grenade Grenade-GTA4 throwing weapon * * * -
shotGun SawnOffShotgun-GTA5 firearm * * * * 12/2
Hammer Contractors Hammer cold steel * -
Skorpion Skorpion XBC 150 gun shooting * * 14/1
Clean Knife Clean-knife cold steel * -
AK47 AK47-GTAV-ingameModel Firearm * * * * 5/45
StunGun StunGun-GTA5-ingame tranquilizer * * 100/400
Heavy Sniper HeavySniper-GTAV 'Firearm' * * * 1/19
Kitchen Knife Kichen Knife cold steel * -
Assault SMG AssaultSMG-TBOGT 'Firearm' * * * * 50/450


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