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Cry havoc, and let loose the hounds of war!

Polemos the War Incarnate
Full Name Polemos
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Class Leader
Aeternum Mali - leader, along with Luctus and Odium
Family and Relations
Nihiloth the Void Incarnate - created from their spilled lifeblood
Warbeasts of Polemos - created by her
Main Weapon(s) Claws
Ability/ies High physical strength
Able to "inspire" her allies
High-level pyromancy
Vulnerable To Water
Goddess of War
Goddess of Conquest
First Appearance Light In The Darkness: Rising Void

Polemos the War Incarnate is one of the three leaders of the Aeternum Mali.

Physical DescriptionEdit

An imposing creature who stands almost 9 feet tall, Polemos is of a reasonably muscular build, with much of her body being clad in natural armor. She is vaguely draconic in appearance, with a medium-length, broad snout with many teeth jutting from it, two pairs of large horns extending from her head, and a long, thick mane of hair that extends from the top of her head and runs down the back of her neck; her hair is adorned with many golden bands. Two rows of thick spikes grow from her back, and her legs are digitigrade style; both her hands and feet are tipped with large, sharp claws. Her long, thick tail ends in a large, sharp, bony blade.



Armed with terrifying physical strength and stamina, Polemos can overwhelm most foes through sheer force alone and not even break a sweat; her teeth, claws, tail and horns make formidable natural weapons, and she can rip through flesh, bone and steel with ease. She has the strength to lift 68 tons (the equivalent of an M1 Abrams tank) clear above her head and throw it a good distance as well. Her burly frame, coupled with her natural armor covering, make her quite a durable combatant as well.

Her very presence can inspire her allies, increasing their aggression and fervor for combat, and essentially making them more powerful in a fight. The sound of her roar causes a spike in physical power for her allies and invokes fear into (most of) her foes.

Polemos is also capable of powerful Pyromancy; while she is able to unleash jets of fire from her mouth, she typically prefers a more hands-on approach, coating her natural armaments with searing flames to enhance her melee attacks. She is also capable of Spectramancy, but exclusively uses melee-range attacks of this Element.


For all her raw power, Polemos' speed and reflexes are mediocre, being unable to run much faster than 35 mph, and she is also incapable of swimming. Due to her affinity for both Fire and Darkness, she is weak to Water, Earth and Light.

Friends and FoesEdit






Imposing and fierce, Polemos seems to constantly radiate an aura of savagery about her; cowardly creatures quail in her intimidating presence, and even bolder beings have a hard time standing up to her piercing gaze.

She thrives on combat and bloodshed, and will gleefully throw herself directly into the thick of a fight, where she finds a feral delight in tearing apart foes with her own claws.



Biggest FearsEdit


The fires of war will never be doused!
Polemos the War Incarnate

There is no victory in a bloodless battle.
Polemos the War Incarnate