Pokken Tournament X
Developer(s) Bandai Namco Games, DevGames
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Games, DevGames
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Early 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighter
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokken Tournament
Cost TBA
Pokken Tournament X is a game coming out in early 2017 for Wii U, and is sequel to the Pokken tournament. It is a fighter game that strays away from the typical turn based play style of standard Pokémon games. This game takes all of the previous fighters from the first game, introduces even more Pokémon to the game.


This game takes place in the Neros region, and again combines the the Pokemon universe with the fighting styles of the Tekken series.


Battles retain the two phases from it's predecessor, being Field Phases (on a 3D battlefield), and Duel Phase (on a 2D battlefield), again changing through Phase Changes. A new battle type is introduced, which is the tag battle. These have 2 teams of 2 Pokemon, but takes plus entirely in the Field Phase.



Name Image Description Special Attacks Burst Attck
A very diverse Pokemon, using varying types of moves, and uses a combination of speed and power to overpower it's opponents.

A->A->A: Fire Punch -> Thunderpunch -> Ice Punch

A + Up: Twister

A + Left: Dragon Tail

A + Down: Dragon Pulse

Burst Attack: Outrage

Unleashes a massive blast of dragonfire in all directions.

Carracosta is a slow Pokemon who focuses on having a high defense and can withstand some hard hitting attacks. His attacks are mostly based on Rock and Water attacks.

A + Right: Aqua Pulse

A + Left: Withdraw

A+X: Waterfall

A + Down: Smack Down

Burst Attack: Stone Edge

A line of sharp rocks rise from the ground in a line towards the opponent.

Chesnaught specialises in Grass type attacks, and uses a balanced combination of attack defense to take out foes.

X + Forward: Seed Bomb

Forward -> Forward -> A: Rollout

X: Spiky Shield

Y (Charged): Power Whip

Burst Attack: Frenzy Plant + Hammer Arm: Traps the foe with Frenzy Plant, then comes down on them with Hammer Arm.
Tornadus is a fast evasive Pokemon, specialising in flying type attacks. Occasionally it will return to it's normal forme when using certain special attacks.

A (Charged): Aeriel Ace

A + Left/Right: Whirlwind

A + X: Wing Attack

A + Up -> Down: Sky Drop

Burst Attack: Hurricane

Turns into it's standard form and creates a tornado that causes high damage and pushes foes back.

A tricky Pokemon, Darkrai confuses opponent with it's combination of speed and attacks. This pokemon focuses on Dark attacks.

X: Dark Pulse

A + Up: Shadow Claw

Y: Feint Attack

A -> X -> Y: Ominous Wind

Burst Attack: Dark Void + Nightmare

Sends the foe to sleep, slowly damaging them with it's bad dreams ability, then finishes it's foes with a massive Nightmare attack.

Abomasnow is a brutish Pokemon, focusing on offense. It boasts a combination of ice and grass type attacks.

A + X: Blizzard

X (Charged): Avalanche

Y: Razor Leaf

A + Up: Ice Beam

Burst Mode: Mega Abomasnow + Wood Hammer

Abomasnow Mega Evolves, boosting all of it's attack and defense for a limited time. When time runs out, Abomasnow will use Wood Hammer, a strong attack that strikes the ground, and produces a shockwave of logs.

Tyranitar is a Pokémon that focuses on high power close quarters attacks, utilising a mix of dark and rock type attacks

A -> A -> A + X: Giga Impact

X (Charged): Payback

A + Y: Crunch

A + Y -> A + X: Stone Edge

Burt Mode: Mega Tyranitar + Continental Stone

Tyranitar Mega Evolves, boosting it's attack and defence for a limited time. When time runs out, Tyranitar will use Continental Crush, a powerful attack that hit the majority of the stage, grounding airborne foes.


This Pokemon won a poll of the Sacred Sword Trio.

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This Pokemon won the poll held.

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This Pokemon came second in a poll held.

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Veterans [TBA]

Support Pokemon [TBA]


Stage Name Stage Description
Serox Square A park like arena in the middle of a busy city. This arena has a simple circular design and no stage hazards/gimmicks. Several Trainers and Pokemon can be found surrounding the arena, even watching that matches unfold. These Pokemon include Pidgey, Tailow, Starly, Rattata, Ratticate, Purloin, Gabite, Monferno, Scolipede, Lillipup, Herdier and Stoutland.
Margor Core Magore Core is a rocky arena in the centre of a volcano, with lava surrounding the circular arena. It has a hazard in form of lava geysers that burst out of the ground occasionally. Several Pokemon can be seen watching the battle, including Durant that burrow and crawl accross the walls and ceiling, Torkoal that swim through lava, a Moltres that sits on a peak in the lava, Heatmore, Boldore, Roggenrola, Shelgon, Bagon, Camerup, Numel. Vulpix and Ninetales.
Tes Power Plant [TBA]
Gira Jungle [TBA]
Aeros Airship [TBA]
Mineros Caves [TBA]
Lost Jungle [TBA]
Cosmic Sphere [TBA]
Neros Castle [TBA]

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