A sequel to the original Pokken Torunament.



Type Image Name Description Burst Attack
Standard In Progress Tapu Koko A guardian of Melemele Island. In Progress
Standard In Progress Lopunny A Pokémon featuring quick movement and good foot work. She features both powerful and quick kicks. This only gets faster and stronger in her burst mode, in which she mega evolves. Crush Combo- Lopunny charges forth, delivering a stunning dizzy punch that travels across the stage. If it connects, the opponent gets stunned, and Lopunny delivers quick and painful kicks. After finishing that off, Lopunny kicks the opponent into the air, leaps up, and delivers a painful high jump kick directly onto the opponent.
Speed In Progress Dewott A Pokémon featuring quick foot work and combos with two seashell blades. Precision Strike- After performing sword dance and striking the opponent with a tracking aqua jet, the opponent is kicked into the air, attacked by a few fancy slashes from Dewott, leaving them stuck in the air as he falls down onto the arena. He "sheathes" both shells, then gets ready to draw one of them as the opponent falls down. When they get just in range, Dewott unsheathes a shell at just the right moment to strike them.
Power In Progress Dusknoir A ghostly Pokémon able to take considerable damage and dish out painful attacks. He punches hard, unleashes shadow balls of varying sizes, and can sprinkle devastating status effects around the arena. Pliant Form- After using confuse ray (which is represented as a spiraling stream traveling a third of the way across the arena), the Mouth of his stomach opens up and sucks up the attacked opponent. Within, Dusknoir tries to pry his opponent's soul away, causing them to feel damage. After a few attempts, the opponent's hurled from his opening.
Technical In Progress Plusle and Minun Players control Plusle as the duo enters battle. The two move more like they're in a dance, sparking and striking as they do. Plusle will even throw Minun away to perform a thunderous tackle. Plus and Minus- After coming together and getting supercharged, and after players use the super attack, Plusle tosses Minun forward, tackling on top of the opponent. If he tackles them, he slams multiple thunderbolts upon the opponent before restraining them as Plusle leaps into the air and tackles downward, electrically charged, upon the restrained opponent.
Technical In Progress Zoroark A Pokémon capable of illusion and fast claw strikes. Players can make her seemingly vanish into thin air. She can also slash forth with her claws or leave nasty elemental effects around the arena. In Progress
Power In Progress Bewear A Pokémon known for being massively powerful and very loving. In fact, a lot of his fighting seem more like he's trying to make friends with his opponents rather than actively trying to hurt them. He often flails about as he rushes towards them, he keeps trying to grab opponents in a crushing cuddle. In Progress
Standard In Progress Farfetch'd A Pokémon known for carrying a stick to battle. He tends to fly around, use the stick to attack, and trip over himself (even in midair). A lot of his attacks range from trying to hard to land a hit, to stumbling over himself and accidentally hitting the enemy. Sometimes when the stick hit, it'll do critical damage. In Progress

(More to come)

Legendary Battles

Certain new battles across the story require fighters to battle Pokémon bigger than traditional fighters. These fighters generally require a lot more damage to make them flinch, and usually perform larger and more dangerous attacks. They also, terrifyingly, have a burst bar.

Image Name Description Burst Attack
In Progress Palossand A Pokemon resembling a massive sand castle. They are known for consuming Pokemon and draining their life force, leaving behind their essence to posses a patch of sand and form a sandyghast. Before the battle starts properly, a bunch of sandyghasts converge around it, making it form a massive version of the large sand castle. Once it is this size, it takes more damage to flinch, and can dish out tons of damage with a single hit. After hitting it a bunch, it'll contract, before shooting out a bunch of sandyghasts in a ring formation towards the edges of the arena. When this happens, it'll form a sink hole for the sandyghasts to approach. If they reach it, the Palossand heals a bit. Defeat the sandyghasts to keep the Palossand's health low. In Progress
In Progress Lugia A Pokémon known as the guardian of the sea. It's raining during the battle, so fire attacks won't do as much damage. It's constantly floating over the arena, still within range, though it sometimes flies out of range to send out hydro pumps or gusts. When he gets close, it tends to slap both hand-like wings together over the opponent. In Progress
In Progress Hoopa Unbound A mighty Pokémon sporting over 21 feet. However, everything above his waist is available. He likes to spawn rings around the arena to send his fists out of them. Sometimes these rings spawn different kinds of projectiles. In Progress

(More to come)

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