Pokkén Tournament 2
Developer(s) Bandai Namco Studios
Publisher(s) The Pokémon Company
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting game
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Pokkén Tournament
Pokkén Tournament 2 is the sequel to Pokkén Tournament. It is a fighting game taking place in the universe of Pokémon. It plays more like Tekken than games like Super Smash Bros, through. The game's 16-character cast is upgraded to a whooping 30 characters. The 30rd character has not been chosen yet, and players can make suggestions in the comments of a blog page. The game is more like an expansion pack then a full-fledged sequel, but still introduces several new features such as Arena Hazards.



Battle Phases

The game is split in two battle phases players swap between during battles; the Field Phase and the Duel Phase. Players swap phases whenever a particularily big combo happens, after a strong attack, or after a grab attack. These two modes make the game different from other fighting games.

Field Phase is a 3D phase, meaning you can roam around the arena. The phase focuses mainly on using ranged attacks and dashing attacks to approach foes and use a strong attack to knock them into Duel Phase.

Duel Phase is 2D, unlike the Field Phase, and plays like the traditional fighting game. Most of the real fighting takes place here; the goal is to deal as much damage as possible, unlike Field Phase which focuses more on getting to this phase. Ranged attacks are rather rare here.

Attack Triangle

Pokkén Tournament 2 has an "attack triangle"; Normal Attacks, Grab Attacks and Counter Attacks. These three attack types will beat another attack type if both attacks are used at once, but will be inneffective on another attack type. Normal attacks beat grab attacks, which beat counter attacks, which beat normal attacks, and so on.

Normal Attacks are the most used attacks and can lead into the largest combo. They also tend to do the most damage.

Grab Attacks will always change the current phase. They're also always combo, but you can't change much about the grab attack, so it will often do the same amount of damage once used.

Synergy Burst

Players have a Synergy Bar at the corners of the screen. This bar fills up over time and when it is full, players can activate a "Synergy Burst". This burst changes the appearance of the Pokémon who uses it; often, it's just a small change, but if the Pokémon has a mega-evolution in the main series games, it will take the appearance of said mega-evolution instead. But that's not all that what happens; the Pokémon can deal a lot more damage then usual, and can perform one "Burst Attack" which deals extremely high damage if it hits; it activates a cutscene of sorts showing the burst attack in detail as well.


Pokémon can change "stances" during the Duel Phase. All Pokémon have a High Stance and a Low Stance. These stances can lead into various attacks, and some even have special effects such as blocking certain attacks. Some Pokémon also have more stances, such as Charizard having a Flying Stance.

Arena Hazards

A new feature that wasn't in Pokkén Tournament are arena hazards. Most arenas now have an hazard that can affect or damage the player. These hazards mostly show up in the Field Phase, but sometimes they also appear in the Duel Phase. These hazards can be disabled, through.


Another new feature is the addition of Weather. Now, arenas may have a weather happening in them, for example, hail. These effects aren't only cosmetic, and affect characters and their moves:

  • Drought makes fire-themed attacks stronger and boosts the speed of Grass Pokémon.
  • Rain makes electric-themed attacks stronger and boosts the speed of Water Pokémon.
  • Sandstorm makes Ground and Rock Pokémon faster, and boosts the defense of other Pokémon.
  • Snow makes Ice Pokémon faster, and makes the synergy gauge of all Pokémon fill up faster.

Like Arena Hazards, you can disable these effects. You can choose the weather in a battle yourself if you want, but you can also make it random.

Game Modes

Playable Characters

Character Style Description



Pokkenpower Charizard is a fiery dragon! He can be a very dangerous threat thanks to his good aerial mobility and his powerful fire attacks. However, some of his attacks damage himself. He's rather vulnerable to combos too. If you make sure you don't get in a combo, however, Charizard should give satisfying results! Charizard has a "Flying Stance" which changes his attacks.



Pokkenstandard Pikachu may look cute, but that doesn't means he's a pushover! The mascot of Pokémon shows it's true power here. With rather fast attacks and a dangerous combo-ing ability, Pikachu is certainly a tough threat. However, he has very low health. So don't be too reckless when playing as Pikachu! He's particulary effective if you play as him in a more defensive way.


Pikachu Libre

Pokkenspeed This Pikachu is very popular and has a crowd of fan supporting him wherever she goes. Yes, it's a female, you can tell thanks to it's tail. She is much faster then Pikachu and actually slightly stronger. She is unpredictable and one of the strongest characters if played right. However, she's...very weak in the defensive side, possibly having the worst defenses.



Pokkenpower Machamp has four arms, but even without the additional pair of arms, he would be strong. Like most Power characters, he's rather slow, but deals an amount of damage that cannot be ignored. He's also VERY good from a defensive view; in fact, he actually has highest hit points along with Garchomp! Machamp isn't particulary unique but he's not bad either.

Pokkén Gengar


Pokkentechnique Gengar is a complicated character to play, but once you learn how to play as him, he is a very frustrating foe for enemies. He has rather strong ranged attacks and can easily fool enemies. However, he has low health, so he isn't impossible to beat either. Gengar is quite spooky sometimes, and if you don't know how to deal with him, he will be a very frustrating foe!

Pokken Mewtwo


Pokkenstandard Mewtwo was unlockable in the original Pokken, but now he's a starter character. Mewtwo is a very bulky character who has a lot of hit points. He also deals ridiculous damage. No, seriously. He's not a power character but he deals some of the highest damage anyways. So what's his flaw? His moves consume his synergy gauge, and can't be used if he doesn't haves enough.
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenstandard

This character is not revealen yet.

Hint: Water type.

Ampharos 3D


Pokkenpower Ampharos is a Power character who is kind of slow, but is able to slow down and even stun his foes. He has a low of powerful ranged attacks, but he's rather weak at close range, giving him a pretty big weakness. But if you can keep enemies at a distance, he will be really dangerous! His Synergy Bar charges very slowly, too, but he can accelerate this process with his High Stance.
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenspeed

This character is not revealen yet.

Hint: Evolution of a Gen 1 Pokémon.



Pokkenstandard Suicune may be a four-legged beign, but that doesn't stops him from beign a formidable fighter! While he's actually a Water type, a lot of his attacks are Ice-themed too. He is a rather defensive character, and while some of his attacks are pretty strong, they're rather predictable, and Suicune isn't that fast either althrough he's definitely faster then characters like Ampharos.

Pokken Sceptile


Pokkenspeed Sceptile is a fast character, who has a lot of fast melee attack and who can rack up a lot of combos. It is also able to regenerate it's health quicker then other characters. However, his actual damage output is rather low. Also, his regeneration ability can leave him vulnerable to attacks. Be careful when using this fast character and you should have good success!



Pokkenstandard Blaziken has a fast playstyle. He can rack up dangerous combos, or choose to do a single strong attack. He can deal a lot of damage, and he's rather fast, but he's not that defensive either. Be careful when you attack, because else the enemies might counter with a powerful attack! Make sure to use diverse tactics too, else you might end up beign predictable.



Pokkentechnique Gardevoir is a rather bulky character who can regenerate her HP like Sceptile. Gardevoir's moves are mainly projectiles, making her rather vulnerable to melee attacks. She is often considered better in the Field Phase then in the Duel Phase. So, if she has to enter the Duel Phase, she should try to re-enter the Field Phase as quickly as possible!
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenspeed

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Got a pre-evo.



Pokkentechnique Flygon is a Technique character who deals low damage, but at a steady rate. It is capable of creating sandstorm and can use strong Dragon-type attacks as well. Flygon can also create many combos and has a good aerial game. But she suffers from rather low HP and a rather low damage output overall. While approaching Flygon is hard, once reached, she's vulnerable.

Pokken Garchomp


Pokkenpower Garchomp is a Power type, but unlike most other characters of that type, he isn't actually slow. Some of his moves can be brutal. He has good approach options as well, especially Dig. Garchomp is no pushover defensively either, beign able to do brutal damage with his counter-attack. Not to mention he has the highest hit points out of all the characters along with Machamp!



Pokkenstandard Lucario is a balanced character, which means he's not bad in anything. His issue is that he's not really good either...until he activates Synergy Burst mode. When he activates it, he becomes an absolute monster to fight; you better hope your shield lasts long enough! He has a few ranged moves, but is best at close-range. Do not underestimate Lucario!
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenpower

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Grass type.

Weavile Pokken


Pokkenspeed Weavile is a very fast character who can do very dangerous combos, althrough it's combo-ing ability has been nerfed from the original. While it has ice-themed attack, it's attacks don't involve slowing down the foe as it isn't trying to freeze it. While it may attack very quickly and is good at combos, it has one major flaw; it has a very low damage output overall.



Pokkenstandard Samurott is a Standard character, althrough he has similarities in Power characters in that he is rather slow and can deal high damage. But his slow speed is accounted for by approach options such as Aqua Jet. One might notice he plays a bit similary to Garchomp, but Samurott has less hit points then it, and it's generally more balanced.
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenspeed

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Bug type.

201Unown Question Dream Pokkentechnique

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Dark type.

Pokken Chandelure


Pokkenpower Chandelure is a power character, but it has low health unlike other Power characters. But it's attacks are deadly, and they have good range, making it an hard-to-fight foe! It's very unpredictable; it could use a strong attack one time, and then send you into a combo another time. Chandelure can be frustrating to face, but don't lose because you're too angry!
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenstandard

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Ground type.

Pokken Braixen


Pokkenstandard Braixen acts like a magical that's certainly able to fight! She mainly attacks with projectiles, and is able to change the weather in battles where weather is allowed! She can do pretty high damage with projectiles, but her direct attacks are quite weak. She's also kind of frail, so it's best to attack while beign at a distance from enemies.
201Unown Question Dream Pokkenstandard

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Fairy type.

201Unown Question Dream Pokkenstandard

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Dragon type.

201Unown Question Dream Pokkentechnique

This character is not revealed yet.

Hint: Fairy type.

201Unown Question Dream 201Unown Question Dream This character has not been chosen yet. It will be the character chosen at the end of the ballot for characters.

Pokken Shadow Mewtwo (alt)

Shadow Mewtwo

Pokkentechnique Shadow Mewtwo has the least HP out of all characters, but that doesn't makes him underpowered. He has in fact the strongest attacks, making him a deadly foe if you don't know how to counter him. He played a major role in the story of the prequel, but his role has been diminished to an unlockable character. He can be unlocked by completing the Chroma League.

Assist Characters




  • While Samurott was announced as a Power-type character, he ended up beign a Standard character in the final game.

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