Pokkén Tournament: World Championship
Developer(s) Bandai Namco Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Single player
Local Multiplayer
Online multiplayer
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk
Digital Download

Pokkén Tournament: World Championship is a Pokémon fighting game. Like its predecessor, it is heavily based on the Tekken series of games, and is developed by Bandai Namco Games and published by Nintendo. The game features most of the content of its prequel and builds upon it.


The game returns most features from the previous game, Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U. The player can choose from various modes, such as Solo Battles and Tag Team Battles. A feature that also returns is Burst Mode, which comes with Burst Attacks; a short period in which the Pokémon becomes faster and deals more damage than usual, which ends with a special Burst Attack which deals a large amount of damage once it hits. Players also can create a trainer to represent themselves, which will be standing next to the stage during battles. Support Pokémon also return, but they are not in sets and can not be changed inbetween matches.

The player can also play local or online multiplayer matches. In the former, the player may choose Tag Team Battles or Solo Battles. In online multiplayer, the player can also set up tournaments with friends.

Another feature is that stages can feature gimmicks in addition to the battle. While some stages feature only minor gimmicks, other stages may feature gimmicks that affect a Pokémon or that make parts of the stage take different shapes. Gimmicks can also be turned off for a stage beforehand while selecting a stage.



The game features 42 Pokémon, of which 24 are default, and 18 are unlockable. It features 7 Pokémon per generation.


Pokémon Moves Burst Attack Type
Kanto Pokémon
PTWC Pikachu

X: Quick Attack
Y: Iron Tail
X + Y: Electro Ball
B + Y: Thunderbolt

Volt Tackle Speed
PTWC Charizard

X: Fire Punch
Y: Seismic Toss
X + Y: Flamethrower
B + Y: Flare Blitz

Fire Blast Power
PTWC Machamp

X: Brick Break
Y: Cross Chop
X + Y: Submission
B + Y: Beat Up

Close Combat Power
PTWC Gengar

X: Shadow Punch
Y: Shadow Ball
X + Y: Hypnosis
B + Y: Dark Pulse

Nightmare Speed
Johto Pokémon
PTWC Scizor

X: Bullet Punch
Y: X-Scissor
X + Y: Slash
B + Y: Flash Cannon

Iron Head Technique
PTWC Ampharos

X: Thunder Punch
Y: Signal Beam
X + Y: Dragon Pulse
B + Y: Power Gem

Zap Cannon Technique
PTWC Hitmontop

X: Rapid Spin
Y: Low Sweep
X + Y: Rolling Kick
B + Y: Retaliate

Triple Kick Speed
PTWC Tyranitar

X: Payback
Y: Crunch
X + Y: Thrash
B + Y: Rock Slide

Earthquake Power
Hoenn Pokémon
PTWC Sceptile

X: Fury Cutter
Y: Energy Ball
X + Y: Leaf Blade
B + Y: Giga Drain

Leaf Storm Technique
PTWC Blaziken

X: Sky Uppercut
Y: Blaze Kick
X + Y: Double Kick
B + Y: High Jump Kick

Brave Bird Speed
PTWC Gardevoir

X: Future Sight
Y: Magical Leaf
X + Y: Psyshock
B + Y: Psychic

Moonblast Technique
PTWC Absol

X: Bite
Y: Psycho Cut
X + Y: Sucker Punch
B + Y: Night Slash

Perish Song Speed
Sinnoh Pokémon
PTWC Lucario

X: Force Palm
Y: Aura Sphere
X + Y: Bone Rush
B + Y: Jump Kick

Extreme Speed Technique
PTWC Lopunny

X: Quick Attack
Y: Dizzy Punch
X + Y: Jump Kick
B + Y: High Jump Kick

Bounce Speed
PTWC Garchomp

X: Sand Tomp
Y: Take Down
X + Y: Dragon Claw
B + Y: Dragon Rush

Draco Meteor Power
PTWC Weavile

X: Fury Swipes
Y: Fake Out
X + Y: Knock Off
B + Y: Night Slash

Punishment Speed
Unova Pokémon
PTWC Mienshao

X: Power-Up Punch
Y: Aura Sphere
X + Y: U-turn
B + Y: Bounce

Focus Blast Technique
PTWC Chandelure

X: Hex
Y: Fire Burst
X + Y: Shadow Ball
B + Y: Fire Spin

Inferno Technique
PTWC Bisharp

X: Assurance
Y: Metal Claw
X + Y: Feint Attack
B + Y: Iron Head

Guillotine Power
PTWC Zoroark

X: Fury Swipes
Y: Take Down
X + Y: Snarl
B + Y: Foul Play

Night Daze Speed
Kalos Pokémon
PTWC Greninja

X: Shadow Sneak
Y: Water Shuriken
X + Y: Water Pulse
B + Y: Extrasensory

Hydro Pump Speed
PTWC Braixen

X: Ember
Y: Psybeam
X + Y: Will-O-Wisp
B + Y: Flamethrower

Solar Beam Technique
PTWC Hawlucha

X: Karate Chop
Y: Wing Attack
X + Y: Aerial Ace
B + Y: Sky Attack

Flying Press Speed
PTWC Pangoro

X: Arm Thrust
Y: Comet Punch
X + Y: Body Slam
B + Y: Circle Throw

Hammer Arm Power

Unlockable Characters

Pokémon Moves Burst Attack Type
Kanto Pokémon
PTWC Mewtwo

X: Shadow Ball
Y: Aura Sphere
X + Y: Psychic
B + Y: Psyshock

Psystrike Power
PTWC Raichu

X: Knock Off
Y: Signal Beam
X + Y: Thunder
B + Y: Discharge

Wild Charge Speed
PTWC Vileplume

X: Nature Power
Y: Sludge Bomb
X + Y: Giga Drain
B + Y: Venoshock

Petal Blizzard Technique
Johto Pokémon
PTWC Suicune

X: Mirror Coat
Y: Aurora Beam
X + Y: Hydro Pump
B + Y: Blizzard

Sheer Cold Technique
PTWC Sudowoodo

X: Flail
Y: Rock Throw
X + Y: Rock Tomb
B + Y: Stone Edge

Wood Hammer Technique
PTWC Politoed

X: Body Slam
Y: Mud Bomb
X + Y: Waterfall
B + Y: Bubble Beam

Dive Technique
Hoenn Pokémon
PTWC Deoxys

X: Zen Headbutt
Y: Swift
X + Y: Psychic
B + Y: Hyper Beam

Psycho Boost Power
PTWC Swampert

X: Aqua Tail
Y: Rock Smash
X + Y: Superpower
B + Y: Earth Power

Hydro Cannon Power
PTWC Sableye

X: Shadow Claw
Y: Shadow Ball
X + Y: Foul Play
B + Y: Power Gem

Thief Speed
Sinnoh Pokémon
PTWC Ambipom

X: Fury Swipes
Y: Swift
X + Y: Double Hit
B + Y: Strength

Last Resort Speed
PTWC Rotom

X: Shock Wave
Y: Charge Beam
X + Y: Volt Switch
B + Y: Shadow Ball

Posess Technique
PTWC Porygon-Z

X: Uproar
Y: Ice Beam
X + Y: Psybeam
B + Y: Zap Cannon

Tri Attack Technique
Unova Pokémon
PTWC Whimsicott

X: Fairy Wind
Y: Gust
X + Y: Seed Bomb
B + Y: Dazzling Gleam

Hurricane Speed
PTWC Krookodile

X: Bite
Y: Smack Down
X + Y: Dig
B + Y: Sand Tomb

Crunch Power
PTWC Leavanny

X: Bug Bite
Y: Razor Leaf
X + Y: Leaf Blade
B + Y: X-Scissor

Leaf Storm Technique
Kalos Pokémon
PTWC Aegislash

X: Aerial Ace
Y: Shadow Ball
X + Y: Head Smash
B + Y: Iron Head

Sacred Sword Power
PTWC Heliolisk

X: Quick Attack
Y: Thunderbolt
X + Y: Thunder Punch
B + Y: Razor Wind

Parabolic Charge Speed
PTWC Tyrantrum

X: Dragon Claw
Y: Crunch
X + Y: Dragon Tail
B + Y: Head Smash

Ancient Power Power

Support Pokémon

  • Abomasnow
  • Aromatisse
  • Chespin
  • Clawitzer
  • Drifblim
  • Electrode
  • Emolga
  • Fennekin
  • Frogadier
  • Heracross
  • Honchkrow
  • Lapras
  • Litleo
  • Magikarp
  • Maractus
  • Mismagius
  • Ninetales
  • Pachirisu
  • Pineco
  • Pinsir
  • Snivy
  • Snorlax
  • Sylveon
  • Teddiursa