Pokey Minch/Porky Minch
Availability: Starter
Universe: Earthbound/Mother
Final Smash: All Mighty Idiot

Characterisics and Gameplay





(This is the first trailer) The Trailer starts out looking at a metor on a hill out a window in the Minch household. Pokey looks out the window and the looks beside him. We see an outline of his brother Picky, but he's not their. Pokey starts panicing utill he sees a picture of him standing on Ness holding his wallet. Then a lightbulb gose over his head and he leaves his house. But Pokey sees an odd letter with the Smash symbol on it, he opens it and deviously smiles. The screen lights on flames as it shows all the anounced veterans  aside their series emblemed one at the time, Then fades to Battlefeild were Mario is haveing a showdown with Link. It shows some of Mario and Links moves. And Mario knocks Link down and is about to finish him when suddenly an odd silhouette of Pokey's spider mech from Earthbound apears. Then Splash art apears and Pokey is stick out his tounge as it says "Pokey Backstabs" It then shows him knocking them both off the stage. The trailer cuts to gameplay footage, it then shows Pokey attacking Pit and Samus with one of his spider legs in Clock Town, realising a green gass out of two hole on Kirby causeing him to get dizzy in the Sprixie Kingdom. Pokey is now making a sheild with two of the legs blocking Pikachu at Jungle Japes. Finally it shows Zero Suit Samus, Lucas and Mario all about to attack Pokey at Giygas's Lair when suddenly Pokey breks a shash ball and summons Giygas to destroy all the other fighters]], while he lagths and hides in his Absolutely Safe Capsule. It then cuts to Mario, Link, and Kirby all walking together while Kirby holds a white flag. Then the word Super Smash Bros. Scrum apear and fade away. Then Pokey apears with two of the robot legs up holding a ball of electrisity, he says "Spankety spankety spankety" and throws the ball at the screan ending the trailer.


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