When winning a tournament, you get tokens for your success, which allows you to buy designs to make a full set, which in turn has the Inventory set to a certain theme based on the franchise one of the characters are from.


The following tables are available for the game. Also like the first game, some provide a cosmetic bonus effect, marked with parenthesis with the particular effect.

  • The Inventory (default)
  • G.U.N Symbol (James Bond tux for Shadow, cost 20 tokens)
  • Shenron and Dragon Balls (changes Goku into his father, Bardock, cost 30 tokens)
  • Max and Crossbones (changes Sam and Max into Sameth and Maximus, cost 40 tokens)
  • Cooper Clan Symbol (for every tournament, Sly changes into a different disguise, cost 50 tokens )
  • Litwak's Arcade Logo (Ralph's Hero's Duty armor and Vanellope's princess dress, cost 60 tokens)
  • Death Star (Mickey Ears and Wookie suit for Han Solo, cost 70 tokens)
  • Telltale Shield (all effects, cost 80 tokens)


A new design for decks can be bought with tokens. The following can be used in the game.

  • The Inventory (default)
  • Sonic and Friends (15 tokens)
  • Z Fighters (25 tokens)
  • Sam and Max (35 tokens)
  • Cooper Gang (45 tokens)
  • Litwak's Arcade games (55 tokens)
  • Rebel Empire (65 tokens)


There are different chip designs won every four games unlike decks and tables.

The following chip designs can be unlocked for Poker Night 3.

  • The Inventory (default)
  • Chaos Emeralds and Rings (12 tokens)
  • Dragon Balls (18 tokens)
  • Sam and Max (24 tokens)
  • Thieves in Time (30 tokens)
  • Nicelanders (36 tokens)
  • Star Wars (42 tokens)

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