Pokepark 3: saving diglett

Playable characters

Pikachu- the protagonist, embarks on a new journey with Florges to save diglett.

Florges- the duertagonist, journeys with pikachu to save diglett

Mightyena- only playable in the cave levels

Kirlia- only playable in a side quest

Delcatty- only playable in city levels

Jirachi- only playable in subconscious levels. (Powers do not work in these levels or in the game because of zoroark's black magic

Non-playable characters

Murkrow- Appears in the tutorial and teaches the player the controls

Gothorita- Appears in a city level

Purrloin- A mini boss in a cave level

Zoroark- The main antagonist and the final boss

Pichu- appears in a cave level side quest.

Oshawatt- the comic relief.

Crobat- another mini boss in a cave level, locks Jirachi in stone.

Diglett- the damsel in distress, rare energy was given by arceus


Pikachu and Florges embark on a new journey to save a diglett that has a rare energy before a Zoroark does.

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