Pokemon eXpress Yourself is Pianoteen's version of the upcoming X & Y anime. It involves three main protagonists: Louis, Serena and Brock.
Pokemon eXpress Yourself

The Artwork for the season.


After traveling from Johto to Kanto, Kanto to Hoenn, Hoenn to Sinnoh, Sinnoh to Unova and back to Johto, Louis is traveling to Kalos! He will first be heading to Vanville Town to meet the Pokemon Professor.

Also, a girl from Vanville Town wants to start her journey, but is shy and nervous to seperate from her family. She is told to be careful and she tells her mother to stay at her house for one more night.

Meanwhile, while Louis is on the plane to Kalos, he meets his old friend, Brock, who was also traveling to Kalos to see the new pokemon and help them. When the plane arrives, Brock was going to stay at a hotel with Louis until the girl who wanted to start her journey came up to him. She was introduced as Serena. Serena invited him to stay overnight and tell him about tomorrow.


  • Pokemon eXpress Yourself
  • Pokemon eXpress Yourself Infinite
  • Pokemon eX[ress Yourself: Beyond Belief



  • Louis Robinson
  • Serena Berlitz
  • Brock Stones

Majorly Recurring

  • Dawn Clareton
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Lyra Robinson
  • Corhey Sketchit
  • Gary Oak
  • Professor Scyamore

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