Plot (starting plot)

A bunch of pokemon are signing up for a racing tournament. "Settle down, everyone! Said slowpoke " Especially you... (You choose which of the pokemon you want to play as) " especially you (pokemon you chose)!" The pokemon settle down and listen to slowpoke speak. " I know everyone wants the 1,000,000 poke, but the race has not started yet. Wait till tomorrow when the race starts! Right now, go and practice. You go to your practice track and you hear someone say'"hey!" You turn around and see someone familer "oh!" You say. "Hey..." (You choose your best friend) "I see you are practicing for the race. So am I. You wanna race? You accept and your race with your best friend is the story mode tutorial.


Grand Prix- race against the other 23 pokemon in a 6-way race tournament Single race- play 1 race Player's Grand Prix- make your own Grand Prix with custom rules Track maker- make your own tracks Track maker tracks- race on your own track Multiplayer- feeling lonely? Have more friends join the fun Items- use items on pokemon to make them have a kind of boost lasting for 1 race Slowpoke's tournament- race against every pokemon in every track in this story Stats- look at your Pokemon's stats for racing

Pokemon and stats

In the last game , you can only play as pikachu but now you can play as other pokemon,too Ps this is not finished

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