The game features various 8-bit soundtracks and other types of music influenced by world cultures. Music will now stop when leaving a building but resume from where it was stopped when you go outside again. The soundtrack also features various secret soundtracks which happen in the Secret Locations. The music is made by Yasutaka Nakata (Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) with 8bit styles added and Miku Hatsune. The game featured an 8-Bit remix of the song Kisekae, used in the New 3DS advert with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, an 8-Bit Remix of Girls Generation's Gee, a remix of the Cardigan's Lovefool and an 8-bit version of I am the Best by 2NE1.

Places with corresponding music

  • Route 1 (Cherry Pass) 1pxe/DpuLDz-d1Kc0
  • Route 2 (Ageon Road)1pxe/kwOqV0juqU00
  • Route 3 (Beau Lane) 1pxe/kRnbFoq4pcI0
  • Route 4 (River Boardwalk)1pxe/k_xVgMTzxe00
  • Route 5 (Fashion Walk) 1pxe/SB5d9EhgMaw0
  • Route 6 (Koi Pond Trail) 1pxe/EFMllrhXBdo0
  • Route 7 (Little Bourke Street) 1pxe/ahPmowVihLI0
  • Route 8 (Orange Point) 1pxe/Ean67JH58NI0
  • Route 9 (Style Avenue) 1pxe/mCLFmspLqNU&t=590
  • Route 10 (Tower Parkway) 1pxe/fSwyPApoPAY0
  • Route 11 (Berkshire Forest) 1pxe/soI8I0x878Q&t=590
  • Route 12 (City Connector) 1pxe/ntqiW2nzIFg0
  • Route 13 (City Riverview) 1pxe/ntqiW2nzIFg0
  • Route 14 (Temple Thoroughfare) 1pxe/1wOG31Ba6hw0
  • Route 15 (Mountain Road) 1pxe/4lZykZJnFgI0
  • Route 16 (Inco Route) 1pxe/h6TEegqXqXc0
  • Route 17 (Mocci Cave Road) 1pxe/YZQBtT40VUc0
  • Route 18 (Jungle Grove) 1pxe/wqPAAwR_32M0
  • Route 19 (Serenity Key)1pxe/F5gbqFLOe4o0
  • Route 20 (Valley of the Graves)1pxe/KoHEBJnJsT80
  • Route 21 (Infinity Forest)1pxe/ADJ8QYvql1A0
  • Route 22 (Casso Way)1pxe/fMFDGlXQ2Ws0
  • Route 23 (Sapphire Water Route)1pxe/V5V5K4p1tek0
  • Route 24 (Bava Boulevard) 
  • Route 25 (Legends Road)1pxe/zuw8p_3lXR40
  • Route 26 (Victory Road)1pxe/k3ZWDa4Q5Zc0
  • Route 27 (Champion's Forest Grove)
  • Route 28 (Ice Park)
  • Route 29 (Coracio River Trail)
  • Route 30 (Return Way)
  • Route 31 (Ghost Walk)
  • Route 32 (Latio Trail)

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