Battle Themes


Vs. Wild Pokemon (A New Catch)

Vs. Trainer (Trainer vs. Trainer)

Vs. Ampardo Gym Leader (Eight Challengers)

Vs. New Team Flare Grunt (A Blazing Return)

Vs. New Team Flare Admin (Blazing with Rage)

Vs. Yomino (Distance)

Vs. New Team Flare Yomino (A Withered Flower)

Vs. New Team Flare Boss (Fuel to the Fire)

Vs. Ampardo Elite Four (So Close, So Far)

Vs. Champion AZ (3000 Years)


Vs. Kalos Wild Pokemon (Return to Kalos)

Vs. Kalos Wanderers (Old Friends)

Vs. Kalos Gym Leader (Charge Forward!)

Vs. Team Flare Follower (Never-Ending Flares)

Vs. Team Flare Lysandre (Ressurection)

Vs. Team Flare Boss Lysandre (Battle to the End)

Vs. Kalos Elite Four (Final Test)

Vs. Kalos Champion (Mirrors)


Gym Leaders

Vs. Kanto Gym Leader (The Original 8)

Vs. Johto Gym Leader (The Next Challengers)

Vs. Hoenn Gym Leaders (Faraway Land)

Vs. Sinnoh Gym Leader (A Place of Legend)

Vs. Unova Gym Leader (Collection of Leaders)


Vs. Former Kanto Champion Blue (The End of the Beginning)

Vs. Johto Champion Lance (Dragon Master)

Vs. Former Hoenn Champion Steven (Collecter of Stones)

Vs. Hoenn Champion Wallace (Second Challenger)

Vs. Sinnoh Champion Cynthia (Divergent)

Vs. Former Unova Champion Alder (Aging Hero)

Vs. Unova Champion Iris (Power of Youth)

Vs. Former Kalos Champion Diantha (Beauty's Power)

Legendary Pokemon

Vs. Zygarde (Gateway)

Vs. Xerneas/Yveltal (Beings of Legend)

Vs. Kalos Legendary (Scattered Power)

Vs. Mewtwo (Infinite Power)

Vs. Genesect (Armed and Dangerous)

Vs. Entei/Raikou/Suicune (Legendary Pack)

Vs. Darkrai (Worst Nightmares)

Vs. Celebi (Distortion of Time)

Vs. Dialga/Palkia (Dimensional Guardians)

Vs. Giratina (A Parallel Being)

Vs. Mewthree (The True Ultimate Being!)

Vs. Mega Mewthree (Mega Evolution Activate!)

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