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Name Description
Xerneas The deer that was described in legends of giving life. Legends describe Xerneas sees in X-rays. Some say Xerneas is responsible for starting the bond between humans and Pokemon.
Yveltal The wyvern that was described in legends of ending millions of lives. This blind bird sees the spirits of the living. The historians of Kalos believe Yveltal started a hundred-year war between Kalos and Ampardo.
Zygarde Zygarde once was captured by the ancient king of Kalos 3,000 years ago, being used to end a great war. It lives deep underground. Zygarde was the one who created nearly all the Mega Stones.


The Ancient King

3,000 years ago, there was a king who ruled over Kalos. One day in his childhood, the man, still a young prince, was called to the hospital with his father. There, his brother was born. However, the king's mother died in the hospital, giving the young boy a wooden box. The boy opened the box to find a Flabebe, who immedietly bonded with the prince. The two spend years together as the best of friends. Eventually, the king found the love of his life, and put Flabebe away. The prince married his love, becoming the new kind of Kalos. He ruled over his people with a kind heart, encouraging the bond between people and Pokemon. He ruled with his box on his throne.

One day however, a giant bird Pokemon caused destruction in Ampardo, which the duke of that region thought the Kalos king was responsible for. He attacked Kalos with a giant army of Pokemon. The king was disgusted by his treatage of his friends, but was forced to do the same. To make matters worse, his queen died shortly after in the war. One day, the royal guards took Flabebe, now a Floette, away from the king. The king was deeply saddened and worried for his childhood friend. A month later, he was given the box again. The king was enlightened until he opened the box.

The king was devastated by his recent losses. He began work on an expiermental machine to bring his friend back from the dead, all the while when the war was going on. When it was near completion, he realized he needed a source of energy greater than the resorces he had. He needed the life force of living creatures. Having no choice, the king took many of the Pokemon away from the citizens of Kalos, placing them in his grand machine. But he still needed another source of energy. He read a myth about Zygarde, a legendary and extremely powerful Pokemon, and captured it, placing it in the machine as well. He succeeded in saving Floette.

Zygarde was the sole survivor of the experiment and rampaged through Kalos, eventually escaping. Floette was curious about the king and realized he used the lives of her friends to bring her back. She was disappointed in her friend; she wanted to know what caused him to do this. But she only sensed anger in the king. He modified the machine himself and used the backup energy from Zygarde and the Pokemon to create a sphere of destruction. Desperation took over him, and he launched the energy onto Ampardo, killing the king, ending the war. Floette, finally having enough, left the king in his castle. There was where the king realized his mistakes. There was where the king started to roam. There was where his heart sank.

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