Name Date


Ye ol' Temple 1/29/11 A new area added. Located in a secluded area of Puzzle Plains, Ye ol' Temple has many decieving traps, Poison Pokémon and puzzles.
Sinnoh Bug Fixes 2/14/11 Bug fixes
YOT bug fixes 3/1/11 Bug fixes
YOT Treasure 3/8/11 New treasure added to Ye Ol' Temple, plus more traps.
Celebi Boss 4/10/11 Celebi crowned boss of Puzzle Plains; battle also required to enter YOT, as she has a part of the Cosmic Key. The other two pieces are held by the Starter Type bosses.
YOT secret enterance 5/3/11 A secret enterance filled with Pokémon to and from Ye Ol' Temple and Darkness Caverns is added. Like YOT, it is filled with puzzles.
Dragon Heights 8/2/11 A new area called Dragon Heights is added, next to the Glacier. Dragon, Ground and Rock types are common here, and a fall will land you near Sparky Cove.

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