All of the Pokemon in the Marooned Forest lived in peace inside their swamp. They did not need to venture outside of their world. And all was fine. Except for one thing...
A group of mischievous friends had gone to visit their friend Bellsprout's new restaurant, in which a mysterious substance from outside of their home called "pizza" was served.
Blaziken: Well maybe if you weren't so quick to eat otherworldly food we wouldn't be in this predicament. How about you pay for it yourself? It's not like we don't have the money.
The currency in the forest was pinecones, which had been harvested off the trees a long time ago and never grew back, except for one special tree which made more money in case a pinecone was burned or destroyed.
Poliwhirl: What the... hey' c'mere, you!
As Poliwhirl lunged at Blaziken he jumped into the air, landing on Poliwhirl's burly back.
Blaziken: A true warrior attacks when attacked. Of course, a mental attacks different. Not that you have a mind to register them with.
Poliwhirl: Wha- HEY!
Sandslash: Heh.
Bulbasaur: Dude, nice! But, uh, what if Poliwhirl exacts his revenge?
Poliwhirl: You bet I'll exact my verenge! Regevne! Whatever!
Blaziken: His memory capability isn't good enough to know once he manages to get up!
These kids didn't know of the adventures that awaited them in the future. All they focused on was the single day in the present...
Narrator: (now shown to be an actual person rather than just a narrator) And that will be a costly mistake! Bwa hahahahahaa!

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