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Pokemon Ultra Star is an upcoming Free Downloadable Update Game for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. It requires Pokemon C and a copy of Pokemon SunPokemon MoonPokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon to be downloaded. The game acts as a major update and overhaul to Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon fixing many of the issues that plagued the games and is also one of seven games referred to as the C-Download Games being updated to previous generations that require the game, Pokemon C to play.


Gameplay is relatively unchanged from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in terms of controls, the player is able to move about freely using the Analog Stick and can explore the overworld through use of walking and running as well as through overworld mechanics such as Ride Pokemon. The player interacts with NPCs and infoboxes by pressing A and can cancel out of dialogue immediately by pressing B except in circumstances such as cutscenes and trainer dialogue.

The main mechanic of battling is retained between this game and its predecessors although has been optimized through usage of a common engine that's used between all C-Download Games, as such the game runs much smoother in battles than it did in the originals in addition battle formats that had been dropped in the 7th Generation return here including Triple and Rotation Battles.

Battle Sub-Menu

The player can perform actions through the sub-menu during battle under either the categories of; BattleItemsPokemon or Run. With each option having applicable selections much like in the original.

A change made in the battle sub-menu is that the game returns to the central battle button layout from previous games with Items located to the left, Pokemon to the right and Run at the bottom which changes to a selectable back button when the player has selected one of the other menus. Items have also receive a change with the Y button in Items allowing the player to use any of the five most recent items they've used in battle, this is also no longer restricted to Pokeballs so players can use items like Battle Items and Healing Items more easily.

Another change made to the battle screen is that when the player is in the Pokemon sub-menu they will have touch buttons for Switch and Summary while hovering over a Pokemon allowing the player to swap or check a Pokemon quickly instead of pressing A and then selecting from there. The last change made to the Battle Sub-Menu is that through the Options Menu the player will have the option to de-activate the Effectiveness Ratings noted on the Move Select screen allowing players to figure out which move is the most effective from their own memory.


The player once again has access to a Menu Screen via the Touch Screen in Pokemon Ultra Star, this menu has been altered from the original in USUM to be more accessible and easy for players to access without needing to flip through panels. The main change is that like the Save button the player will now have permanent slots for the Pokemon and Options Menus which are located in the Top-Left and Top-Right of the lower screen for convenience, the other menus have also been steamlined.

The Pokedex remains as its own selectable button as does the Bag, the player will find that the Festival Plaza, Pokemon Pelago, Pokemon Refresh and Photo Album are now located under the button Side Features which allows the player to easily access all four functions from a single screen and can now freely jump between each of them by pressing the L and R buttons together. The Trainer Passport also retains its own button like the Pokedex and Bag. Lastly, the QR ScannerBattle Videos and Quick Link are now located under a separate button called Online with the player able to access each of them separately from that sub-menu. The layout was done this way to ensure every option in the menu fitted onto a single screen and that more important options like the Pokemon, Options and Bag weren't competing for screen space with less important options like the Side Features and Online Features.


The player receives a Rotom fairly on in the game which becomes attached to the Pokedex allowing the player to receive more information about the Pokemon in an area. This character was heavily altered in Pokemon Ultra Star mainly due to issues with the mechanics of its dialogue interactions, the player now has the option to de-activate Rotom's speech dialogue entirely from the Options Menu or have it limited to only noting critical information.

In addition Rotom's relationship with the Pokedex has been made more dynamic with him providing more information to the player through the lower screen about the Pokemon of a particular area and also registering basic information about Pokemon that the player passes by without the player needing to interact with said Pokemon. The Rotomdex feature of the lower screen will display the Pokemon located on the particular Route with the letters; C, U, R & VR next to their names referring to the rarity of that Pokemon on the Route. Rotom will also note Pokemon that only appear through unconventional means such as Weather, alternate Times of day, SOS Calls only & Horde Battles.

The player can also check the Rotomdex through the Menu select to find out more information about the various Pokemon the player has encountered. The player can find out more information in this Rotomdex than the previous one even for Pokemon the player hasn't captured, the player will receive some basic information about a Pokemon before capturing it known as the Observational Dex Entry and then can receive more information after capturing said Pokemon through the Researched Dex Entry, the player will also find that they can find the number of times the player has encountered a Pokemon of a particular species as well as what Pokemon they've defeated the most of that species with.

The Rotomdex will also provide hints to the player for Pokemon they haven't found yet in any capacity by giving a hint, these hints will usually come in two formats, either a hint of where to find the Pokemon or a hint of how to evolve that Pokemon, the latter obviously referring to evolutions of other Pokemon that the player has seen.


  • For Pikachu - "I heard there's a valley in Akala Island full of this Pokemon, supposedly they also appear in SOS Battles on Route 1"
  • For Raichu - "I think you need a stone that matches a Pikachu's electric personality to get this Pokemon"

The player can also receive information beyond what has been presented in games up to this point including the Gender Ratio of a Pokemon. The player can also use a feature through the Rotomdex called Attention Cry, by selecting a Pokemon the player has seen they are able to have the Rotomdex reproduce its Cry causing that Pokemon to be more likely to appear in the next wild encounter if it's available in the location the player's in, this doesn't work underwater however so the player cannot use this for every Pokemon. Another feature the Rotomdex provides is what's known as the Eggdex.


The Eggdex is a Dex the player will unlock after they've visited the Pokemon Nursery near Paniola Town on Akala Island, the Eggdex is an upgrade to the Rotomdex that allows the Pokemon to compare the compatability of two Pokemon to see if they'll produce an offspring, the player must select which Pokemon is the father and which is the mother, this will also inform the player of any egg moves the father Pokemon can pass onto the Baby Pokemon as a result.

Ride Pokemon

Due to the poor implementation of the Ride Pokemon in the 7th Generation they were revamped and repurposed in Pokemon Ultra Star to be more functional and integral to the puzzle solving in the game. The number of Ride Pokemon was cut down from seven to four. The four Ride Pokemon in the game are; TaurosCharizardMantine and Machamp. Each of these Pokemon have expanded functionality with new features to their mechanics.


Tauros receive the most significant overhaul of the four giving the player more control while riding the Pokemon with smoother turning allowing for the player's navigation of the Routes to be easier with this Pokemon. In addition Tauros' ability to break boulders was retained and now expanded allowing Tauros' immense strength to be represented by its ability to break through weakened walls and also knock over various objects through its charging ability. The main new ability Tauros got was its ability of a Charge Push which allowed the player to push heavy objects around although the object would continue moving until it hit a wall. Tauros' high speed was also put to use in these games with it being the primary way to get over unstable ground which would crumble under the player's feet if they tried running across it, allowing Tauros to function similarily to how the Mach Bike does in Hoenn.


The least changed of the four, Charizard retains its function as the flight provider of the Ride Pokemon although now has the added functionality of working more like soaring did in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The player is able to ride on Charizard across the Alola Region's seas and can actually explore new locations specific to this game only through Charizard's flying capabilities. Like soaring in ORAS the player can run into a variety of wild Pokemon through this method although in addition to this there are now also Horde Battles that can occur while soaring and also other trainers that reside in the skies above Alola that alternate each day allowing the player to have trainers to battle high above Alola.


The successor to Lapras and Sharpedo, Mantine combines the functionality of both Pokemon into a single Pokemon allowing the player to glide across the water at high speeds and instead of smashing through blockades Mantine will actually glide over them using Bounce, the player will also find that Mantine has the added functionality of incorporating what in previous games was the HM, Dive, into its abilities allowing the player to explore the underwater world of the Alola Region, this allows the player to find hidden underwater caverns which like the islands in Charizard's Soaring ability are exclusive to this game as the mechanic did not exist in USUM. In addition Mantine through its underwater movements will unsettle sand allowing the player to find a variety of items hidden beneath the sand of the ocean.


Received much earlier in this game, Machamp combines its previous functionality of being the equivalent of Strength with a more expanded arsenal allowing it to not only pushing heavy objects but also pull tough objects like tree roots and powerful magnets as well as certain blocks. The player will also find that Machamp has incorporated into its moveset what was the HM, Rock Climb, in previous games allowing Machamp to scale the ledges the player jumps over earlier in the game allowing the player to bypass the limitations these locations usually provide and also allows the player to find new locations that like Charizard and Mantine before it weren't available before due to the lack of the mechanic.

Machamp is unique among the four Ride Pokemon as it's the only one which gains abilities as the player progresses through the game, there are three optional upgrades for Machamp that the player will need to find if they want to fully explore Alola these are the three elemental punches; Fire Punch, Thunderpunch and Ice Punch. Unlike teaching it these moves via standard Move Tutors the player must search for three experienced Ride Experts who will teach the player's Machamp these abilities allowing it to use the elemental punches for solving various puzzles in the overworld.

Pokemon Pelago

Though only receiving minor updates, Pokemon Pelago has had some added features to its existing locations as well as some new locations that the player can develop in Ultra Star, unlike in the original the player can actually physically visit the Pelago islands and explore them finding unique Pokemon that are very rare elsewhere in Alola. The player will find there are now seven islands as well as Mohn's sea-faring ship, as the player develops the islands they'll actually be able to talk to specialists who decide to stay at the islands, the seven specialists will each allow the player a boost in some regard for that particular island helping with either the island's functionality or giving the island a bonus feature for 24 hours.

Isle Abeens

Functioning much like it did in the original with it being the main source for the player to collect Pokebeans as well as being a way to recruit some rare and sometimes unique Pokemon the island has been streamlined such that the berries now fall in five large piles instead of spread out across the island, making it easier for the player to quickly collect berries as well as indicating how many berries the player will receive based on the pile's size. The player will also find that the player's Pokemon and visiting Pokemon now appear in two separate areas on this island with the player's Pokemon always residing on the South-half of the island while visiting Pokemon reside on the north half.

The visiting Pokemon also have changed mechanics from the original with how to have them recruited into the player's team. Unlike in the originals where it was simply random chance the player can now heavily influence or outright guarantee getting said Pokemon through two methods. The first is by being friendly towards the visiting Pokemon by accessing Pokemon Refresh to pet it as well as feed it Pokebeans, giving it the right sort of Pokebeans (dependant on its Nature and Tastes) will cause its probability to go up with giving it the correct bean and petting it enough giving the player a 95% chance of getting the Pokemon. The other option is for the player to physically go to the island and capture the Pokemon through a standard battle, however it should be noted that Pokemon when battled through this method are fought similar to Totem Pokemon such that they will receive a random stat boost and will call on other Pokemon to aid them.

Isle Aplenny

The Island where the player can grow various berries has remained mostly the same with the player able to now grow up to 24 Berry Trees instead of the previous 18, the player will find that like Honey in Generation IV Pokemon may sometimes be feeding on the berries on the island when the player goes to the island physically, these Pokemon include the Pokemon from the Honey Trees in Generation IV as well as several additional Pokemon, they can be battled and caught if the player wants to catch them or simply defeated for exp. The Pokemon attracted will depend on the berry, since berries are divided by which island they're found on the Pokemon are also dependant on these same four groups. There is also a fifth group of Pokemon for berries that aren't found on any of the four Alolan Islands.

The player will also find that the Bean Box for this isle is no longer present with the player instead choosing what sort of fertilizer to choose, different fertilizers have different properties with there being four to choose from;

  • Rapid Fertilizer - Promotes the growth of Berry Trees reducing their growth time by 25%
  • Bountiful Fertilizer - Promotes the production of Berries on Berry Trees increasing their yield by 25%
  • Specialized Fertilizer - Works best when more Berry Trees are of the same type, improves yield and reduces growth time by up to 50% based on the number of trees that are of the same berry type (for that berry type)
  • Wild Fertilizer - Has strange properties that give a Berry Tree at 50% chance of producing a different type of berry in addition to its regular yield

Isle Aphun

The Isle Aphun has received a major overhaul in this game acting much like its original counterpart but now also incorporating a button-timing mini-game for players who want to receive more treasures as a reward for playing. The Isle Aphun now allows the player to conduct three separate expeditions simultaneously and under four different parameters; Shard HuntingFossil MissionDigging for Gold & Rarities Spelunking. The mini-game that's been added allows the player to have their Pokemon mine out tunnels as they travel deeper into the cave system, the player must time their button presses as the circle around the button that needs to be pressed shrinks. If the player performs well then they'll find a rare item while performing poorly will yield a more common item.

Isle Evelup

Functioning as it did in the original the Isle is the only one without any major changes, the only notable change being that the timers for all three group sessions are now displayed instead of just the first group's timer.

Isle Avue

This Isle has been slightly updated to now include separate locations for Eggs and Pokemon allowing the player effecitvely up to 36 Slots instead of 18. In addition Eggs hatched here as the Isle is more developed now have a higher chance of being shiny as well as carrying over the father's egg moves. The Isle also has included an update to it that allows the player to choose different temperatures for the baths with three; Cold, Warm and Hot. Cold Baths are the most unique of the three as they do not raise friendship but instead have the chance for the Pokemon to be able to recall a particular move, this functions much like the Move Relearner but also allows that Pokemon to potentially learn any egg move it could've obtained. Warm and Hot Baths both raise a Pokemon's friendship instead with Warm Baths taking longer but not having the risk of the Pokemon overheating.

Isle Vovel & Isle Ultra

The two new isles added in Pokemon Ultra Star are Isle Vovel and Isle Ultra. Isle Vovel is a simple island that allows the player to evolve their Pokemon through a simpler method and can allow Pokemon that evolve through certain ways to do so without needing to level-up or trade. The player has several options with Isle Vovel on the Vovel Meditation for the player's Pokemon, unlike other Isles the player doesn't set Pokemon in groups of six instead the player sets Pokemon individually specifying what Meditation they'll conduct, the meditation for most Pokemon is chosen automatically due to most Pokemon only having one evolution however for Pokemon like Eevee which have multiple evolutions the player must choose what Meditation they'll conduct, the Meditations and their times are outlined below;

  • Evel Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve via reaching a Level to evolve as long as they are at that minimum Level - 30 Minutes
    • This method is also used for Pokemon that need to know a certain move as long as they have that move in their moveset at the time
  • Pahi Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve via Happiness to evolve as long as their Happiness is above or below the threshold specified - 45 Minutes
  • Sunne Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve during the Day to evolve as long as any other requirements are fulfilled, can be done at night - 1 Hour
  • Moone Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve during the Night to evolve as long as any other requirements are fulfilled, can be done during the day - 1 Hour
  • Tson Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve via Evolutionary Stones to evolve without needing the stone - 2 Hours
  • Derat Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve via Trade to evolve without trading although does require them to be holding the specific item if necessary - 30 Minutes
  • Locale Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve via Specific Locations to evolve without being in said locations, for Eevee the player will be asked if they want the Verdant or Icy variant - 2 Hours
  • Special Meditation - Allows Pokemon that evolve via unique methods to evolve as long as the other parameters of the evolution are satisfied - Time Dependant on Pokemon
    • Eevee -> Sylveon, requires 2 Levels of Affection - 15 Minutes
    • Mantyke -> Mantine, Remoraid must be registered as Caught - 30 Minutes
    • Nincada -> Ninjask + Shedinja, Nincada must be at Lv20 or above - 30 Minutes
    • Pancham -> Pangoro, Player must have a Dark-Type on their Team, PC or in Pelago and Pancham must be at Lv32 or above - 15 Minutes

Additionally to these facotrs the Pokemon Inkay and Sliggoo use the Evel Meditation without needing their secondary requirements fulfilled as long as they're at the minimum level. For Burmy the form it is in when the player places it on Isle Vovel will determine which variant of Wormadam it becomes. For Tyrogue the stats of the Tyrogue will determine which Hitmon- it evolves into. The player cannot specify for Wurmple as it is chose based on the hidden personality value.

The other new Isle is Isle Ultra, this location acts as a combination of a location where the player's Ultra Beast Pokemon will congregate as well as an online functionality location. Should the player connect with another player then a CPU of that player's trainer will appear on Isle Ultra and the player can challenge them to a battle if the player wants to, the CPU Player's Pokemon will be the same as their team although will be capped at Lv50 although Pokemon below Lv50 will be the level they are currently at.

Battle Modes

As stated above Pokemon Ultra Star includes Battle Modes that were removed from Pokemon Sun/Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, these battle modes have been reintroduced and expanded upon from their original itterations to be more frequent in the story mode to diversify the types of trainers the player will encounter and to also increase the difficulty of the games as a whole. The following battle modes appear in Pokemon Ultra Star through normal gameplay;

  • Single Battles
  • Double Battles
    • Multi Battles
  • Triple Battles
  • Rotation Battles
  • Inverse Battles
  • Horde Battles
  • Sky Battles
  • Battle Royale

Due to refinement in the game engine and optimization for the 3DS in particular the player will find that these battles are more common in this game than in previous games, being comparable to the frequency of Double Battles in Pokemon Emerald.

Overworld Minigames

There are a large variety of Overworld Minigames for the player to participate in Pokemon Ultra Star, some returning from USUM while others are brand new and unique to the game and some even returning from the previous generations seeing new renditions with expanded mechanics.

Ultra Warp Ride

Unlike in the original the Ultra Warp Ride has been altered such that it is now an open-space Mini-Game allowing the player to move about a large 3D environment with Solgaleo, Lunala and/or Necrozma to travel between worlds. Unlike in the original the worlds that are travelled to are no longer dictated by how far the player has travelled instead the area acts more as a hub for the individual worlds which have been expanded upon as a result of this change. The player will also find that they can now fight Wild Pokemon in Ultra Space, these Pokemon are all extremely rare and only found in the Ultra Space between worlds thus making them unique to this location.

The player will find that the Ultra Warp Ride Mini-Game has been retained in a different way with the player able to play a similar variant of the game with Lunala specifically known as Ultra Core Travel, this minigame has the player controlling Lunala with the Analog Stick and flying through Ultra Space at incredibly high speeds the aim being to break the speed of light which will allow the player to receive rare items, along the way the player will find vacuums that can give the player a speed boost and asteroids along with other obstacles which can slow the player down. Unlike Ultra Warp Ride the player also has attacks they can have Lunala perform, Lunala has three attacks it can perform each with different effects; by pressing A, Lunala will use the move Shadow Ball which can knock away smaller obstacles and fired repeatedly can destroy asteroids allowing the player to collect any treasures within. By holding the A button the player is able to charge up an attack and once charged will cause Lunala to unleash Moongeist Beam which will destroy most projectiles in front of the player. The last attack Lunala can use which is performed via the L button is Teleport which will cause Lunala to become invisible for a few seconds allowing the player to avoid any potential obstacles but also preventing Lunala from gaining speed boosts from Vacuums.

The player can pause at any time during the Mini-Game to either pause the game, start over or quit. The player will not receive any treasures they collected in the Mini-Game if they choose to Start Over or Quit however.

Mantine Surfing

This Mini-Game saw a major overhaul in Pokemon Ultra Star, improving on the basic gameplay with new features and difficulties and allowing the player to also use Mantine Surfing as a method of travelling to the unnamed islands similar to Charizard Gliding to find rare Pokemon. The main change to Mantine Surfing was the implementation of a Pause Menu allowing the player to continue, start over or quit. The player is able to select from one of the four difficulties from any of the islands as the player progresses through the game, it's explained that the player is either surfing from one island to another or is surfing around an island for that difficulty. There is also now a fifth option called "Free Surf" which allows the player to surf without the time limit of the other modes and also allows the player to surf towards the unnamed islands.

The player will find that unlike the other modes which have the player limited to a specific space the Free Surf Mode has the player in an open 3D environment similar to the Ultra Warp Ride. The player is able to freely move about in this area and can catch onto various waves to surf on them and score points, unlike the other modes the Free Surf will automatically reward the player with 1 BP for every 10,000pts. they acquire regardless of whether they decide to quit while surfing or by entering one of the unnamed Islands.

There are four difficulty courses the player can select from; Melemele Dawn WaveAkala NoontideUla'Ula Dusk Wave & Poni Midnight Tide. The player will have to deal with a variety of obstacles in each diffiuclty, some obstacles only appear in the higher difficulties and others become more prevalent as well. Obstacles also come in different formations that the mini-game will cycle through at random. The player also now has a brief period of invulnerability after landing from tricks successfully such that they can't be blind-sided by an obstacle they couldn't see. This period of invulnerability also applies to the time after the player resurfaces if they fail a landing.

The list of obstacles that appear in Mantine Surfing is below;

  • Tentacool - Appearing above the water, they're stationary and only pose as a physical obstacle to the player.
  • Pyukumuku Rock - Exclusively appearing on the opposite side to the wave, they generally pose little threat.
  • Staryu Rock - A variant of Pyukumuku Rock that always appears half-way through the course to let the player know that they're halfway through the course.
  • Wailmer - Dwelling underwater this obstacle is harder to see than Tentacool but doesn't move either.
  • Sharpedo - A moving enemy that will try to target the player and Mantine, the player must keep turning to keep out of their reach.
  • Wailord - The largest obstacle the player could face in this mini-game, Wailords erupt from the wave itself from time to time, they're best avoided by jumping into the air or going down to the lowest point.

More TBA

Photo Album

The Photography Mini-Game in Pokemon Ultra Star was altered from the original combining both the Wild Pokemon Photography and the Group Photo minigames together into a single Mini-Game. At any time the player is able to fire up the Rotom Photography Feature allowing the player to take a Pokemon of the player on the Route either by themselves, with one Pokemon or with their entire team. The player will also be able to swap to Search Mode on the fly.

Search Mode allows the player to look around the area they're currently in for Pokemon to take a picture of. Similar to Rotom itself mentioned above taking a picture of these Pokemon will register the Pokemon in the dex as seen, this is useful on Routes as rare Pokemon are more common in Search Mode on the Photography Feature than they are being found in the wild itself. The player will also find that the Photography Feature now comes with several features that can be unlocked by taking lots of photos some of these features allow certain Pokemon to be seen by the Photo Album while others give the player new backgrounds and effects they can add to photos.

More TBA

Pokeathlon Tournament

Returning from Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver, the Pokeathlon Tournament is a Post-Game Mini-Game competition the player can compete in to earn BP and also to provide the player with more mini-games to play during the post-game. Like in its original incarnation the Pokeathlon Tournament has the player compete in a series of mini-games that revolve around five stats that are similar to the six base stats; SpeedPowerSkillStamina & Jump. The player will find that a Pokemon's Pokeathlon Stats are generally unrelated to their Battling Stats with them instead generally reflecting the Pokemon itself.

A Pokemon's Pokeathlon Stats will have a Minimum and a Maximum which is represented by 5 Stars, unlike in the previous iteration these stars are split up into 5 sections as well meaning a Pokemon's score in a particular Stat is actually out of 25 instead of 5. Pokemon have The Upper Limit to their Stats and the Lower Limit to their Stats which determine how good or bad a Pokemon can be in said stats, initially all Pokemon the player has will start out at their minimums but can be increased to a determined maximum, the maximum the player can have on a Pokemon is not equal to the maximum for all five stats and is instead a separate number known as their Cap Value. For Evolved Pokemon this number is usually higher. This allows the player to customize their Pokemon for particular Stats with full control unlike in the previous version where there was a random element to it.

In addition the player can reset a Pokemon's Stats back to their minimum by talking to an Elder Psychic Trainer in the Pokeathlon Oval who will offer to reset the player's stats on their Pokemon giving the player a drink of the highest stat (or randomly picked from the Pokemon's highest stats) of that Pokemon. The player will be able to create Drinks by using Berries or buying them from Vendors at the Pokeathlon Oval, the quality of the drinks from the vendors is set however there are drinks of higher quality that the player can create on their own, drinks are able to increase a Pokemon's Pokeathlon Stats by 1-5 Values and depending on the Berries used can raise multiple Pokeathlon Stats simultaneously.

To open the Pokeathlon Events however the player must first complete the Main Story, after doing this they can at any time visit the Pokeathlon Oval and will find an elderly man named Magnus who resides on the Oval with his Pokemon, Poliwrath and Politoed. After talking to the player he explains that he'd like to bring back the Pokeathlon events to the Alola region, vaguely admitting that the sport fell out of favour in Johto and that he's desperate for a new location. Magnus sends the player to seek to get permission from the Trainer School which also leads to the player needing to talk to Hala and Ilima's Father to get permission, after the player's deal with them the Pokeathlon Oval will be open and the player will be able to compete in the Preliminary Events, Magnus explains that these events are to show the player how to play the Pokeathlon events and also act as a good way to advertise to the younger demographic since most are unfamiliar with the sport. After the player competes in the Preliminary Events and scores first (Preliminary Events are comprised of Hurdle DashRelay Run & Circle Push) Magnus will inform the player that the word is out about the Pokeathlon and he's now hoping to attract some big names, Magnus assigns the player the role as his personal assistant and explains that he needs the player to go across Alola looking for people who might be interested in Pokeathlon and to spread the word.

The player simply needs to walk across Alola and talk to various NPCs and will have the option to mention Pokeathlon to them, NPCs have different responses although the responses the player will be looking for will be ones that show the NPC is interested in Pokeathlon. After the player has found at least 25 NPCs that are interested in Pokeathlon they'll be able to return to Magnus who'll thank the player stating that the allure of Pokeathlon seems to have created a frenzy across the Alola Region and local tournaments have opened up on the other islands, Magnus informs the player that with this he'll be able to keep the Pokeathlon alive and thriving for years to come and thanks the player by giving them a Golden Pokeathlon Drink which will boost a Pokemon's Pokeathlon Stats by 5 Points each, as well as a Big Nugget. Magnus then tells the player that he's heard that there are special individuals across Alola who know a thing or two about Pokeathlon and the player may be interested in finding them and challenging them to the Pokeathlon Tournaments.

The player can travel across Alola and will find 10 NPCs across the Four Islands who declare themselves to be experts at a particular sport in the Pokeathlon Tournament, the player can offer to challenge them at the Pokeathlon Tournament and they'll accept as long as the player has completed a particular Pokeathlon Tournament round, this Round will depend on the Sport in particular as well as which island the NPC is located on. Melemele Island holds the Beginner and Master Tournament Rounds, Akala Island holds the Amateur Tournament Rounds, Ula'Ula Island holds the Experienced Tournament Rounds and Poni Island holds the Expert Tournament Rounds. After the player has completed the Master Tournament Rounds for all five Stats they'll be able to talk to Magnus in his office where he'll congratulate the player on becoming Alola's greatest Pokeathlon Athlete and will give the player's Pokemon that have completed the Master Tournament Rounds Ribbons.

Storyline Changes from USUM

There have been a number of changes between USUM and Ultra Star as due to the lack of distinction in the story from SM and USUM it was felt to be one of the weakest aspects of the games as a whole. The storyline changes vary from minor changes that impact only a single scene or minor character to major changes that recontextualize the story and alter the path of progression the player takes.

Introductory Sequence

Unlike in the original the player isn't travelling to the Alola Region but instead has been a resident since birth. The player's journey begins with a letter from Professor Kukui outlining that he'd like the player to meet at their lab since he has a surprise for them, the camera is shown from a first-person view as the player gets out of bed, walking over to the mirror in their room where the player picks out the character's gender, skin tone, eye colour and starting clothes, the mirror then shows the character's image back to the player asking if this is the choices were correct.

Once the player says yes they'll hear their mother call out to the player and the player will grab their bag and head out, greeted by their pet Meowth who in this game is an Ula'Ula Island Alolan Meowth and then shortly followed by the player's mother who informs the player that they should head off to Professor Kukui's lab to see him about that letter. The player heads outside and regardless of the internal clock this scene will take place during the morning with the player opening the door to be greeted by Hau and Lillie as well as a flock of Wingull's flying off from the roof of Professor Kukui's Lab along with a Pelipper in tow.

Hau and Lillie then greet the player, Hau asking if the player got a letter as well. The player replies to Hau's quire telling him that they did receive a letter as well. Hau then tells the player that he'll meet them at the Lab and Lillie asks the player if they've figured out what the surprise is, the player can answer yes or no resulting in Lillie other wondering if the player really knows what the surprise is or her stating that the player won't regret it being a surprise. Lillie heads off and the player is allowed to explore the Outskirts until they're ready to head to the Lab, the player can't leave to any of the surrounding areas as several Professor's Aides warn the player that it's dangerous to head out into Tall Grass without some form of protection.

Once the player enters the lab they will abruptly be greeted by Kukui's Rockruff who the player pets before it runs off as Kukui approaches the player, informing them that everything's ready and they should come up to the second floor. Professor Kukui walks over to a nearby ladder for the player to climb and the player heads up finding Hau and Lillie standing in front of a large desk with several Pokeballs on it. Lillie informs the player and Hau that the Pokeballs contain a Pokemon each which Professor Kukui had brought in by his aides for Hau and the player, she then calls out to Professor Kukui if that was correct to which Kukui tells Lillie that she's doing fine and to keep going. Lillie laughs off her nervousness and continues informing the player and Hau of what each Pokeball contains, Hau then tells the player that he's going to have to think over his choice and wants the player to make the first choice so it'll be easier for him.

The player chooses their starter Pokemon and Hau chooses the Pokemon with the Type advantage over the player's Pokemon. Lillie then walks over to a desk with a computer that has two devices plugged into it, unplugging both devices she hands them to Hau and the player informing them that they're Pokedexes, encyclopedias which can record the data of different Pokemon, demonstrating by having the player's Pokedex open up showing the entry for the player's starter. Lillie then hears some boxes rustling from behind the desk and goes to investigate finding Nebby, a Cosmog that Lillie has had with her since she was very young hiding among the boxes. Lillie asks Nebby if it was hoping to meet the player and Hau's Pokemon as well, Nebby happily replies and Lillie brings the Cosmog over to the player and Hau, asking them to each record Nebby into their Pokedexes, the Pokedex does this automatically and Cosmog calls out causing the Pokeballs with Hau and the player's Pokemon to shake as the two Pokemon appear from their Pokeballs greeting Nebby.

Hau surprised that his Pokemon got out of its Pokeball all of a sudden ponders that it might be better to keep his starter out of its Pokeball since it'll be his closest teammate, noticing that the player and Hau's starter Pokemon were eyeing each other off Lillie wonders if the Pokemon have a bit of a rivalry, Professor Kukui suddenly interrupts thanking Lillie for handling the Pokemon and Pokedexes stating that he knew she would be able to do fine. Kukui then notices that the player and Hau's Pokemon seem to have a bit of a rivalry and proposes that the player and Hau have a battle, the player can answer yes or no however Hau will either disagree with the player stating that he doesn't think it's a good idea to have a battle here especially since they hardly know their Pokemon or agrees with the player stating the reason prior for not wanting to battle. Kukui understanding Hau's reasoning agrees that they should give their Pokemon time before they're ready to battle for their trainers, Kukui then tells Hau, Lillie and the player that he'd been speaking to Hau's grandfather, Hala and that he'd like to meet them in Iki Town to the north.

Hau eager to head off thanks Professor Kukui and Lillie for the Pokemon and Pokedex telling the player that they'll battle in Iki Town, running off in a hurry. Lillie suddenly remembers that she forgot to give Hau his map and hands the player theirs and Hau's map apologizing to the player asking if they can deliver the map to Hau, the player accepts and receives the Map, Kukui then interjects stating that the player should also look to capture some Pokemon on the way if Hau's intending for a battle and gives the player 10 Pokeballs informing the player that there's a Trial Guide on Route 1 that can teach the player the basics of Pokemon Battling and Catching if they need it, the player then heads out back to the Hau'Oli Outskirts. The player is free to explore Route 1 and the Hau'Oli Beachside and will find that the path of Hau'Oli Highway is blocked off at the moment due to a sleeping Snorlax that refuses to move.

Iki Town/Conclusion of Introduction

After passing through Route 1 and defeating one of the Iki Outpost's Trial Guides the player makes it to Iki Town where after exploring they enter the Kahuna's house and find Hau talking to Hala, Hala greets the player welcoming them to his home. Hala informs the player that with the player's arrival they're just waiting on Lillie, Hau then notes that he'd been getting to know his Pokemon and asks if the player has done the same for their Pokemon too, if the Player's Pokemon has levelled up then Hau will note that the player seems to already be a bit ahead of him in terms of teamwork with their starter Pokemon. Hala then suggests to Hau that they should have a battle since the player and Hau have both gotten to know their Pokemon a bit, Hau agrees this time and says that it'll be a good way to pass the time before Lillie arrives. The player and Hau head out to the Melemele Arena and battle, Hala heals the player's Pokemon before the battle begins.

After battling regardless of whether the player wins or loses, Lillie arrives noting that she believed the player and Hau's Pokemon weren't quite fighting with their full potential and wonders if they held back because the Starter Pokemon knew each other so well. Hala welcomes Lillie and thanks Hau and the player for waiting, he takes the three of them into the Kahuna's House and introduces the trio to a large crystal that stands behind the Kahuna's seat, Hala tells the trio that the crystal before them is what the Alolan's call a Z-Crystal, stating that long ago said crystals appeared from an unknown origin and they gifted those whose bond with their Pokemon were strong the power to utilize incredibly powerful attacks that helped protect Alola from invasion from enemies over the hundreds of years. Hala then whistles and a young man who Hau exclaims to be his uncle, Oleander, who wonders why Hala called him all of a sudden. Hala explains to Oleander that the player, Hau and Lillie were ready to begin their Island Trials, Oleander, noting the importance of Hala's words suddenly brings out a hammer and chisel and walks over to the Z-Crystal Stone. He then asks the player, Hau and Lillie to show their closest Pokemon, Hau sends out his starter, Lillie sends out Cosmog and the player sends out whichever Pokemon has the highest Happiness and Oleander notes the Pokemon, stating that he can sense the connection between the trio and their Pokemon and begins to chisel three sections of the Z-Crystal breaking off small chunks for Hau, Lillie and the player. Oleander then hands the three fragments to Hala before heading off, wishing the trio luck.

Hala then walks up to the three trainers and grabs from his pocket three medallions and slots each Z-Crystal fragment into a medallion, handing one to Hau, Lillie and the player informing them that across Alola they'll come across many trials that they'll need to overcome if they wish to complete their Island Trial, and notes that for each trial they can complete a piece of their medallions can be filled in by that Trial's captain. Hau grins and thanks Hala for the medallion telling Lillie and the player that he's going to get a headstart and hopes they can catch up to him, before Hala can stop him Hau runs out the door and heads off, Hala slightly annoyed at Hau's impatience apologizes to the player and Lillie stating that Hau had heard the Island Trial's conditions before so many times he's basically got them memorized to heart. Hala then informs the player and Lillie that each island has Trial Captains for various trials and they will need to complete each mandatory trial on an island before challenging the Kahuna of that island, referring to himself as an example. He notes that even if they fail to complete a trial the first time they can try again if they keep training their Pokemon.

Hala, Lillie and the player then head out of the Kahuna's House with Hala planning to see them off, although Kukui appears just as they exit greeting them and stating that he'd bumped into Hau on the way and needed to see the player and Lillie as well stating that the other half of their Pokedexes had arrived, Lillie a bit perplexed by this asks what Professor Kukui means to which Kukui reveals a pair of Rotoms, explaining that thanks to one of his colleagues the Pokedexes he'd given the player, Hau and Lillie are actually able to be integrated by a Rotom to provide them with useful information about various locations as well as the Pokemon that inhabit those locations. The Rotom's quickly jump into the Pokedexes becoming Rotomdexes in the process. Kukui informs the player and Lillie that the Rotoms should help them if they're ever looking for a certain Pokemon, Hala intrigued by the Rotoms asks one where he could find a Yungoos or Rattata (depending on the time of day), the player's Rotomdex promptly responds stating that they can be found nearby on Route 1. Hala laughs, stating that he's surprised the Rotomdex couldtalk and tells the player and Lillie that they should have no trouble with a useful device like the Rotomdex on their side and wishes them well heading back into the Kahuna's house. Kukui informs the player and Lillie that he'll be at his lab if they ever need any help and wishes them luck. Lillie then tells the player that she's going to get going as well because she knows a place where she can make use of the information she's learnt about Pokemon informing the player of the Pokemon Trainer School and suggests the player visit it.

After Lillie heads off the player is free to explore how they want, the Snorlax from earlier will have moved out of the way and the player will be able to explore the entirety of Melemele Island bar the use of Ride Pokemon.

Ride Pokemon & Ilima

While the player is exploring Melemele Island they'll eventually come across Ilima, he appears in one of four locations across Melemele Island, either in his house at Hau'Oli City, at the Pokemon Trainer School, at the Route 2 Pokemon Center or at the top of the Mahalo Trail. Once the player meets Ilima in one of these locations he'll introduce himself to the player, noticing their Trial Medallion and asks the player if they're taking on the Island Trials, the player says yes and Ilima nods stating that he's one of the Trial Captains and asks the player what they know about Melemele Island.

The player will have different options depending on where they've gone on Melemele Island, the player will need to tell Ilima about three locations they've visited there are several locations the player can visit however so it's up to the player to find the applicable ones although won't need to visit all of them, the list of locations is below;

  • Pokemon Trainer School - Defeat all the Trainers in the Trainer School and battle the Teacher
  • Port Hau'Oli - Defeat the Team Skull Grunts in the Port Hau'Oli Visitor Center and talk to the Clerk at the Counter
  • Berry Fields - Defeat the Team Skull Grunts in the Berry Fields and talk to the Berry Fields Farmer
  • Big Wave Beach - Defeat the Team Skull Grunts at Big Wave Beach and talk to the Swimmer about Mantine Surfing
  • Melemele Meadow - Go to Melemele Meadow and collect Yellow Nectar in the Field

Once the player has completed three of these tasks Ilima will acknowledge the player's knowledge of Melemele Island and asks them to complete a task for him before he permits them to take on his trial, Ilima asks the player for their map and marks on the map the Mountain of Conflict informing the player that if they can head to the Mountain of Conflict and talk to Hala when they get there receiving an item from him then he'll acknowledge the player's worth and allow them to take on the trial. The player accepts and heads off.

The player eventually makes it to the Trial of Conflict, passing through the Mahalo Trail to get there, upon arriving at the Bridge of Storms the player will run into Hau who's curious if the player's also off to see his grandfather, the player replies and Hau wishes the player luck noting that he's already got Hala's gift and is going to take on the trial, although just as he's about to run off Hau pauses and asks the player how ready they think they are for the island trials, if the player responds with confidence Hau will dismiss the player stating that they shouldn't be so confident as the Trials of Alola have been refined over thousands of years and will wear the player's confidence down if they're not prepared, if the player answers more cautiously then Hau will question if the player should really be taking the trial if they're not confident enough in their capabilities.

Hau then blocks the player from progressing to the Mountain of Conflict and demands a battle from the player, the Player has no choice but to accept Hau's challenge and the battle commences. Once the player is able to defeat Hau he'll acknowledge his loss but warns the player that his trust in his Pokemon goes further than the player's and that will be his key to victory next time. Hau runs off allowing the player to continue up to the Mountain of Conflict, once the player arrives they'll find two Trial Guides preventing the player from entering the Mountain itself but will find Hala outside along with a Tauros by his side, he greets the player and asks the palyer if Ilima sent them, the player says yes and Hala notes that the gift he is to give to the player is the very Tauros next to him, patting the Tauros of its back he notes that unlike other regions Alola uses specific Pokemon that are bred to excel in certain tasks instead of Hidden Machines, noting that its safer for everyone since the Pokemon are bred to be passive and lack the urge to battle that Wild Pokemon often do. The player is then given the Ride Pager and Hala asks the player what Ride Gear they want, the player can choose from five ride gear designs;

  1. Rowlet Gear - Designed after the Rowlet line, it includes a small cape that has its design based on the wing of a Decidueye
  2. Litten Gear - Desigend after the Litten line, it features a large crest on the helmet that's identical to that of Incineroar
  3. Popplio Gear - Designed after the Popplio line, it features frills at the joints of the gear that are similar to those of Primarina
  4. Pikachu Gear - Designed after the Pikachu line, it features two pointy ears that have black tips to them much like Pikachu
  5. Tauros Gear - Designed after the Pokemon, Tauros, this gear has two horns protruding from the helmet and three metallic plates on the helmet as well, like Tauros

Hala then hands the player a special Pokeball called a Ride Ball that they can keep Tauros in, pressing the Ride Ball against Tauros sends it into the ball and Hala hands it to the player who slots it into the Ride Pager. Hala informs the player that as they collect more Ride Pokemon they can talk to the tailor in Iki Town about changing up their Ride Gear should the player so desire, Hala then heads off leaving the player to head back to Ilima to begin their Trial.

Ilima's Trial

Once the player is ready to take on Ilima's Trial they can talk to him at Verdant Cavern, Ilima will explain that he'd just been talking to Hau who'd already completed his trial and asks the player if Hau told them anything about the trial, the player says no and Ilima laughs it off, saying that he figured Hau's competitive nature wouldn't let him give the player an advantage. Ilima brings the player over to the Verdant Cavern entrance however just as they're about to enter a pair of Team Skull Grunts appear, the Team Skull Grunts will accuse Ilima of messing with their Pokemon and order Ilima to hand his Pokemon over, however Ilima disregards the Team Skull Grunts asking the player to team up with him to deal with them, the player agrees and the player and Ilima engage the Team Skull Grunts in a Multi Battle.

Trainers Team
Captain Ilima (Ally)
Yungoos Lv13
Rattata Lv13
Smeargle Lv14
VSTeam Skull Grunt F
Team Skull Grunt
Zubat Lv12
Abra Lv12
Ekans Lv12
Butterfree Lv12
VSTeam Skull Grunt M
Team Skull Grunt
Slowpoke Lv14
Drowzee Lv14

After defeating the Team Skull Grunts, they run off warning Ilima that he can't protect Melemele Island by himself, after the Team Skull grunts run off Ilima approaches the player and apologizes to the player stating that he's been seeing more Team Skull around Melemele Island as of late, dismissing the issue however Ilima takes the player into Verdant Cavern where the player sees the giant cavern is actually a crater with a forest growing all around the walls of the cavern and various gigantic trees with massive berries nestled on their branches. At the bottom of the cavern is a large blue-ish mass that seems to be moving slightly.

Ilima explains to the player that across the Trial Grounds of Alola the player will have to face an incredibly powerful Pokemon at the end of the trial, pointing to the mass at the bottom of the cavern stating that to be the Totem Pokemon of Verdant Cavern. Ilima then directs the player over to a nearby giant berry and explains that the Pokemon below feeds on the massive berries and that the player will need to use them to awaken the Pokemon pointing the player to several logs sticking out from the cavern's walls where the player could roll the berries onto. It's up to the player to figure out the puzzle of the dungeon. The player must use Tauros to ram into the berries which sends them flying, due to the nature of Tauros' charge the player must use swinging door panels to stop the berries allowing the player to push the berry towards any of the logs, the logs have roots sticking out of the end of them that will stop the berry in place once the player lands the berry on the log however the log will snap under their weight causing it to fall down to the sleeping Totem Pokemon. After doing this three times the Totem Pokemon in a fit of rage will awaken, climbing up the cavern's walls to approach the player, as the Pokemon approaches the player standing up fully blocking out the sun from the player, Ilima stands in front of the Totem Pokemon and reintroduces himself as the Trial Captain of the Verdant Cavern and declares that his Totem Pokemon and his own Pokemon will best the player in battle before initiating the Totem Battle.

Trial Captain Team
Captain Ilima
Yungoos Lv13
Rattata Lv13
Furfrou Lv14
Smeargle Lv14
Snorlax Lv15
Totem Snorlax Lv17
+1 Attack


Like in the original Games, Pokemon Ultra Star has a 403 sized Pokedex with all Pokemon from Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon making an appearance. Unlike the originals however this isn't the only Pokedex in the game with the player later being able to upgrade to the National Dex which lists every Pokemon in their national dex order. Also unlike the original games the player will be able to capture all 403 Pokemon in the single version with there being no version exclusives and the previous mythical Pokemon; Magearna, Marshadow & Zeraora being available through normal gameplay. In addition this this many Pokemon were given additional forms in this Pokedex with each island having its own version of a Pokemon with different typing and appearance (not pictured) and also altered stat distributions.

No. Pokemon Species Island Type/s
001 722Rowlet
Grass Quill Melemele Grass Flying
002 723Dartrix
Blade Quill Melemele Grass Flying
003 724Decidueye
Arrow Quill Melemele Grass Ghost
004 725Litten
Fire Cat Melemele Fire
005 726Torracat
Fire Cat Melemele Fire
006 727Incineroar
Heel Melemele Fire Dark
007 728Popplio
Sea Lion Melemele Water
008 729Brionne
Pop Star Melemele Water
009 730Primarina
Soloist Melemele Water Fairy
010 731Pikipek
Woodpecker Melemele Fighting Flying
Akala Normal Flying
Ula'Ula Ghost Flying
Poni Fire Flying
011 732Trumbeak
Bugle Beak Melemele Fighting Flying
Akala Normal Flying
Ula'Ula Ghost Flying
Poni Fire Flying
012 733Toucannon
Cannon Melemele Fighting Flying
Akala Normal Flying
Ula'Ula Ghost Flying
Poni Fire Flying
013 734Yungoos
Loitering Melemele Normal
Akala Normal Ground
Ula'Ula Normal Grass
Poni Normal Steel
014 735Gumshoos
Stakeout Melemele Normal
Akala Normal Ground
Ula'Ula Normal Grass
Poni Normal Steel
015 019RattataAlola
Alolan Rattata
Mouse Melemele Dark Normal
Akala Psychic Normal
Ula'Ula Rock Normal
Poni Dark Fighting
016 020RaticateAlola
Alolan Raticate
Mouse Melemele Dark Normal
Akala Psychic Normal
Ula'Ula Rock Normal
Poni Dark Fighting
017 010Caterpie
Worm Melemele Bug Flying
Akala Bug
018 011Metapod
Cocoon Melemele Bug Flying
Akala Bug
019 012Butterfree
Butterfly Melemele Flying
Akala Bug Flying
020 165Ledyba
Five Star Melemele Bug Flying
Ula'Ula Bug Fighting
021 166Ledian
Five Star Melemele Bug Flying
Ula'Ula Bug Fighting
022 167Spinarak
String Spit Melemele Dark Poison
Ula'Ula Bug Poison
023 168Ariados
Long Leg Melemele Dark Poison
Ula'Ula Bug Poison
024 427Buneary
Rabbit Melemele Normal Electric
Poni Normal
025 428Lopunny
Rabbit Melemele Normal Electric
Poni Normal
026 686Inkay
Revolving Melemele Water Psychic
Poni Dark Psychic
027 687Malamar
Overturning Melemele Water Psychic
Poni Dark Psychic
028 570Zorua
Tricky Fox Melemele Dark
Poni Steel Dark
029 571Zoroark
Illusion Fox Melemele Dark
Poni Steel Dark
030 676Furfrou
Poodle Melemele Normal
Poni Ground
031 172Pichu
Tiny Mouse Melemele Electric
032 025Pikachu
Mouse Melemele Electric
032 026RaichuAlola
Alolan Raichu
Mouse Melemele Electric Psychic
033 736Grubbin
Larva Melemele Bug
Akala Bug
Ula'Ula Bug
034 737Charjabug
Battery Melemele Bug Ghost
Akala Bug Dragon
Ula'Ula Bug Electric
035 738Vikavolt
Stag Beetle Melemele Bug Ghost
Akala Bug Dragon
Ula'Ula Bug Electric
036 438Bonsly
Bonsai Melemele Rock Fairy
Akala Rock
037 185Sudowoodo
Imitation Melemele Rock Fairy
Akala Rock
039 440Happiny
Playhouse Melemele Normal Fighting
Akala Normal Psychic
Ula'Ula Normal
Poni Normal Steel
040 113Chansey
Egg Melemele Normal Fighting
Akala Normal Psychic
Ula'Ula Normal
Poni Normal Steel
041 242Blissey
Happiness Melemele Normal Fighting
Akala Normal Psychic
Ula'Ula Normal
Poni Normal Steel
042 446Munchlax
Big Eater Melemele Normal
043 143Snorlax
Sleeping Melemele Normal
044 079Slowpoke
Dopey Melemele Water
Ula'Ula Water Psychic
045 080Slowbro
Hermit Crab Melemele Water Ghost
Ula'Ula Water Psychic
046 199Slowking
Royal Melemele Water Dragon
Ula'Ula Water Psychic
047 278Wingull
Seagull Melemele Grass Flying
Akala Dark Flying
Ula'Ula Rock Flying
Poni Water Flying
048 279Pelipper
Water Bird Melemele Grass Flying
Akala Dark Flying
Ula'Ula Rock Flying
Poni Water Flying
049 063Abra
Psi Melemele Psychic
050 064Kadabra
Psi Melemele Psychic
051 065Alakazam
Psi Melemele Psychic
052 052MeowthAlola
Alolan Meowth
Scratch Cat Melemele Dark
Ula'Ula Dark Ghost
053 053PersianAlola
Alolan Persian
Classy Cat Melemele Dark
Ula'Ula Dark Ghost
054 081Magnemite
Magnet Melemele Electric Fighting
Ula'Ula Electric Steel
055 082Magneton
Magnet Melemele Electric Fighting
Ula'Ula Electric Steel
056 462Magnezone
Magnet Area Melemele Electric Fighting
Ula'Ula Electric Steel
057 088GrimerAlola
Alolan Grimer
Sludge Melemele Poison Psychic
Ula'Ula Poison Dark
058 089MukAlola
Alolan Muk
Sludge Melemele Poison Psychic
Ula'Ula Poison Dark
059 439Mime Jr.
Mime Jr.
Mime Melemele Psychic Fairy
060 122Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime
Barrier Melemele Psychic Fairy
061 023Ekans
Snake Melemele Poison
062 024Arbok
Cobra Melemele Poison
063 206Dunsparce
Land Snake Melemele Normal
064 058Growlithe
Puppy Melemele Fire
065 059Arcanine
Legendary Melemele Fire
066 096Drowzee
Hypnosis Melemele Psychic Grass
Poni Psychic
067 097Hypno
Hypnosis Melemele Psychic Grass
Poni Psychic
068 296Makuhita
Guts Melemele Fighting Water
Poni Fighting
069 297Hariyama
Arm Thrust Melemele Fighting Water
Poni Fighting
070 235Smeargle
Painter Melemele Normal
071 739Crabrawler
Boxing Melemele Water Fighting
Akala Grass Fighting
Ula'Ula Fighting
Poni Steel Fighting
072 740Crabominable
Woolly Crab Melemele Water Electric
Akala Grass Fire
Ula'Ula Fighting Ice
Poni Steel Rock
073 092Gastly
Gas Melemele Ghost Fighting
Akala Ghost Psychic
Ula'Ula Ghost Poison
074 093Haunter
Gas Melemele Ghost Fighting
Akala Ghost Psychic
Ula'Ula Ghost Poison
075 094Gengar
Shadow Melemele Ghost Fighting
Akala Ghost Psychic
Ula'Ula Ghost Poison
076 425Drifloon
Balloon Melemele Ghost Flying
077 426Drifblim
Blimp Melemele Ghost Flying
078 198Murkrow
Darkness Melemele Dark Flying
079 430Honchkrow
Big Boss Melemele Dark Flying
080 041Zubat
Bat Melemele Poison Flying
Akala Poison Fairy
Ula'Ula Poison Steel
Poni Poison Fighting
081 042Golbat
Bat Melemele Poison Flying
Akala Poison Fairy
Ula'Ula Poison Steel
Poni Poison Fighting
082 169Crobat
Bat Melemele Poison Flying
Akala Poison Fairy
Ula'Ula Poison Steel
Poni Poison Fighting
083 714Noibat
Sound Wave Melemele Flying Fire
Poni Flying Dragon
084 715Noivern
Sound Wave Melemele Flying Fire
Poni Flying Dragon
085 050DiglettAlola
Alolan Diglett
Mole Melemele Ground Electric
Akala Ground Steel
Ula'Ula Steel
Poni Ground Psychic
086 051DugtrioAlola
Alolan Diglett
Mole Melemele Ground Electric
Akala Ground Steel
Ula'Ula Steel
Poni Ground Psychic
087 021Spearow
Tiny Bird Melemele Normal Flying
Ula'Ula Rock Flying
Poni Ground Flying
088 022Fearow
Beak Melemele Normal Flying
Ula'Ula Rock Flying
Poni Ground Flying
089 627Rufflet
Eaglet Melemele Normal Dragon
Poni Normal Flying
090 628Braviary
Valiant Melemele Normal Dragon
Poni Normal Flying
091 629Vullaby
Diapered Melemele Dark Flying
Poni Dark Ghost
092 630Mandibuzz
Bone Vulutre Melemele Dark Flying
Poni Dark Ghost
093 056Mankey
Pig Monkey Melemele Fighting
Poni Fighting Rock
094 057Primeape
Pig Monkey Melemele Fighting
Poni Fighting Rock
095 225Delibird
Delivery Melemele Ice Flying
096 701Hawlucha
Wrestling Melemele Fighting Flying
097 741Oricorio Baile
Dancing Melemele Electric Flying
Akala Psychic Flying
Ula'Ula Fire Flying
Poni Ghost Flying
098 742Cutiefly
Bee Fly Melemele Bug Psychic
Ula'Ula Bug Fairy
Poni Bug Water
099 743Ribombee
Bee Fly Melemele Bug Psychic
Ula'Ula Bug Fairy
Poni Bug Water
100 669Flabébé
Single Bloom Melemele Fairy
Ula'Ula Fairy Dark
Poni Fairy Fighting
101 670Floette
Single Bloom Melemele Fairy
Ula'Ula Fairy Dark
Poni Fairy Fighting
102 671Florges
Garden Melemele Fairy
Ula'Ula Fairy Dark
Poni Fairy Fighting
103 548Petilil
Bulb Melemele Grass Dragon
Ula'Ula Grass
Poni Grass Dark
104 549Lilligant
Flowering Melemele Grass Dragon
Ula'Ula Grass
Poni Grass Dark
105 546Cottonee
Cotton Puff Melemele Grass Fairy
Ula'Ula Grass Rock
Poni Water Fairy
106 547Whimsicott
Windveiled Melemele Grass Fairy
Ula'Ula Grass Rock
Poni Water Fairy
107 054Psyduck
Duck Melemele Water Fire
Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Psychic
Poni Water Ghost
108 055Golduck
Duck Melemele Water Fire
Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Psychic
Poni Water Ghost
109 238Smoochum
Kiss Melemele Ice Psychic
110 124Jynx
Human Shape Melemele Ice Psychic
111 129Magikarp
Fish Melemele Water Ice
Akala Water Steel
Ula'Ula Water
Poni Water Poison
112 130Gyarados
Atrocious Melemele Water Ice
Akala Water Steel
Ula'Ula Water Flying
Poni Water Poison
113 339Barboach
Whiskers Melemele Water
Akala Water Ground
Poni Steel Ground
114 340Whiscash
Whiskers Melemele Water
Akala Water Ground
Poni Steel Ground
115 086Seel
Sea Lion Melemele Water
116 087Dewgong
Sea Lion Melemele Water Ice
117 066Machop
Superpower Melemele Fighting Dragon
Poni Fighting
118 067Machoke
Superpower Melemele Fighting Dragon
Poni Fighting
119 068Machamp
Superpower Melemele Fighting Dragon
Poni Fighting
120 524Roggenrola
Mantle Melemele Rock Ice
Poni Rock
121 525Boldore
Ore Melemele Rock Ice
Poni Rock
122 526Gigalith
Compressed Melemele Rock Ice
Poni Rock
123 703Carbink
Jewel Melemele Rock Fairy
Poni Psychic Fairy
124 302Sableye
Darkness Melemele Dark Ghost
Poni Dark Steel
125 303Mawile
Deceiver Melemele Steel Fairy
126 744Rockruff
Puppy Melemele Rock Ground
Poni Rock
127A 745Lycanroc Midday
Midday Lycanroc
Wolf Melemele Rock Flying
Poni Rock
127B 745Lycanroc Midnight
Midnight Lycanroc
Wolf Melemele Rock Dark
Poni Rock
127C 745Lycanroc Dusk
Dusk Lycanroc
Wolf Melemele Rock Fighting
Poni Rock
128 327Spinda
Spot Panda Melemele Normal
129 072Tentacool
Jellyfish Melemele Water Electric
Akala Water Grass
Ula'Ula Water Poison
Poni Water Ground
130 073Tentacruel
Jellyfish Melemele Water Electric
Akala Water Grass
Ula'Ula Water Poison
Poni Water Ground
131 456Finneon
Wing Fish Melemele Water Bug
Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Fairy
Poni Water Ghost
132 457Lumineon
Neon Melemele Water Bug
Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Fairy
Poni Water Ghost
133 746Wishiwashi
Small Fry Melemele Water Fighting
Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Dragon
134 370Luvdisc
Rendezvous Melemele Water
Akala Water Psychic
135 222Corsola
Coral Melemele Psychic Rock
Akala Water Rock
136 747Mareanie
Brutal Star Melemele Water Fighting
Akala Water Poison
137 748Toxapex
Brutal Star Melemele Water Fighting
Akala Water Poison
138 090Shellder
Bivalve Melemele Water
139 091Cloyster
Bivalve Melemele Water Ice
140 366Clamperl
Bivalve Melemele Water
Ula'Ula Water Steel
141 367Huntail
Deep Sea Melemele Water
Ula'Ula Water Poison
142 368Gorebyss
South Sea Melemele Water
Ula'Ula Water Fairy
143 223Remoraid
Jet Melemele Water Ghost
Akala Water
144 224Octillery
Jet Melemele Water Ghost
Akala Water
145 458Mantyke
Kite Melemele Flying
Akala Water Flying
146 226Mantine
Kite Melemele Flying
Akala Water Flying
147 371Bagon
Rock Head Melemele Dragon
148 372Shelgon
Endurance Melemele Dragon
149 373Salamence
Dragon Melemele Dragon Flying
150 506Lillipup
Puppy Akala Normal
151 507Herdier
Loyal Dog Akala Normal
152 508Stoutland
Big-Hearted Akala Normal
153 133Eevee
Evolution Akala Normal
154 134Vaporeon
Bubble Jet Akala Water
155 135Jolteon
Lightning Akala Electric
156 136Flareon
Flame Akala Fire
157 196Espeon
Sun Akala Psychic
158 197Umbreon
Moonlight Akala Dark
159 470Leafeon
Verdant Akala Grass
160 471Glaceon
Fresh Snow Akala Ice
161 700Sylveon
Intertwining Akala Fairy
162 179Mareep
Wool Akala Electric
163 180Flaaffy
Wool Akala Electric
164 181Ampharos
Light Akala Electric
165 749Mudbray
Donkey Akala Ground Ice
Ula'Ula Ground Dark
Poni Ground
166 750Mudsdale
Draft House Akala Ground Ice
Ula'Ula Ground Dark
Poni Ground
167 174Igglybuff
Balloon Akala Normal Fairy
168 039Jigglypuff
Balloon Akala Normal Fairy
169 040Wigglytuff
Balloon Akala Normal Fairy
170 128Tauros
Wild Bull Akala Normal
Poni Normal Fire
171 241Miltank
Milk Cow Akala Normal
Poni Normal Grass
172 283Surskit
Pond Skater Akala Bug
Ula'Ula Bug Water
173 284Masquerain
Eyeball Akala Bug Rock
Ula'Ula Bug Flying
174 751Dewpider
Water Bubble Akala Water Bug
Ula'Ula Fire Bug
175 752Araquanid
Water Bubble Akala Water Bug
Ula'Ula Fire Bug
176 753Fomantis
Sickle Grass Akala Grass
177 754Lurantis
Bloom Sickle Akala Grass
178 755Morelull
Illuminating Akala Grass Ghost
Ula'Ula Grass Fairy
179 756Shiinotic
Illuminating Akala Grass Ghost
Ula'Ula Grass Fairy
180 046Paras
Mushroom Akala Bug Ground
Ula'Ula Bug Grass
181 047Parasect
Mushroom Akala Bug Ground
Ula'Ula Bug Grass
182 060Poliwag
Tadpole Akala Water Psychic
Ula'Ula Water
183 061Poliwhirl
Tadpole Akala Water Psychic
Ula'Ula Water
184 062Poliwrath
Tadpole Akala Ice Psychic
Ula'Ula Water Fighting
185 186Politoed
Frog Akala Water Psychic
Ula'Ula Water
186 118Goldeen
Goldfish Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Dark
187 119Seaking
Goldfish Akala Water
Ula'Ula Water Dark
188 550Basculin-Red
Hostile Akala Water Flying
Ula'Ula Water Rock
Poni Water
189 349Feebas
Fish Akala Water
190 350Milotic
Tender Akala Water
191 594Alomomola
Caring Akala Water
192 661Fletchling
Tiny Robin Akala Normal Flying
193 662Fletchinder
Ember Akala Fire Flying
194 663Talonflame
Scorching Akala Fire Flying
195 757Salandit
Toxic Lizard Akala Poison Fire
196 758Salazzle
Toxic Lizard Akala Poison Fire
197 104Cubone
Lonely Akala Ground
198 105MarowakAlola
Alolan Marowak
Bone Keeper Akala Fire Ghost
199 115Kangaskhan
Parent Akala Normal
200 240Magby
Live Coal Akala Fire
201 126Magmar
Spitfire Akala Fire
202 467Magmortar
Blast Akala Fire
203 636Larvesta
Torch Akala Bug Fire
204 637Volcarona
Sun Akala Bug Fire
205 759Stufful
Flailing Akala Normal Fighting
Poni Normal Ground
206 760Bewear
Stong Arm Akala Normal Fighting
Poni Normal Ground
207 761Bounsweet
Fruit Akala Grass
208 762Steenee
Fruit Akala Grass
209 763Tsareena
Fruit Akala Grass
210 764Comfey
Posy Picker Akala Fairy
211 127Pinsir
Stag Beetle Akala Bug Dark
Poni Bug
212 163Hoothoot
Owl Akala Normal Flying
213 164Noctowl
Owl Akala Normal Flying
214 352Kecleon
Colour Swap Akala Normal
215 765Oranguru
Sage Akala Normal Psychic
216 766Passimian
Teamwork Akala Fighting
217 704Goomy
Soft Tissue Akala Dragon Ice
Ula'Ula Dragon
Poni Dragon Poison
218 705Sliggoo
Soft Tissue Akala Dragon Ice
Ula'Ula Dragon
Poni Dragon Poison
219 706Goodra
Dragon Akala Dragon Ice
Ula'Ula Dragon
Poni Dragon Poison
220 351Castform
Weather Akala Normal
Ula'Ula Normal Grass
Poni Normal Ghost
221 767Wimpod
Turn Tail Akala Bug Water
Poni Bug Fighting
222 768Golisopod
Hard Scale Akala Bug Water
Poni Bug Fighting
223 120Staryu
Star Shape Akala Water
224 121Starmie
Mysterious Akala Water Psychic
225 769Sandygast
Sand Heap Akala Ghost Ground
226 770Palossand
Sand Castle Akala Ghost Ground
227 138Omanyte
Spiral Akala Rock Water
228 139Omastar
Spiral Akala Rock Water
229 140Kabuto
Shellfish Akala Rock Water
230 141Kabutops
Shellfish Akala Rock Water
231 345Lileep
Sea Lily Akala Rock Grass
232 346Cradily
Barnacle Akala Rock Grass
233 347Anorith
Old Shrimp Akala Rock Bug
234 348Armaldo
Plate Akala Rock Bug
235 408Cranidos
Head Butt Akala Rock
236 409Rampardos
Head Butt Akala Rock
237 410Shieldon
Shield Akala Rock Steel
238 411Bastiodon
Shield Akala Rock Steel
239 566Archen
First Bird Akala Rock Flying
240 567Archeops
First Bird Akala Rock Flying
241 564Tirtouga
Prototurtle Akala Water Rock
242 565Carracosta
Prototurtle Akala Water Rock
243 696Tyrunt
Royal Heir Akala Rock Dragon
244 697Tyrantrum
Despot Akala Rock Dragon
245 698Amaura
Tundra Akala Rock Ice
246 699Aurorus
Tundra Akala Rock Ice
247 246Larvitar
Rock Skin Akala Rock Ground
248 247Pupitar
Hard Shell Akala Rock Ground
249 248Tyranitar
Armour Akala Rock Dark
250 708Phantump
Stump Akala Ghost Grass
251 709Trevenant
Elder Tree Akala Ghost Grass
252 177Natu
Tiny Bird Akala Psychic Flying
253 178Xatu
Mystic Akala Psychic Flying
254 299Nosepass
Compass Akala Rock
255 476Probopass
Compass Akala Rock Steel
256 771Pyukumuku
Sea Cucumber Akala Water
257 170Chinchou
Angler Akala Water Electric
258 171Lanturn
Light Akala Water Electric
259 772Type Null
Type: Null
Synthetic N/A Normal
260 773Silvally
Synthetic N/A Normal
261 803Poipole
Poison Pin N/A Poison
262 804Naganadel
Poison Pin N/A Poison Dragon
263 718Zygarde
Order N/A Dragon Ground
264 568Trubbish
Trash Bag Ula'Ula Poison
265 569Garbodor
Trash Heap Ula'Ula Poison
266 572Minccino
Chinchilla Ula'Ula Normal
267 573Cinccino
Scarf Ula'Ula Normal
268 204Pineco
Bagworm Ula'Ula Bug
269 205Forretress
Bagworm Ula'Ula Bug Steel
270 227Skarmory
Armour Bird Ula'Ula Steel Fire
Poni Steel Flying
271 132Ditto
Transform Ula'Ula Normal
272 173Cleffa
Star Shape Ula'Ula Fairy
273 035Clefairy
Fairy Ula'Ula Fairy
274 036Clefable
Fairy Ula'Ula Fairy
275 605Elgyem
Cerebral Ula'Ula Psychic
276 606Beheeyem
Cerebral Ula'Ula Psychic
277 774Minior
Meteor Ula'Ula Rock Flying
278 374Beldum
Iron Ball Ula'Ula Steel Psychic
279 375Metang
Iron Claw Ula'Ula Steel Psychic
280 376Metagross
Iron Leg Ula'Ula Steel Psychic
281 137Porygon
Virtual Ula'Ula Normal
282 233Porygon2
Virtual Ula'Ula Normal
283 474Porygon-Z
Virtual Ula'Ula Normal
284 674Pancham
Playful Ula'Ula Fighting
285 675Pangoro
Daunting Ula'Ula Fighting Dark
286 775Komala
Drowsing Ula'Ula Normal
287 324Torkoal
Coal Ula'Ula Fire
288 776Turtonator
Blast Turtle Ula'Ula Fire Dragon
289 228Houndour
Dark Ula'Ula Dark Fire
290 229Houndoom
Dark Ula'Ula Dark Fire
291 702Dedenne
Antenna Ula'Ula Electric Fairy
292 777Togedemaru
Roly-Poly Ula'Ula Electric Steel
293 309Electrike
Lightning Ula'Ula Electric
294 310Manectric
Discharge Ula'Ula Electric
295 239Elekid
Electric Ula'Ula Electric
296 125Electabuzz
Electric Ula'Ula Electric
297 466Electivire
Thunderbolt Ula'Ula Electric
298 074GeodudeAlola
Alolan Geodude
Rock Ula'Ula Rock Electric
299 075GravelerAlola
Alolan Graveler
Rock Ula'Ula Rock Electric
300 076GolemAlola
Alolan Golem
Megaton Ula'Ula Rock Electric
301 551Sandile
Desert Croc Ula'Ula Ground Dark
302 552Krokorok
Desert Croc Ula'Ula Ground Dark
303 553Krookodile
Intimidation Ula'Ula Ground Dark
304 328Trapinch
Ant Pit Ula'Ula Ground
305 329Vibrava
Vibration Ula'Ula Ground Dragon
306 330Flygon
Mystic Ula'Ula Ground Dragon
307 443Gible
Land Shark Ula'Ula Dragon Ground
308 444Gabite
Cave Ula'Ula Dragon Ground
309 445Garchomp
Mach Ula'Ula Dragon Ground
310 343Baltoy
Clay Doll Ula'Ula Ground Psychic
311 344Claydol
Clay Doll Ula'Ula Ground Psychic
312 622Golett
Automaton Ula'Ula Ground Ghost
313 623Golurk
Automaton Ula'Ula Ground Ghost
314 707Klefki
Key Ring Ula'Ula Steel Fairy
315 778Mimikyu
Disguise Ula'Ula Ghost Fairy
316 353Shuppet
Puppet Ula'Ula Ghost
317 354Banette
Marionette Ula'Ula Ghost
318 592Frillish
Floating Ula'Ula Water Ghost
319 593Jellicent
Floating Ula'Ula Water Ghost
320 779Bruxish
Gnash Teeth Ula'Ula Water Psychic
321 780Drampa
Placid Ula'Ula Normal Dragon
322 359Absol
Disaster Ula'Ula Dark
323 361Snorunt
Snow Hat Ula'Ula Ice
324 362Glalie
Face Ula'Ula Ice
325 478Froslass
Snow Land Ula'Ula Ice Ghost
326 215Sneasel
Sharp Claw Ula'Ula Dark Ice
327 461Weavile
Sharp Claw Ula'Ula Dark Ice
328 027SandshrewAlola
Alolan Sandshrew
Mouse Ula'Ula Ice Steel
329 028SandslashAlola
Alolan Sandslash
Mouse Ula'Ula Ice Steel
330 037VulpixAlola
Alolan Vulpix
Fox Ula'Ula Ice
331 038NinetalesAlola
Alolan Ninetales
Fox Ula'Ula Ice Fairy
332 582Vanillite
Fresh Snow Ula'Ula Ice
333 583Vanillish
Icy Snow Ula'Ula Ice
334 584Vanilluxe
Snowstorm Ula'Ula Ice
335 559Scraggy
Shedding Ula'Ula Dark Fighting
336 560Scrafty
Hoodlum Ula'Ula Dark Fighting
337 624Pawniard
Sharp Blade Ula'Ula Dark Steel
338 625Bisharp
Sword Blade Ula'Ula Dark Steel
339 209Snubbull
Fairy Poni Fairy
340 210Granbull
Fairy Poni Fairy
341 422Shellos
Sea Slug Poni Water
342 423Gastrodon
Sea Slug Poni Water Ground
343 369Relicanth
Longevity Poni Water Rock
344 781Dhelmise
Sea Creeper Poni Ghost Grass
345 318Carvanha
Savage Poni Water Dark
346 319Sharpedo
Brutal Poni Water Dark
347 690Skrelp
Mock Kelp Poni Poison Water
348 691Dragalge
Mock Kelp Poni Poison Dragon
349 692Clauncher
Water Gun Poni Water
350 693Clawitzer
Howitzer Poni Water
351 320Wailmer
Ball Whale Poni Water
352 321Wailord
Float Whale Poni Water
353 131Lapras
Transport Poni Water Ice
354 357Tropius
Fruit Poni Grass Flying
355 102Exeggcute
Egg Poni Grass Psychic
356 103ExeggutorAlola
Coconut Poni Grass Dragon
357 341Corphish
Ruffian Poni Water
358 342Crawdaunt
Rogue Poni Water Dark
359 619Mienfoo
Martial Arts Poni Fighting
360 620Mienshao
Martial Arts Poni Fighting
361 782Jangmo-o
Scaly Poni Dragon
362 783Hakamo-o
Scaly Poni Dragon Fighting
363 784Kommo-o
Scaly Poni Dragon Fighting
364 587Emolga
Sky Squirrel Poni Electric Flying
365 123Scyther
Mantis Poni Bug Flying
366 212Scizor
Pincer Poni Bug Steel
367 214Heracross
Single Horn Poni Bug Fighting
368 190Aipom
Long Tail Poni Normal
369 424Ambipom
Long Tail Poni Normal
370 667Litleo
Lion Cub Poni Fire Normal
371 668Pyroar
Royal Poni Fire Normal
372 200Misdreavus
Screech Poni Ghost
373 429Mismagius
Magical Poni Ghost
374 621Druddigon
Cave Poni Dragon
375 108Lickitung
Licking Poni Normal
376 463Lickilicky
Licking Poni Normal
377 447Riolu
Emanation Poni Fighting
378 448Lucario
Aura Poni Fighting Steel
379 147Dratini
Dragon Poni Dragon
380 148Dragonair
Dragon Poni Dragon
381 149Dragonite
Dragon Poni Dragon Flying
382 142Aerodactyl
Fossil Poni Rock Flying
383 785Tapu Koko
Tapu Koko
Land Guardian Melemele Electric Fairy
384 786Tapu Lele
Tapu Lele
Land Guardian Akala Psychic Fairy
385 787Tapu Bulu
Tapu Bulu
Land Guardian Ula'Ula Grass Fairy
386 788Tapu Fini
Tapu Fini
Land Guardian Poni Water Fairy
387 789Cosmog
Nebula N/A Psychic
388 790Cosmoem
Protostar N/A Psychic
389 791Solgaleo
Sunne N/A Psychic Steel
390 792Lunala
Moone N/A Psychic Ghost
391 793Nihilego
Parasite N/A Rock Poison
392 805Stakataka
Rampart N/A Rock Steel
393 806Blacephalon
Fireworks N/A Fire Ghost
394 794Buzzwole
Swollen N/A Bug Fighting
395 795Pheromosa
Lissome N/A Bug Fighting
396 796Xurkitree
Glowing N/A Electric
397 797Celesteela
Launch N/A Steel Flying
398 798Kartana
Drawn Sword N/A Grass Steel
399 799Guzzlord
Junkivore N/A Dark Dragon
400 800Necrozma
Prism N/A Psychic
401 801Magearna
Artificial N/A Steel Fairy
402 802Marshadow
Gloomdweller N/A Fighting Ghost
403 807Zeraora
Thunderclap N/A Electric


For the most part the Alola Region's layout remains unchanged in Pokemon Ultra Star with a few new locatiosn added in being shown on the map below. However the major change comes from the content within each location which has been dramatically altered to increase the size of each location and also add in new things to do in the form of locations of interest for the various settlements across Alola while also adding in puzzle elements and featurettes to the Routes and dungeons.

Alola Map Complete

Melemele Island

Melemele Island is the first island the player will find themselves on during the game, the island is the second smallest in the game after Poni Island and features four settlements as well as eight marked places of interest. The island's guardian Pokemon is Tapu Koko and the Kahuna is Hala who specializes in Fighting-Types, there is only one Trial Captain on Melemele Island, the Normal-Type specialist, Ilima. In addition there is one optional trial on the island.

Hau'Oli Outskirts

A small collection of houses located near the beachside, the area is recommended for people moving to Alola as there has been heavy development in recent years. The houses all form a large circle around Professor Kukui's Lab which is the centrepoint of the Outskirts. The player's home is also located here among other locations, the player will find that the area has large gardens that seem to attract various Pokemon from across Melemele Island to the Outskirts.

Trainer Class Team
Youngster 686Inkay
Inkay Lv6
Rockruff Lv6
Youngster 278Wingull
Wingull Lv6
Rowlet Lv6
Lass 725Litten
Litten Lv5
Yungoos Lv5
Wingull Lv5
Lass 731Pikipek
Pikipek Lv5
Rattata Lv5
Ledyba Lv5
Swimmer 072Tentacool
Tentacool Lv7
Swimmer 458Mantyke
Mantyke Lv6
Mantyke Lv6
Backpacker 446Munchlax
Munchlax Lv4
Grubbin Lv4
Pichu Lv4
Spinarak Lv4
Fisherman 456Finneon
Finneon Lv5
Slowpoke Lv5
Finneon Lv5
Hiker 744Rockruff
Rockruff Lv8
  • Player's House - The player's house, a developed house that's one of the largest in the outskirts, the house is a two-storey building with a small garden out the back. During different times of the day the player's mum can be found at the house either relaxing with the family's pet Meowth or out in the garden with a few wild Pokemon. The player is able to customize their bedroom similar to Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal, with the player being able to add plushies to their room as well as different ornaments and decorations and also change the design for their carpet, bed and desk.
  • Professor Kukui's Lab - The lab of the Alola Region's own regional Professor, unlike most labs Kukui's lab is rather chaotic in its layout being a patch-work or rooms that seems to be built more like a tower than an actual laboratory. The lower floors are dedicated to marine Pokemon and research facilities while the higher rooms seem to be for living quarters and battle rooms where Kukui has Pokemon practise moves they can use.
Trainer Class Team
Scientist 096Drowzee
Drowzee Lv3
Abra Lv3
Scientist 736Grubbin
Grubbin Lv2
Ledyba Lv2
Spinarak Lv2
Scientist 079Slowpoke
Slowpoke Lv4
Black Belt 066Machop
Machop Lv3
Machop Lv3
Machop Lv3
Black Belt 701Hawlucha
Hawlucha Lv5
Crush Girl 739Crabrawler
Drowzee Lv4
Abra Lv4
Crush Girl 066Machop
Machop Lv5
Prof. Kukui
1 Trial Completed
Rockruff Lv15
Magnemite Lv14
Munchlax Lv13
Prof. Kukui
3 Trials Completed
745Lycanroc Dusk
Lycanroc Lv26
Magnemite Lv24
Munchlax Lv22
Jangmo-o Lv23
Prof. Kukui
5 Trials Completed
745Lycanroc Dusk
Lycanroc Lv37
Magneton Lv34
Snorlax Lv35
Hakamo-o Lv35
Scraggy Lv34
Prof. Kukui
8 Trials Completed
745Lycanroc Dusk
Lycanroc Lv55
Magnezone Lv53
Snorlax Lv54
Kommo-o Lv54
Scrafty Lv53
Heracross Lv53
  • Trade House - A special community center founded in the Hau'Oli Outskirts where trainers from across Alola gather to share and trade Pokemon, the player can find a variety of trainers here who'll trade Pokemon with the player including some set trainers specifically for Trade Evolution Pokemon.
Trainer Class Team
Youngster 734Yungoos
Yungoos Lv2
Yungoos Lv2
Youngster 010Caterpie
Caterpie Lv2
Caterpie Lv2
Youngster 079Slowpoke
Slowpoke Lv3
Lass 427Buneary
Buneary Lv3
Lass 278Wingull
Wingull Lv2
Inkay Lv2
Preschooler 722Rowlet
Rowlet Lv3
Preschooler 725Litten
Litten Lv3
Preschooler 728Popplio
Popplio Lv3
Fairy-Tale Girl 669Flabébé
Flabébé Lv4
  • Outskirts Beachouse - A beachouse that had become a popular tourist destination, the Beachouse offers relaxing massages while also providing a scenic view of the oceanside, many people tend to congregate around the small shop at this beachouse where they sell a variety of confectionaries.
  • Fire Dancing Pit - Sometimes used by Fire Dancers, the Pit is a notable landmark of the Hau'Oli Outskirts which attracts tourists alongside the Beachouse, on some nights the player can even find Fire Dancers performing and on incredibly rare occasions the player's mum or Professor Kukui will perform fire dances as well.
Trainer Class Team
Dancer 741Oricorio Pom-Pom
Oricorio Lv5
Dancer 722Rowlet
Rowlet Lv4
Pikipek Lv4
Dancer 427Buneary
Buneary Lv4
Ledyba Lv4
Fire Dancer 058Growlithe
Growlithe Lv4
Growlithe Lv4
Growlithe Lv4
Fire Dancer 725Litten
Litten Lv6
Fireman 278Wingull
Wingull Lv4
Popplio Lv4

Route 1

A verdant hillside escape leading up to Iki Town and connecting to the Hau'Oli Outskirts in the south. Due to the dense greenery in the area it is split into several major pathways, some of which are blocked either via sheer cliffs or other obstacles, the area is the first Route the player will explore in the game and introduces the players to Single Battles, Double Battles and Wild Battles. After the player's defeated Necrozma the Route also contains an Ultra Wormhole that the player can access to enter an alternate version of Alola Route 1 where different Pokemon can be found as well as different trainers.

Trainer Class Team
Youngster 446Munchlax
Munchlax Lv3
Rattata Lv3
Youngster 731Pikipek
Pikipek Lv4
Lass 172Pichu
Pichu Lv4
Lass 165Ledyba
Ledyba Lv2
Grubbin Lv2
Caterpie Lv2
Preschooler 427Buneary
Buneary Lv3
Munchlax Lv3
Preschooler 722Rowlet
Rowlet Lv4
Twins 438Bonsly
Bonsly Lv4
Happiny Lv4

Iki Outpost

A small outpost right outside the entrance to Iki Town, the outpost is manned by Trial Guides much like those seen elsewhere on the island, these Trial Guides who refer to themselves as "Hala's Elite" are specialists in the Fighting-Type and seem to spend their time battling trainers who are entering Iki Town to pass the time. Hala sometimes visits the Outpost to see how the guides are going and the player can also find an Aroma Lady who'll periodically visit the Outpost to sell Berries and Flowers.

Trainer Class Team
Trial Guide 056Mankey
Mankey Lv2
Mankey Lv2
Mankey Lv3
Machop Lv5
Trial Guide 701Hawlucha
Hawlucha Lv4
Hawlucha Lv6
Trial Guide 066Machop
Machop Lv4
Machop Lv3
Hawlucha Lv5
Trial Guide 739Crabrawler
Crabrawler Lv6

Iki Town

An old town that's existed for hundreds of years, it's said that Iki Town was founded when a ship of early Alolan travellers crashed into Melemele Island in an old storm and repurposed the ships they'd been sailing on, which had become wrecked from the storm into houses. The town has a mural depicting the story and includes a segment showing Tapu Koko blessing the Captain of the ships as the Kahuna of Melemele Island giving him the ability to use Z-Crystals. The town is noticeably larger in Ultra Star than it was in USUM with more houses and a Pokemon Center as well as more places to visit. The town is more or less broken up into three levels separated by staircases although the player is never restricted to going to the highest level of the town.

  • Kahuna's House - The house in which Kahuna's live, the house is constructed from an ancient boat and has over the years remained fairly static in its design with only maintenance done to retain its design. The house has paintings of each Kahuna of Melemele Island since the Captain of the original vessels from ancient times, according to this there have been at least 28 Kahunas of Melemele Island including Hala. The house is also a place where once can find a variety of wild Pokemon roaming about as there are gardens attached to the house where a number of Bug-Type and Grass-Type Pokemon reside, the player can even visit this garden to find a few of these Pokemon earlier than they appear elsewhere in Melemele Island.
  • Hau's House - Hau's House, a rather quirky design among the houses of Iki Town, it was built along with many of the other first houses in the town and the boat it was constructed from had a distinct emblem in the shape of a Mienshao which later became Hau's Family's Crest, the house's interior is fairly large with a room for Hau, his parents and his siblings, the player can also find a dojo where Hau's father, Pandan trains young trainers to ready themselves for the Island Trials.
  • Melemele Arena - An arena that's one of four in the Alola Region, the Melemele Arena was built in honour of the island guardian, Tapu Koko and is adorned with a large perch where the legendary Pokemon can reside while watching over the battles of those taking on the Grand Trail, the Arena is covered in a bounty of berry bushes and flowers and has a distinctive electric design to it with large metal rods on each of the four corners and a lightning symbol in the middle of the arena.
Trainer Class Team
Youngster 167Spinarak
Spinarak Lv12
Butterfree Lv12
Youngster 570Zorua
Zorua Lv10
Pikachu Lv10
Bonsly Lv10
Meowth Lv10
Youngster 023Ekans
Ekans Lv11
Makuhita Lv11
Dunsparce Lv11
Lass 629Vullaby
Vullaby Lv10
Flabebe Lv10
741Oricorio Pom-Pom
Oricorio Lv10
Cutiefly Lv10
Lass 238Smoochum
Smoochum Lv12
Cottonee Lv12
Lass 548Petilil
Petilil Lv9
Barboach Lv9
Seel Lv9
Mawile Lv9
Spinda Lv9
Preschooler 744Rockruff
Rockruff Lv13
Preschooler 714Noibat
Noibat Lv11
Zubat Lv11
Pikipek Lv11
Rising Star 739Crabrawler
Crabrawler Lv12
Grimer Lv12
Inkay Lv12
Rising Star 734Yungoos
Yungoos Lv13
Rowlet Lv13
Rising Star 019RattataAlola
Rattata Lv13
Popplio Lv13
Rising Star 066Machop
Machop Lv13
Litten Lv13
Twins 676Furfrou-Star
Furfrou Lv12
Furfrou Lv12
Furfrou Lv12
Furfrou Lv12
Furfrou Lv12
Furfrou Lv12
Psychic 064Kadabra
Kadabra Lv14
Psychic 079Slowpoke
Slowpoke Lv12
Raichu Lv12
Gastly Lv12
Black Belt 066Machop
Machop Lv13
Makuhita Lv13
Makuhita Lv13
Crush Girl 739Crabrawler
Crabrawler Lv14
Mankey Lv14
Punk 041Zubat
Zubat Lv13
Grimer Lv13
Punk 023Ekans
Ekans Lv10
Ekans Lv10
Spinarak Lv10
Meowth Lv10
Rattata Lv10
Aroma Lady 548Petilil
Petilil Lv12
Rowlet Lv12
Petilil Lv12
Aroma Lady 546Cottonee
Cottonee Lv8
Cottonee Lv12
Flabébé Lv10
Petilil Lv12
Petilil Lv8
Kindler 725Litten
Litten Lv14
Kindler 058Growlithe
Growlithe Lv12
Growlithe Lv12
Growlithe Lv12
Fireman 278Wingull
Wingull Lv10
Wingull Lv12
Popplio Lv11
Psyduck Lv12
Psyduck Lv10
Fireman 339Barboach
Barboach Lv13
Seel Lv13
Barboach Lv13
Worker 703Carbink
Carbink Lv12
Roggenrola Lv12
Rockruff Lv12
Worker 081Magnemite
Magnemite Lv14
Worker 066Machop
Machop Lv12
Makuhita Lv12
Rockruff Lv12
Sailor 223Remoraid
Remoraid Lv11
Mantyke Lv11
Clamperl Lv11
Clamperl Lv11
Sailor 090Shellder
Shellder Lv9
Shellder Lv9
Mareanie Lv9
Finneon Lv9
Finneon Lv9
Corsola Lv9
Pkmn Breeder 425Drifloon
Drifloon Lv8
Buneary Lv8
Flabébé Lv8
Abra Lv8
Petilil Lv8
Mantyke Lv8
Pkmn Breeder 172Pichu
Pichu Lv8
Bonsly Lv8
Rockruff Lv8
Grubbin Lv8
Cutiefly Lv8
Mankey Lv8
Pkmn Breeder 198Murkrow
Murkrow Lv8
Noibat Lv8
Zubat Lv8
Dunsparce Lv8
439Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. Lv8
Happiny Lv8
  • Berry Master's Abode - A large and unique house in Iki Town, owned by the self-proclaimed Berry Master the house is shaped like a giant Lum Berry. The house's interior is similarly decorated with a variety of berry themed decorations and appliances. The Berry Master will usually be found the second floor in his personal Berry Garden where the player can receive a Berry from him once per day, the Berry the player receives is random but selected from a pool of berries which increases in variety as the player completes more trials. The player will also find that the Berry Master's daughter, who similar to her father is rather eccentric and refers to herself as the "Berry Master in-training" will inform the player of where they can find certain berries and will sometimes request the player bring her a berry to analyze paying the player for them completing the tasks she asks of them. The player will also find that the Berry Garden in the Post-Game has a chance of a Combee appearing each day in one of the four Berry Bushes, the player can tell when a Combee is around because the Berry Master will be outside his house stating that he heard odd noises coming from his garden and needs someone to investigate.
  • Briney Cottage - The Cottage of a young man known as Mr. Briney, he mentions that like his grandfather in the Hoenn Region he's lived for the sea and after living on Dewford in Hoenn during his childhood he caught a Wingull which evolved into his Pelipper and flew to the Alola Region searching for adventures in the sea. The player can receive hints from him about the whereabouts of some sunken wrecks in the Alola Region which contain secret treasure. On Thursdays, Mr. Briney will be found in Malie City instead where he'll be found talking to Ryuki who informs the player that him and Mr. Briney used to be rivals before Mr. Briney's love of the sea became his main focus.
  • Sumo Wrestling Club - The large presence of sumo wrestling in Iki Town resulted in this clubhouse being built back when Hala was a young man, the club sometimes has wrestling matches to appease Tapu Koko when there are no trainers to battle, they often express interest in expanding their sport to the other islands although note that each island seems to have its own sport. The player can help the club out by finding Wrestlers on the other three islands and convince them to join the club, the player gets a TM for finding all three.

Hau'Oli Beachside

The Beachside of Melemele Island, just South-East of the Hau'Oli Outskirts. The Beachside extends a long ways across Melemele Island with plenty of nooks and crannies for the player to explore and find rare items and Pokemon as well as even a few trainers lurking about in the small canyon spaces. The beachside is also well-known for the fertile soil here thanks to Ten Carat Hill back when it was a volcano, as such there is a farm here where the player will find a useful Pokemon that they'll need to complete the game.

Trainer Class Team
Swimmer 079Slowpoke
Slowpoke Lv4
Psyduck Lv4
Swimmer 086Seel
Seel Lv2
Seel Lv2
Wingull Lv5
Swimmer 339Barboach
Barboach Lv3
Tentacool Lv3
Tentacool Lv3
Surfer 746Wishiwashi
Wishiwashi Lv4
Tentacool Lv6
Surfer 054Psyduck
Psyduck Lv5
Psyduck Lv5
Beauty 669Flabébé
Flabébé Lv3
741Oricorio Pom-Pom
Oricorio Lv3
Meowth Lv3
Furfrou Lv3
Rich Boy 686Inkay
Inkay Lv6
Young Couple 427Buneary
Buneary Lv5
Yungoos Lv5
Young Couple 439Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. Lv4
Grimer Lv4
Bonsly Lv4
Diglett Lv4
  • Cornn Farms - These farms located in South-East Melemele are referred to by locals as the Cornn Farms, they're called this due to the large produce of Cornn Berries the farm generates, thanks to the volcanic ash that seeped into the soil it's a surprisingly verdant location despite being so close to the beach. Due to the way the Cornn Berries grow the Farmers use the Pokemon Tauros to provide manual labour to get around. The player will need to visit these farms a few times completing small objectives for them to earn the trust of one of their Tauros and obtain it as a Ride Pokemon.
  • Luvdisc Vacation Motel - A small motel located on the beachside that attracts young couples hoping to take in the beautiful Melemele Reef. The Motel is themed around the Pokemon Luvdisc and has a large aquarium in the entry hall where several Luvdisc reside, interestingly the player can inspect this Aquarium and find a Luvdisc that seems rather lonely, one of the owners of the motel will walk over to the player informing them that the Luvdisc was brought here when it was quite young due to an unfortunate situation it found itself in being beached and unable to return to the water due to Mareanie. The player can offer to bring a Luvdisc to be friends with the lonely Luvdisc and the owner will thank the player once they bring back a Luvdisc, it should be noted that if the player catches a Shiny Luvdisc the owner will have extra dialogue noting that they're not really sure if it's alright to receive such a rare Pokemon as a gift but thanks the player regardless and adds the player's Luvdisc to the aquarium which accompanies the previously Lonely Luvdisc, if the Luvdisc is shiny it will be shiny in its overworld version as well.

Ten Carat Reef

The Ten Carat Reef is one of several reefs located in the Alola Region and one of two on Melemele Island. The reef provides a beautiful view to the underwater world which the player can later explore after they've obtained Mantine's Dive Ability. The Reef is home to a number of Water-Type Pokemon and is quite verdant with large flowery plants growing out of the water. There are a few islands in the Reef that have treasure buried under them from time to time, although treasure hunters should be careful since sometimes the wild Pokemon that bury these treasures can be rather clingy. The player can also find schools of Fish Pokemon which can attack the player in hordes, with a higher than average shiny chance.

Trainer Class Team
Swimmer 367Huntail
Huntail Lv17
Tentacool Lv16
Staryu Lv18
Swimmer 368Gorebyss
Gorebyss Lv17
Remoraid Lv14
Corsola Lv14
Seel Lv15
Goldeen Lv15
Free Diver 593Jellicent
Jellicent Lv41
Alomomola Lv37
Deep Sea Diver 062Poliwrath
Poliwrath Lv38
Milotic Lv40
Octillery Lv36
Backpacker 058Growlithe
Growlithe Lv15
Leafeon Lv18
Poliwag Lv14
Jigglypuff Lv17
Bird Keeper 278Wingull
Wingull Lv3
Wingull Lv3
Pikipek Lv6
  • Coldstone Cavern - A strange underwater cavern that is unusually cold due to the presence of an Icy Stone, the cavern is also partly covered by ruins that are referred to as the Coldstone Ruins which run deep beneath Melemele Island. They tell of an ancient Golem Pokemon that protected Melemele Island by freezing waves stopping them in their tracks, although the Golem Pokemon has long left the Alola Region along with its brethren of Akala Island and Poni Island the ruins immortalize their presence here as guardians along with the Tapus. The dungeon is also the location of the NeverMeltIce.
  • Pirate's Grove - A small alcove nestled into Ten Carat Hill, although considered part of the Reef. The Grove is a verdant area that has a number of wild Pokemon that dwell within it, the player will find that the area supposedly conceals the treasure of a Pirate who sought refuge in Melemele Island after his ship had gotten wrecked in a bad storm. The player will not be able to fully explore this mini-dungeon until they've met up with Acerola who accompanies the player through the Grove using her Ghost-Type Pokemon to clear pathways for them. Acerola explains that she wanted to find the treasure because it was written in her family's history that pirates had stolen many heirlooms from them over the centuries and was hoping the treasure would contain one such heirloom. In the deepest part of the grove the player can find the Pirate's Treasure which contains the Royal Family's Brooch which Acerola thanks the player for helping her find. The player will also find the treasure contains several rare items that sell for high prices and a King's Rock.
Trainer Class Team
Twins 671Florges
Florges Lv44
Lilligant Lv44
Twins 327Spinda
Spinda Lv42
Raichu Lv42
Spinda Lv42
Togedemaru Lv42
Bug Catcher Pair 046Paras
Paras Lv39
Heracross Lv40
Parasect Lv41
Scyther Lv39
Pinsir Lv40
Scizor Lv41
Bug Catcher Pair 346Cradily
Cradily Lv44
Masquerain Lv40
Ribombee Lv43
Larvesta Lv41
Fisherman Duo 080Slowbro
Slowbro Lv42
Vaporeon Lv42
Slowking Lv42
Lanturn Lv42
Young Couple 178Xatu
Xatu Lv44
Drifblim Lv44
Rising Star Duo 627Rufflet
Rufflet Lv41
Honchkrow Lv45
Vullaby Lv41
Fearow Lv45
Rising Star Duo 526Gigalith
Gigalith Lv45
Clefable Lv45
Ace Trainer Duo 663Talonflame
Talonflame Lv42
Lurantis Lv42
Aurorus Lv42
Lopunny Lv42
Krookodile Lv42
Exeggutor Lv42
  • Seaflower Island - A small artificial Island made by a couple who moved to Alola when they were young and settled by creating an environment that would provide a refuge for Water-Type and Grass-Type Pokemon alike. The artificial island floats atop giant Sea Lilies supported by wooden frames that allowed the coupled to build their house on the island. The player can battle the couple once per day and can also complete a few requests from them to help expand their operation which allows the player to eventually plant several Sea Lilies which after a few weeks form new platforms where the player along with some Divers construct additional frames allowing for more houses to be built and also more land for the Grass-Type Pokemon without taking away from the Water-Type Pokemon.

Outskirt Island

A small island just outside the Ten Carat Reef, the island is home to a few houses of fishermen who moved there many years ago hoping to avoid the rapidly developing Hau'Oli City. Their Island gets little in the way of visitors however they seem to prefer this solitary lifestyle and each Fisherman here can be found in different locations on the island throughout the day practising their fishing and training their Pokemon. The player can visit the fishermen after obtaining the Fishing Rod to have it upgraded by them into the Good Fishing Rod.

  • Fisherman's Dojo - A strange and quirky dojo that the Fishermen built to train their Pokemon, the player can take on the Dojo's trainers by talking to them but can also enter into the tournament, the player will need at least one Fish Pokemon on their party, there are posters of every fish Pokemon that the tournament permits plastered around the building's interior and there are statues of Magikarp, Feebas & Wishiwashi around the central ring.
Trainer Class Team
Fisherman 283Surskit
Surskit Lv16
Omanyte Lv19
Dewpider Lv16
Fisherman 054Psyduck
Psyduck Lv15
Psyduck Lv15
Finneon Lv17
Luvdisc Lv14
Luvdisc Lv14
Fisherman 060Poliwag
Poliwag Lv16
Gyarados Lv20
Fisherman 458Mantyke
Mantyke Lv13
Mantine Lv17
Frillish Lv15
Frillish Lv15
Remoraid Lv15
Fisherman 090Shellder
Shellder Lv17
Clamperl Lv17
Corsola Lv17
Fisherman 129Magikarp
Magikarp Lv14
Feebas Lv16
Shellos Lv17
Shellos Lv17
  • Hall of Fish - A room that seems to have been desgined after the Hall of Fames in Pokemon Leagues across the world, the Hall of Fish serves a similar function acting as a place for the player to have their Fish Pokemon recorded, the Pokemon the player catch through fishing can be recorded here with all important information about them included, the player can also find the entry of the first Fisherman who entered this hall, a man named Rhiner who is said to have travelled to an unknown place in Alola to fish for rare Pokemon, the Pokemon he entered was a shiny Milotic.
  • Tidal Cave - A cave located beneath Outskirt Island that has two entrances, one next to the houses in a small outcropping and the other underwater, both entrances lead to Tidal Cave, a mini-dungeon that like certain caves before it has a Tide System in place, the player will find the cave intervals between High Tide and Low Tide, providing and limiting access to certain areas, the dungeon is uniquely one of few locations to feature geysers as puzzle elements in the game which will force the player's Mantine to surface and can even be used to move from low bodies of water to high bodies of water where waterfall scaling is impossible.

Ten Carat Hill

A mighty and imposing mountain that is one of the two peaks of Melemele Island, Ten Carat Hill was once an Active Volcano thousands of years ago although such a long amount of inactivity has allowed greenery to grow around and in the caldera of the mountain. The area differs between Ultra Star depending on whether the player selects the Sunne World or the Moone World although the player can visit the opposite area after completing the game. In the Sunne World this area is a massive forest on the inside with a large number of tree roots that pierce the mountain's exterior that the player can climb across to find many small entrances around the Mountain. In the Moone World the dungeon is more arid with dry grass dotting the hillside and large sandy pits in the caldera where hordes of Pokemon can ambush the player, the puzzles in the dungeon also differ with Sunne World focusing on Machamp's elemental punches while Moone World focuses on Machamp's Strength.

Trainer Class Team
Hiker 739Crabrawler
Crabrawler Lv11
Diglett Lv11
Hiker 339Barboach
Barboach Lv9
Roggenrola Lv9
Roggenrola Lv9
Carbink Lv9
Backpacker 086Seel
Seel Lv10
Spearow Lv10
Murkrow Lv10
Rising Star 439Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. Lv9
Pikachu Lv10
Zorua Lv11
Rising Star 056Mankey
Mankey Lv8
Ekans Lv7
Rattata Lv6
Yungoos Lv6
Drowzee Lv7
Drifloon Lv8
  • Webbed WoodsSunne - In the Sunne World, the Webbed Woods are located in the center of Ten Carat Hill, these small woods are covered in webs woven by the Pokemon, Spinarak and provide access to different areas of the woods as the surprisingly strong webs are able to support people walking across them and can even be used like trampolines to jump over large gaps. There is a massive spider web in the middle of the woods where an exceptionally powerful Pokemon is said to reside however it will only appear to ward off vandals of its territory.
Trainer Class Team
Bug Catcher 167Spinarak
Bug Catcher 010Caterpie
Caterpie Lv15
Metapod Lv17
Butterfree Lv19
Ledyba Lv16
Grubbin Lv17
Ledian Lv18
Bug Catcher 742Cutiefly
Cutiefly Lv19
Ledian Lv20
Spinarak Lv18
Butterfree Lv19
Bug Maniac 736Grubbin
Grubbin Lv19
Charjabug Lv21
Vikavolt Lv23
  • Pit of SandstormMoone - In the Moone World, the center of Ten Carat Hill is a large chasm that thanks to the heat from the magma chamber below has resulted in a small desert environment forming, the Pit of Sandstorm is rough and rugged, shaped by rain and shine that's carved sheer cliffs around it with various Pokemon that find the environment surprisingly hospitable residing there. Over time the pit had attracted various rough-terrain Pokemon which made the place their home, often competing for territory, as such several hollows have formed where small pockets of Pokemon reside, aggressive in nature they'll attack any who enter their dens, there is a Trial Guide outside the pits that will not let the player enter unless the player has completed Ilima's trial as the Pokemon are extremely hostile and won't hestitate to attack the player by surprise.
Trainer Class Team
Punk 023Ekans
Ekans Lv18
Grimer Lv20
Arbok Lv22
Punk 052MeowthAlola
Meowth Lv19
Meowth Lv17
Murkrow Lv18
Vullaby Lv17
Vullaby Lv19
Punk 302Sableye
Sableye Lv19
Sableye Lv18
Murkrow Lv17
Honchkrow Lv22
Hiker 050DiglettAlola
Diglett Lv19
Boldore Lv25
Rockruff Lv19
  • Volcano Pit - Though the volcano is inactive the chambers from beneath still run deep underground connecting to the hot spot beneath the Alola Region, the area is divided into three sub-areas which are each visually distinct from one another.
    • The First sub-area is the Old Chamber Ruins, long ago when the people of Alola lived in small, isolated settlements one group that worshipped the power Ten Carat Hill possessed constructed massive ruins made out of volcanic rock honouring the volcano, over time the ruins were attacked by Tapu Koko who saw them as an afront to its domination of Melemele Island, however the people fought back holding their values to the mountain strong impressing Tapu Koko, eventually the Legendary Guardian acknowledged their power and left their ravaged ruins to stand for many years, though the people eventually integrated into the Melemele society the ruins remained preserving their ancient culture and traditions.
Trainer Class Team
Ruin Maniac 736Grubbin
Grubbin Lv18
Charjabug Lv20
Bonsly Lv19
Slowpoke Lv21
Roggenrola Lv17
Ruin Maniac 703Carbink
Carbink Lv22
Sableye Lv20
Rockruff Lv21
Scientist 238Smoochum
Smoochum Lv18
Drifloon Lv22
Kadabra Lv23
    • The Second sub-area is the Steam Basin, an underwater lake that is heated generating a dense layer of steam that fills the rooms of this area, the basin was once the living space for the people who built the Old Chamber Ruins although over time as they moved out of Ten Carat Hill the place was abandoned, after the volcano subsided the ocean access to the lake was sealed by massive boulders causing the lake and the vapour to become trapped underground, interestingly small colonies of isolated Pokemon not found anywhere else in the Alola Region exist here. It is not until the Post-Game that the player can access this sub-area and the one below due to blockades in the Old Chamber Ruins.
Trainer Class Team
Hiker 409Rampardos
Rampardos Lv66
Archeops Lv64
Hiker 305Lairon
Lairon Lv60
Aggron Lv64
Gliscor Lv60
Golurk Lv63
Nidoking Lv63
Rising Star 405Luxray
Luxray Lv65
Starmie Lv63
Turtonator Lv64
Rising Star 713Avalugg
Avalugg Lv65
Shiftry Lv65
Ruin Maniac 750Mudsdale
Mudsdale Lv65
Claydol Lv63
Golem Lv66
Diggersby Lv61
Fisherman 091Cloyster
Cloyster Lv61
Seaking Lv60
Kingdra Lv62
Sharpedo Lv61
Crawdaunt Lv60
Greninja Lv62
Fisherman 779Bruxish
Bruxish Lv64
Sealeo Lv61
Walrein Lv67
    • The Third sub-area is the Magma River, an old yet still flowing river of magma which has large glass panels built in to prevent anyone from accidentally hurting themselves, the area is only visited by the most enduring of tourists and some of the tougher among the Alolan populace, there are a few areas here where Wild Pokemon can appear to attack the player, on certain days of the week the player can find Olivia and Kiawe here training their Pokemon.
Trainer Class Team
Scientist 289Slaking
Slaking Lv66
Komala Lv64
Snorlax Lv65
Scientist 097Hypno
Hypno Lv66
479Heat Rotom
Rotom Lv66
Scientist 295Exploud
Exploud Lv64
Aegislash Lv66
Bronzong Lv64
Steelix Lv62
Veteran 330Flygon
Flygon Lv63
Mienshao Lv62
Lunatone Lv61
Heracross Lv62
Primarina Lv65
Delphox Lv65
Veteran 563Cofagrigus
Cofagrigus Lv63
Vaporeon Lv61
Golem Lv64
Golem Lv64
Tyrantrum Lv64
Swellow Lv62

Hau'Oli Highway

The highway that connects the Hau'Oli Outskirts to Hau'Oli City, it is one of the few areas in Alola large enough to support traffic, there is a large carpark near the Trainer School and pathways for pedestrians to walk along to the city, though the pathways are devoid of tall grass there is plenty just beyond the pathways that the player can access by finding gaps in the tree lines. The Hau'Oli Highway also has a number of trainers that reside on it including a mixture of Black Belts, Crush Girls and Triathletes.

Trainer Class Team
Black Belt 296Makuhita
Makuhita Lv10
Mankey Lv7
Mankey Lv7
Black Belt 701Hawlucha
Hawlucha Lv9
Machop Lv9
Crush Girl 296Makuhita