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Pokemon Turquoise and Garnet Versions
Developer(s) LYON Games, Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DeluxGamer
Release Date(s)
August 11, 2012
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG
Media Included DeluxGamer Card
Pokemon Turquoise and Pokemon Garnet are games released for the DeluxGamer. They are the first Pokemon games to be developed by LYON Games. New Pokemon, moves, abilities and items are introduced in this game. The player chooses from either Evan, the boy trainer, or Violet, the girl trainer. (Note: Those are the official names for the trainers. The chosen trainer is named by you, and the unchosen trainer keeps the official name and is your rival)

New Features

Type Effectivity

  • Fire-types are no longer weak to Rock-types. However, Fire-type moves don't effect Rock-types.
  • Poison-types are no longer weak to Psychic-types.
  • Steel-types are no longer weak to Ground-types. However, Steel-types are now weak to Rock-types.
  • Bug-types are now weak to Water-types and Fighting-types.

New Pokemon

  • Eaglice: Ice/Flying type. Ice Bird Pokemon.
  • Eaglicicle: Ice/Flying type. Icicle Pokemon. Evolves from Eaglice at Level 23.
  • Eaglacier: Ice/Flying type. Freezing Bird Pokemon. Evolves from Eaglicicle when exposed to a Freeze Stone.
  • Weelitiny: Normal type. Wheel Pokemon.
  • Weelarge: Normal type. Wheel Pokemon. Evolves from Weelitiny when leveled up with high happiness.
  • Weelnormus: Normal type. Giga Wheel Pokemon. Evolves from Weelarge at level 37.
  • Abomalanch: Ice/Grass type. Avalanche Pokemon. Evolves from Abomasnow when exposed to a Freeze Stone.
  • Florant: Bug/Grass type. Flower Ant Pokemon.
  • Florafly: Bug/Grass type. Flower Moth Pokemon. Evolves from Florant at level 18.
  • Vanillash: Ice/Fighting type. Powder Snow Pokemon. Evolves from Vanillish when exposed to a Freeze Stone.

New Moves

Move Category Type PP Power Accuracy Description
Heatseeker Special Fire 15 70 -- The user locks on to the target, delivering a flaming attack that may cause a burn. This attack always hits.
Flame Coat Status Fire 10 -- -- The user cloaks itself in flames for three turns. Physical contact with the user may cause a burn.
Multipunch Physical Fighting 20 15 90% The user punches the opponent multiple times. It can hit 2 to 5 times and may raise the user's attack stat
Thick Fog Status Normal 10 -- 100% The user unleashes intense fog that sharply lowers the opponent's accuracy.
Freezing Snow Special Ice 5 100 50% The user exhales a snowy breeze. It leaves the target frozen.
Flaming Tail Physical Fire 15 90 95% The user slams its target with a fiery tail. It may cause a burn.
Giga Volt Special Electric 10 160 90% The user unleashes an intense bolt of electricity. Its power halves when used in succesion and may cause paralysis.
Solar Heat Special Fire 10 160 90% The user breathes the heat of the sun onto its target. Its power halves when used in succesion and may cause a burn.
Infestation Physical Bug 10 120 100% The user releases the power of hundereds of bugs for two to three turns. The user then becomes confused.
FreezeFeathers Physical Ice 15 90 90% The user slams into the opponent with an icy wing that may freeze the target. It is the signature move of the Eaglice evolutionary line.

New Abilities

Name Description
Contagious May pass on status problems to those who attack physically.

The user is protected from confusion.

Hydrated Water-type moves remain at full power during harsh sunlight.
Rubber Armor Provides immunity to Electric-type moves.
Icy Coat

Physical contact may cause freezing.

New Items

  • Freeze Stone: Causes Eaglicicle to evolve into Eaglacier, Vanillish to evolve into Vanillash, and Abomasnow to evolve into Abomalanch.
  • Energy Drink: Heals 150 HP and increases Speed.
  • Battle items now have plus forms which increase stats by 2 stages instead of one (for instance, "X Attack Plus").


The game starts in Nuvema Town on your tenth birthday. You and your friend (the unchosen trainer) head to Professor Willow's lab. The player gets to choose from Tepig, Oshawott, or Snivy. Your friend chooses the Pokemon that has a type advantage over yours (i.e. if you choose Tepig, your friend chooses Oshawott).

You eventually come across Team Slayer, who's ultimate mission is to capture the legendary Pokemon - Tornadus (T) or Thundurus (G). The player tracks Team Slayer to the Mountain Shrine on top of Mount Unova. When you arrive on the scene, the commander of Team Slayer, Quinton, has awakened the legendary Pokemon of the version. He challenges you to a battle. After beating him, he is arrested by a police officer. You are given a Master Ball and the chance to catch the legendary Pokemon. You then can go on to beat the Pokemon League.

Pokemon League Staff

Gym Leaders

  • Flora (Grass)
  • William (Poison)
  • Al (Normal)
  • Cole (Fire)
  • C (Water)
  • Robert (Rock)
  • George (Dark)
  • Skylar (Flying)

Elite Four Members

  • Isaiah (Ice)
  • Ann (Bug)
  • Brueno (Electric)
  • Chuckie (Fighting)
  • Champion Morris (Misc.)

Cities & Towns

  • Nuvema Town (Hometown)
  • Solray Town (Pokemon Center, Battle Tournament [Monday, Wednesday, Friday])
  • Smallweed City (Pokemon Center, Grass-type Gym, Flower Gardens)
  • Tocksee City (Pokemon Center, Poison-type Gym)
  • Aracnisekk Town (Pokemon Center, Battle Tournament [Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday], Ruins of Legend)
  • Baseeco City (Pokemon Center, Normal-type Gym, Trainers School)
  • Flameburn City (Pokemon Center, Fire-type Gym, Pokemon Day Care)
  • Wetmist City (Pokemon Center, Water-type Gym, Department Store, Radio Tower, Bike Shop, Battle Tournament [Sunday only])
  • Oredulb City (Pokemon Center, Rock-type Gym)
  • Lunalit City (Pokemon Center, Dark-type Gym, S.S. Hydro [takes player to Unity Tower])
  • Shiversnow Town (Pokemon Center, Skyscrape Apartments)
  • Docul City (Pokemon Center, Flying-type Gym, New Unova International Airport)
  • Pokemon League (Pokemon Center, Pokemon League)


  • This is the first Pokemon game in the same generation to be released on a different console than another game in its generation.
  • This is the first Pokemon game developed by LYON Games.